How to quit smoking and not get better? Why, when you quit smoking, get fat?

Statistics on this issue remains disappointing: more and more people begin to smoke, every day a person dies from this habit, and not one. Some people like the process itself, they consider it a kind of ritual. For others, this is simply a terrible habit, which seems impossible to refuse. Others would be happy to leave this bad job, but we are sure that if you quit smoking, the consequences (excess weight, the appearance of nervousness, etc.) are ensured. If only this argument prevents someone from being healthy and giving up a cigarette, then you should not be afraid, you should quit. In this article we will look at why, when you quit smoking, get fat, and how to avoid the appearance of extra to quit smoking and not get better

Where does the excess weight come from?

Indeed, this is a question that interests many. Why, when you quit smoking, get fat? What mechanisms are triggered in the body?

  1. Nicotine activates the metabolic process.When a person smokes, the metabolism is more active, a large number of calories are burned. Accordingly, after giving up the bad habit, the metabolism does not occur at the rate that with the participation of nicotine. Here you have extra weight.
  2. As you know, nicotine is extremely negative effect on the work of all organs and systems. The stomach is no exception. Nicotine acts on its mucous membranes, thereby disrupting enzymatic activity. Food is processed and digested poorly. After a person has stopped smoking, his stomach is working at full capacity, and the food is fully absorbed.
  3. Smell and taste are dulled in smokers. After quitting nicotine, appetite gets better, and food gets forgotten delicious taste and aroma. This is another reason why, when you quit smoking, you get fat.
  4. Nicotine "causes" the liver to release glycogen, which is why blood sugar levels rise. That is why smoking dulls your appetite. When such a destructive effect on the liver stops, the metabolism returns to normal, and the person wants to eat.
  5. There is such an amazing pleasure hormone - dopamine.And even nicotine can increase its level when exposed to the brain. And when there is no such stimulant, a person tries to get his usual dose by eating sweets.
  6. If a person smokes, his hands and mouth are busy. But the cigarette is lost, and the desire to occupy the mouth and hands does not disappear.after quitting smoking

What does the statistics say?

According to the data, a person, after quitting smoking, gains 3-5 kg. Any of the above factors or all together contribute to the appearance of excess weight. However, if we consider that during smoking, the metabolic processes in the body slow down, then we can conclude that the person simply lacked his normal weight. So is it right to call these 3-5 kg ​​extra or extra? Perhaps this is the reserve that the body lacked for normal functioning.

What to do?

So how to be? Continue to kill yourself for fear of extra pounds? In no case! If this is the only thing that stops you on the path to a healthy lifestyle, then let's find out how to quit smoking and not get better.why when quit smoking get fat

What should women consider?

So, you firmly decided to do away with this "disgrace."What needs to be considered to make the attempt effective? Try not to prescribe this treasured date a few days before or during the proposed menstruation. There are women who without additional factors, but only as a result of physiological processes, gain a couple of kilograms. And if you even give up cigarettes in this period, it will lead to fluid retention in the body. The result - unnecessary kilograms. Do not disregard the PMS factor - mood swings are already difficult to withstand, and then the brain will be denied the usual pleasure. The physiology of women is so constituted that it is exactly these days that one wants something sweet, and here one has to give up both sweets and cigarettes. For example, at this time a woman quit smoking. How not to get better, how to avoid depression, how to get away from the temptation to look into the refrigerator? Too many failures for one period. Therefore, choose the treasured date, taking into account all these moments.

How to build a diet?

In this case, the question of how to quit smoking and not get better is answered by nutritionists. And they advise not to solve many questions at once, and at first concentrate only on giving up nicotine.Fighting overweight will distract a person, leading to depression. After all, the rejection of a bad habit is already a stress, even for the strongest spirit of a person. And if you take into account the presence of training, diets, the chances are great to break and smoke again. Of course, it is worth reviewing your diet, but do not approach this issue radically, let everything go gradually. Let's consider those products that, firstly, will help to avoid the desire to take a cigarette, and secondly, they will not allow you to gain weight.quit smoking how not to get better

Milk products

If you are still subject to this habit, then just drink a glass of fresh milk before each “enjoyment”. Experts claim that it deprives the craving for nicotine, and its taste makes it nasty. Consider the fact that phosphorus and calcium that enter the body with this product, reduce craving for nicotine.


A wonderful vegetable that can eliminate toxins and harmful substances. Eating it, you strengthen the immune system, carry out the prevention of gastric ulcers, do not allow cancer cells to "settle" in your body. Only one benefit and almost no calories.


They include nicotinic acid, which will make it easier to quit cigarettes. Just think, 100 g of this product replaces a nicotine patch per day! By the way, sweet peppers, potatoes and tomatoes also contain this substance, and many more useful elements. Eat it all without fear of getting better!

Beans, cucumbers, asparagus, celery

If you are thinking how to quit smoking and not get better, then boldly stock these products. They, like milk, change the taste of cigarettes, make it unpleasant, disgusting. In addition, they contain fiber - almost no calories, and the body is cleansed and becomes healthy.when you quit smoking get fat


Only this spice is recommended to use in such a difficult period. If you want to pick up a cigarette, cut a piece of ginger and hold it for a while in your mouth. You will not only lose the craving for nicotine, but also prevent the development of atherosclerosis and prevent the onset of cancer.

How to quit smoking and not get better?

We continue the discussion of this issue. First of all, learn the basic rules of nutrition, compliance with which will help to avoid extra pounds.

  1. If you want to eat, do not deny yourself this.Eat small meals. Avoid eating foods that are high in calories. These include: smoked meats, fatty dishes, mayonnaise, pastries, sweets. It is necessary to take into account the fat content of dairy products.
  2. If there are snacks, try to eat healthy foods. Exclude crackers, candy, nuts. Better take dried fruits or apples.
  3. Consume a lot of liquid - about 10 glasses of ordinary pure water.
  4. Avoid spicy, spicy, salty foods. They irritate the receptors and contribute to the desire to smoke.
  5. Do not drink alcohol. Not only is there a lot of calories in them, but also you will reach for a cigarette.
  6. Avoid drinks containing caffeine. This provokes a desire to return to a bad habit. Drink green tea, juices, water.quit smoking gained weight


Many people who are afraid of being overweight, immediately after giving up their addiction, run to the gym or go to fitness, aerobics, etc. However, experts do not recommend this. Why? It's simple. While you were smoking, it is unlikely that your body was accustomed to great physical exertion. As we have said, giving up cigarettes is a shock for the body.He will need a lot of strength and energy in order to recover. And here it turns out that you only increase this load. The body will be very hard, so try not to overload it. However, moderate loads, which can be useful, and not aggravate the situation, are certainly allowed. Choose for yourself either roller skating (no more than 30 minutes a day), or a swimming pool (same time), or walking (about an hour), or jogging (about 20 minutes). This will relieve you from nervousness, allow you to relax, distract. After a couple of months (this is the most difficult period), the body will come to its senses a bit, it will recover, and it will be possible to gradually increase the load.quit smoking consequences overweight


The main thing in this business is purposefulness. Do not stop if you really decided to be healthy. It happens that a person quit smoking, gained weight, was upset, again took up a cigarette. This is a self-deception, the desire to justify their act. Stop smoking and be healthy!

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