Human papillomavirus in women

Human papillomavirus or, as it is briefly called, HPV is transmitted only from person to person and actively develops in a favorable environment, to which the mucous membrane of the genital organs is more concerned.

The emerging human papillomavirus in womenrepresents a danger, as it can be transformed into cancer cells. Most often it appears on the mucosa in the form of warty formations, as well as on the female genital organs. Naturally, it is impossible to overlook such formations, because they bring considerable discomfort. In addition, the appearance of papillomas in some places where you can touch them while moving, leads to adverse consequences.

As shown by statistical studies, the virushuman papilloma in women occurs, primarily due to unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner, as well as due to active smoking and drinking alcohol. In some cases, the appearance of papillomas in those women who use oral contraception in large quantities.

The most affected by the papilloma viruswomen, since it is sexually transmitted and can exacerbate existing diseases. For example, at any age the human papilloma virus in women leads to active development of cervical cancer, which is almost impossible to stop. Even sexual intercourse with the use of a condom can not give an absolute guarantee of protection. Although the man is the carrier of this virus, but for him it poses no danger. And for women, not always the appearance of papillomas ends pitifully. Basically, these formations are harmless, there is a special category with which it is difficult to cope with immunity.

In any case, the emergence of new formationsrequires consultation with a specialist who will conduct an analysis for human papillomavirus. At present, there is only one way to know about the presence of papilloma formations on the cervix - a cytological examination. It observes the body so thoroughly that even the most insignificant changes will be detected immediately. So far, no miracle drug invented has been invented, which relieves HPV overnight. As a rule, the doctor prescribes a special treatment aimed at strengthening the immune system so that the body can overcome the hiding virus by its own efforts. But before, it is necessary to remove already formed formations, the most common method is the use of liquid nitrogen or a laser.

Papillomavirus infection and pregnancy.

In pregnant women, this virus begins activelyprogress, so the formation is multiplying and increasing. If this effect is not prevented in time, the generic process can be considerably hampered. Papillomas of a huge size can completely block the birth path, then the doctor decides to give birth with caesarean section. These situations are extremely rare, since bloating of education to too large a size is possible only with a strong decline in the immune system, usually in the presence of a disease such as AIDS.

In practice, an interesting fact is observed, according towhich the human papilloma virus in women after birth can disappear. That is, constantly increasing education sharply cease to grow, and then completely heal. Until now, it is impossible to give an exact answer, how dangerous is the papilloma virus for the unborn child and how it affects the embryo. Scientists are still conducting numerous studies aimed at identifying factors of transmission of the virus to the fetus. Most likely, the infected cervix creates a channel to the birth canal and amniotic membranes, through which the transmission of the virus is possible.

Absolutely protect yourself from HPV a woman can not, but you can use a vaccine that will make the body more prepared and strong.

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