How to update the motherboard BIOS

Periodically, when working with a computer, there are situations in which there is a need to replace some components. The greatest problems may arise when replacing the CPU, since its support is provided through the BIOS. Therefore, when replacing in some cases, you will need to update it. However, before updating the BIOS, you need to know the manufacturer of the motherboard, since different manufacturers carry out this procedure differently.

What are we dealing with

Located on the motherboard chip, abbreviated as "BIOS", means the basic input-output system. Its main functional responsibility is primary data processing and computer management prior to launching the operating system. As mentioned above, when replacing a processor, you may need to update the BIOS in order for it to control the CPU. To begin, consider some common options for how to update the BIOS.

Improvement system

In order to upgrade, you need three things.The first is your confidence that the procedure is really worth it. The second is an internet connection. And absolutely indispensable component of any person working with computers is skillful hands.

how to update bios

Before updating the BIOS of the motherboard of any computer, consider whether you should do this. For example, if you are going to change the processor on a personal computer, check on the website of the motherboard manufacturer whether your current firmware supports the processor you have planned. After that, check if there is support for such a CPU in the new updates, or you will have to change the motherboard as a whole.

Internet connection is understandable. If you are reading this article, it means that you are fine. The only thing you may not need is if you update from physical media.

As for the ability to handle a computer, here, if the technique starts to “fail”, when you just approach it, if you can confuse the video card and RAM, then believe me, you should not take this issue, because an incorrect update can result to the failure of not only the BIOS, but the entire motherboard.

We work with Asus

We give an example of how to update the BIOS on a laptop company Asus. The fact is that an update program called Easy flash can already be integrated into the system of this company. Launch it in two ways.

  1. When starting the laptop, quickly press the F4 button. The update utility interface window should open.
  2. If it fails, you can first enter the BIOS management interface by pressing the F2 button. In the advanced options menu, select Start Easy Flash and press enter.

After the update utility menu appears on the screen on the left, use the arrows on the keyboard to select the disk on which the update file is located, and then select the firmware file in the same way. Firmware can be downloaded from the manufacturer Asus, how to update the BIOS, you can specify there. Downloading is absolutely free and specifically for your laptop model.

asus how to update bios

After selecting the firmware file, the program will display a dialog box to confirm the update. First, it will format and launch the firmware. After the installation is completed, the installed firmware will be checked, the computer will turn off. It is worth noting that this is one of the most convenient utilities developed by Asus.How to update the BIOS on computers of other manufacturers, consider below. Some of the most common and reliable laptops are supplied by Acer.


Let's figure out how to update the BIOS. Acer provides its users with the opportunity to update the basic input-output system without going into additional utilities or BIOS.

To do this, on the manufacturer’s website, you must download the archive with the drivers appropriate for your laptop and your operating system. Then unpack the archive with the downloaded files.

how to update bios acer

To update, go to the Windows directory, there choose bios.dat or Update.dat. If these files are not present, then run the file with the extension ".exe". After that, the installation will automatically take place.

After flashing, if you experience a malfunction of the device, it may require static discharge of the motherboard. To do this, you must perform the following operations.

  1. Unplug the charger and pull out the battery.
  2. Hold down the device power button for 10 seconds.
  3. Connect everything back and turn on the device.


Consider another option how to update the BIOS. Gigabyte - a company that manufactures motherboards - gives its recommendations for updating the BIOS on its motherboards. There are a few rules at work.

  • You can not interrupt the update process.
  • Do not include protection in advanced settings.
  • It is imperative to verify that the update you are installing is compatible with your motherboard.
  • If your BIOS works like a clock, it is not recommended to update it.

If you decide to do this, there are two ways.

  1. Special utility Q-Flash from the manufacturer, built directly into the I / O system. Runs the same procedure as Asus.
  2. And the @BIOS application, which is controlled by the operating system itself. In absolutely automatic mode, it will find and update your BIOS to the latest version.

how to update bios gigabyte

Other options

In addition to the above methods of how to update the BIOS of the motherboard, there are some more.

how to update bios on a laptop

  • When buying a personal computer, you should be given a disk with various utilities and drivers for your motherboard. Insert it and when you start the computer, press Alt + F2. There, using the navigation, we find the recovery application and launch it.
  • Another way that is suitable for advanced users is to rearrange the Flash Recovery jumper to the “Recovery Mode” status on the motherboard. Insert the boot floppy into the drive and start the computer.The I / O system will be updated. Remember that in this mode the display will not turn on. The update process will be noticeable only by flashing lights on the system unit and the drive. When they stop notifying about work, you can turn off the computer, remove the floppy disk, return the jumper to its place and turn on the PC.
  • In absolutely hopeless cases, when you are sure that the BIOS does not work, you can use a different motherboard with a working system. To do this, carefully unplug the broken BIOS and tie it with threads. Start another computer, then carefully remove the BIOS from the working PC (as it is used only when the PC is started). Insert the disabled BIOS so that the common wire contact is connected first. Everything, you can restart the flashing utility.

how to upgrade motherboard bios


The task of updating the BIOS of the motherboard is quite complicated and requires professional training. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to contact the experts or first experiment on older computers. After all, damage or improper flashing can be fatal for your computer.

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