How to take "Regidron"? Instructions for use, indications, composition, reviews

The drug "Regidron" is prescribed for food poisoning, indigestion and other diseases that can cause dehydration. With proper preparation, it is possible to take the solution not only for adults but also for children.

What is dangerous dehydration

Dehydration, or dehydration, of the body is a very dangerous and rapidly developing condition. Possible complications of dehydration:

  • shock of the body (pallor, rapid heartbeat, cold sweat, dizziness, hallucinations, loss of consciousness);
  • impaired normal renal function;
  • death (especially in infectious diseases in small or seriously ill children).

how to take rehydron

The person easily loses water during the summer heat. The body, in an attempt to adjust the thermoregulation of the body, begins to sweat intensely, emit moisture through the pores of the skin.Lack of drinking water and nutrition only worsens the condition. Also, diarrhea, profuse diuresis and vomiting can be causes of dehydration. The causes of these phenomena are often infectious diseases and food poisoning.

Dehydration is of varying degrees. The first signs of dehydration of body tissues are a decrease in activity in adults and children, a feeling of thirst, dryness of the oral mucosa, excessive irritability and circles under the eyes. With a slight dehydration, you should immediately drink clean water. If the condition is caused by a person’s illness, rehydration drugs should be taken.

For the prevention of dehydration is recommended to always carry a small amount of water. In the summer in hot weather, it is recommended to give children to drink every 40 minutes in 50-100 ml.

Important! Babies and young children need urgent help when the first symptoms of dehydration occur. Before finding out the cause of dehydration, doctors prescribe infants with dropping solution with saline and glucose to restore the body's water balance.

Rehydration preparations

Rehydration products contain salts, citric acids and dextrose.These substances are the first to leave the body with vomiting and diarrhea. In the absence of adequate nutrition, replenishment of essential trace elements is a difficult task. It is for such cases in pharmacies you can buy drugs for the preparation of a fluid that replenishes the body's electrolyte balance or ready-made solutions.

The drug "Regidron" refers to the group of rehydration agents. The finished liquid restores the stock of electrolytes, and the pharmacokinetic properties of electrolytes and dextrose of the drug are similar to those contained in the human body.

Active ingredients of the drug

According to the instructions "Regidron" is a powdered glucose-electrolyte mixture of salts (sodium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium citrate), dextrose and citric acid (citrate). It is a powder of pure white color, odorless, quickly dissolving in water. The composition of the drug "Regidron" is absolutely harmless to ingestion with proper preparation of the solution.

rehydron powder

Powder is sold in packs of 4 and 20 bags, but in pharmacies you can buy the drug and the piece. One sachet contains 19 grams of substanceon the back of the bag is the dosage for preparing the solution.

Sealed sachets can be stored for 3 years. The drug is available in pharmacies without a prescription. Does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and control other mechanisms.

When prescribed "regidron"

The indication for the use of the drug is the need to restore the water-electrolyte balance of the body, that is, the elimination of symptoms of mild dehydration. It is also possible to take "Regidron" for the prevention of dehydration of the body, especially in children in the heat and periods of increased physical activity.

rehydron instruction

Also, the drug is prescribed for rehydration oral therapy in cases of acute diarrhea (cholera) associated with a loss of 3-5% of weight and more severe cases of loss of 6-10% of body weight.

Reception "Regidrona" is possible in any period of pregnancy and lactation. In addition, it can be given to children of any age, but only after consulting a doctor. If the instructions and recommendations of the doctor are observed, overdose of the drug is unlikely.

Contraindications to the use of the drug

"Regidron" can not be taken by people with diseases of the urinary system,various forms of diabetes, intestinal obstruction, suffering from diseases of the nervous system, increased intracranial pressure and head injuries, for example, concussions. Also contraindicated is individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

The composition of "Regidron" includes a large amount of potassium salts, so people with an excess of this trace element is better to refrain from taking the drug. People with high blood pressure should not be taken.

Signs of overdose "Regidron"

An excess of sodium in the blood can cause a condition called hypernatraemia. This condition is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • increased drowsiness and confusion of thoughts;
  • uncharacteristic for man convulsions, as an indicator of excessive neuromuscular excitability;
  • muscle weakness;
  • labored breathing;
  • low ventilation of the lungs, associated with a sharp change in pH in the body, can lead to tetanic convulsions - contraction of the muscles of the whole body.

Important! It is necessary to breed powder according to recommendations of the instruction. The effectiveness of the drug in most cases does not depend on its concentration.Changing proportions is allowed only with a doctor's prescription. At the first sign of an overdose, you need to call an ambulance.

Interaction with other drugs

The solution of "Regidron" is a weak alkaline liquid, therefore, it can affect the preparations, the absorbability of which depends on the pH level of the intestinal tract. Since the drug is prescribed in situations when the patient's body suffers a loss of fluid and trace elements, that is, the pH balance is already disturbed, the effect of “Regidron” on other drugs can be called insignificant. The interaction of the substance with other agents has not been studied in more detail.

