How to tighten the body?

With age, the contours of the body spread out,fat and excess weight, the skin becomes less elastic and elastic, sagging and stretching. Such changes of joy do not deliver. One day many women, having looked at their reflection in the mirror, understand that it is required to take urgent measures to correct the body. How to tighten the body? It is necessary to use the physical load, diet (balanced diet), cosmetic products (creams, gels and lotions), massage, lymph drainage and hardware procedures.

Physical stress and a tight body

It is sports and physical activities that createattractive relief and burn fat. Normal training should consist of a warm-up, the main part (power loads), completion (stretching). For warm-up, the usual step aerobics with actively working hands is suitable, and for the main complex - various exercises for specific muscle groups. Exercises can be done in 3-4 sets of 10-25 repetitions.

If weight training alternates with jumps fromskipping rope for 30-50 times, then the effectiveness of training increases at times. To compose a complex of training, you can use special literature or go to a fitness center. Classes with a professional instructor will be more useful than independent training. It is important not to overstrain yourself and monitor your health.

Massage and shower will help

After training, taking a shower, you need to grindbody hard mitten or brush, massage the problem areas with special devices. To finish the massage you need to tingle and pat. To enhance the effect of massage, you can use a body cream, tightening and anti-cellulite, if required. It is better to turn to a professional masseur, because at home it's hard to work out the whole body.


To work effectively on your body, you needspecial diet. Cease to eat sweet and fat, exclude sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, baking. Divide portions into 5-6 parts. Have dinner no later than 18-19 hours and drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water a day. Consult a dietician if you find it difficult to choose a diet yourself. Tips on how to make the body fit, give out to everyone who is not lazy, but you can only entrust your health to professionals.

Beautiful body at home

If there is no possibility to engage in sportshall, then you can train at home. In order to tighten the body at home, you need a minimum: a small area of ​​the room, free from furniture, well ventilated, time and desire. Any complex can be reproduced at home. Doing an hour a day, you will soon begin to notice positive changes.

A little physical exertion, restrictions in eating, changing the diet, special cosmetics, massage in the complex will give you a beautiful tightened body!

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