Preparation of the solution "Regidron" for adults

According to the instructions "Regidron" must be diluted in proportions - one sachet of the drug per 1 liter of cooled boiled water. The liquid is intended for oral administration. Powder "Regidrona" easily dissolves, but you need to mix the tool before taking. The prepared liquid is stored no more than 24 hours at a temperature of from 2 to 8 degrees. Capacity for solution is better to choose with a lid.

how to take rehydron adults

It is not recommended to prepare a solution of greater concentration.Changing the proportions is possible on prescription after the necessary laboratory tests. Addition of extraneous components to the solution is unacceptable.

How to take "Regidron" with vomiting

The unpleasant taste of the solution makes it difficult to take "Regidron." It is necessary to refuse fatty and rich in simple carbohydrates food. A feeling of nausea and vomiting may be symptoms of a large number of diseases, the treatment of which, in turn, will require compliance with various diets. It is better to consult with a qualified specialist before taking Regidron. Adults, like children, it is easier to drink the drug before meals, this is due to the unpleasant taste of the solution, then the risk of causing nausea and emptying the stomach will be less.

how to take rehydron

The solution must be cooled and sip every 10 minutes. Under the supervision of a doctor in hospitals, the introduction of fluid through a probe is possible. In severe cases, you can freeze the solution and put small ice cubes on the tongue. "Regidron" take after each attack of vomiting. It is necessary to wait at least 10 minutes and in small sips to try to drink the amount of water comparable to that lost.

How to take "Regidron" for diarrhea

Before taking "Regidron" with diarrhea, it is necessary to weigh the patient and calculate the weight lost. In order to rehydrate for 6-10 hours, it is necessary to take the drug in double the volume of lost body weight. For example, if a patient dropped 350 g, then 700 g of the “Regidron” solution should be drunk. There is no need to use other liquids.

The drug should be started immediately after the first symptoms of diarrhea. In the case when diarrhea does not stop for more than 5 days, there are pains in the intestines or there is bloody discharge, you should consult a doctor for correction.

With prolonged diarrhea, in addition to the solution of "Regidron", additional fluids are injected into the patient's diet. The amount of consumption of pure water and a solution of the drug depends on body weight. For example, for a weight of 70 kg, a daily intake of 2.7 liters is recommended. 1.2 l of the total volume is diverted to “Regidron”, 720 ml - clean drinking water without gas, 780 ml - other liquids received from food. To write the ratio for each case can only be a doctor.

Reception of "Regidron" with hangover

When alcohol poisoning the body is experiencing some stress. In the body, ethanol is converted to aldehydes - toxic substances. Excessive consumption of strong drinks can cause tachycardia. Aldehydes have a negative effect on the human nervous system, and the digestive system, in particular, the liver, is also under pressure.

rehydron for what is used reviews

Not surprisingly, the "morning" in the poisoned nausea and vomiting occur. Also, some drinks, especially tinctures, have a diuretic effect. In cases of alcohol intoxication, “Regidron” should be taken by adults as a means of helping to balance the fluids in the body.

The intake of large amounts of fluid will help remove aldehydes from the body. Trace elements of potassium and sodium will improve the work of the nervous system and raise blood pressure, relieving the symptoms of headaches and weakness. Glucose in the composition of the solution will be a source of energy for the brain, because the appetite of the "patient" with this type of poisoning is not observed.

Is it possible to give "Regidron" to children?

In children, poisoning and infectious diseases are very difficult.It is impossible to explain to babies the need to take a large amount of liquid if their appetite is nauseous and sick. Therefore, "Regidron" should be given to children at the first signs of diarrhea and poisoning.

The drug is prescribed to kids at any age. To take "Regidron" to children, as well as adults, it is necessary in the concentration specified in the instruction. The solution should be given 1 tablespoon every 10 - 15 minutes before the arrival of the doctor. In hospitals, babies prescribe the drug in the amount of 60 grams per 1 kg of weight for 6-8 hours.

how to take regidron children

Do not take "Regidron" children, as well as adults, with diseases and injuries of the brain. The drug may cause an increase in intracranial pressure. For the same reason, the solution should not be given to children with problems of the nervous system. Kidney disease is another contraindication to the use of "Regidron" in both children and adults. In severe cases of dehydration, the drug can be administered intravenously.

With a strong vomiting solution must be given cold and quite a bit, for example, a teaspoon, but every 5 minutes. It is unacceptable to add sugar or other flavorings to the liquid."Regidron" is given to children for 4-5 days or until the termination of diarrhea and vomiting.

Drug reviews

Powder "Regidron" is a well-known drug. Practically in every home first-aid kit you can find a small stock of sachets for preparing a solution. It is convenient to take sachets with you on trips and travels, just to breed and accept. The solution is safe to take even pregnant and lactating women. Cases of overdose and individual intolerance are not described anywhere, although they are mentioned in the instructions.

During long journeys or rest in a hot climate, it is necessary to monitor the amount of liquid consumed by children and the prevention of dehydration, for which “Regidron” is used. Reviews of the drug in most cases positive.

Regidron helps to quickly deal with the first symptoms of dehydration. Does not affect the ability to concentrate, which is very important for drivers and travelers. By cons of the drug can be attributed to an unpleasant taste. Even adults complain about the difficulty of taking the solution. The taste sensation "Regidron" resembles seawater.

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