How to smoke fish in smokehouse? What can smoke fish?

Today we will tell you how to smoke fish in a smokehouse. It should be noted that there are several ways to prepare such a dish. We will tell about them a little further.

how to smoke fish in smokehouse

Features of the finished dish

Smoked fish has an incredible aroma and unsurpassed taste. Moreover, such a product can be stored for a long time, without changing its properties and quality. The store is now quite difficult to find real smoked fish. After all, most often such a product is only treated with “liquid smoke” and for a short time is subjected to heat treatment, using all sorts of flavors, flavors and even dyes. It should be noted that such additives are very harmful to the human body. In this regard, we suggest you learn how to cook smoked fish at home.

Types of smoking

As mentioned above, you can cook fish at home in different ways. So, cold smoking is carried out at a temperature of 30-50 degrees.Such fish can be stored at room temperature for quite a long time (from +17 to +22 ° C). As for the hot cooking method (from +70 to +160 ° С), as a result of it you can get a biologically valuable and healthy product in the shortest possible time.

What you can not do while smoking fish (tips for novice chefs)

Before you properly smoke fish in a smokehouse, you should be familiar with the basic rules of this method of cooking:

  • If you accumulate eels, then this should be done with great care. After all, the raw blood of such fish harbors a threat not only to human health, but also to his life.
  • It is not recommended to smoke fish of different sizes at the same time.
  • It is impossible to smoke such a product on the first combustible material.
  • It is forbidden to open the box of the smokehouse, which is either on fire or just removed from it. This can lead to a lightning-fast fire, and you will get severe skin burns.

how to smoke fish in cold smoked smokehouse

Also note the following:

  • Next to the smokehouse should always put a container with water, which can be useful during a sudden fire.
  • Before you properly smoke fish in a smokehouse, you should find out the power of fire, exposure time and smoking mode for each type and size of fish.
  • In case of a sudden fire, it is imperative to have medications that relieve pain from burns.
  • Make sure that during the heat treatment to the smokehouse no one approached, especially children.

Basic hardware requirements

How to smoke fish in smokehouse? To do this, choose a stainless steel device. It is also necessary to ensure that the lid for the smokehouse was well fitted and securely fixed. The shape and size of such a device is a matter of taste for everyone. But the main thing is that its height does not exceed 50-60 centimeters. Otherwise, the top piling may remain damp, and the bottom pitch bitter, dry and unsuitable for consumption.

After 5-10 smokes, the smokehouse must be cleaned of carbon and tar. As for the gratings, they need to be washed more often.

How to choose firewood?

How much to smoke fish in a smokehouse depends on what size of product you use and what kind of firewood you use.The ideal material with which the aromatic product is obtained is alder. Only this tree with the right styling can provide you with the highest taste of the finished to smoke smoked fish

It should also be noted that the most important point for getting an appetizing and tasty dish is the laying of chips. Thus, at first it is necessary to lay about 2 centimeters of fine material in the smokehouse along with twigs. Further, all this is covered with a small layer of bark. Finally, dry leaves should be placed to the level of the lower grid. It is better if they are as young as possible. It is this layer of material that will provide the perfect smoking mode.

Fish preparation

How to smoke smoked fish? For this, the main product must go through three stages of processing:

1. Cleaning the fish. Here the opinions of gourmets are divided. So, one likes well gutted fish, and others like whole fish. In this regard, to handle or not to handle such a product is your own business.

2. Salting. What can smoke fish? Mackerel, bream, herring, crucian carp, carp, perch and so on are particularly well suited for this.After the fish has been processed, it should be sorted into small, medium and large. Further, it is required to be placed in an enameled container and covered with salt. Large fish need to withstand about 2-2.6 hours, the average - 2 hours, and small - about 1-1.5. The first sign of salting is the appearance of the so-called brine. By the way, no cargo should be placed on top of the fish.

3. Finishing. After salting the fish, it should be thoroughly washed in cold water. Further, it is required to dry in the open air. At the end of the treatment, the product devoid of water should be plentifully lubricated with sunflower oil.

smoke fish in smokehouse

Smoke fish in smokehouse

After the fish is fully prepared, it should be laid on a greased grid so that it does not come into contact with the walls of the device, or with other fish.

While supporting the fire, it is necessary to wait until intense white smoke comes out from under the lid of the smokehouse. This is the first sign of the beginning of smoking. After 7-9 minutes, the fire should be slightly weakened. In this position we smoke fish in the smokehouse for about 45-65 minutes (depending on the size of the product).

It should be especially noted that if bluish smoke, rather than white, began to come out from under the cover, this means that your installation has burned down and needs to be changed.However, this happens quite rarely and, as a rule, after the main smoking of the product. If this happened during cooking, then there is nothing wrong with that. It is only necessary to remove the smokehouse from the fire and allow it to cool completely. Next, you need to carefully open the lid and, making sure that there is no smoke, remove the fish with a grate, replace the smoke material, and then repeat the process. By the way, such a “failure” in cooking smoked dishes most often occurs when a large-sized product is used.

How to determine the readiness of the fish?

We told about how they smoked hot smoked fish. But to make such a dish, you need to know how to determine the complete readiness of the product. As practice shows, from the moment of setting the fish on fire (about 2 kg) to its full readiness, it takes about 25 minutes. Of course, these figures may fluctuate slightly, but they should serve as a guide. If the fish after a half-hour heat treatment has a light golden color, then it should be kept in the smokehouse a little more. If the fish is dark or golden in color, it means that it is completely ready.

how smoked cold smoked fish

Cooking fish with cold smoked fish

On how to smoke fish in the smokehouse cold smoked, few know the cooks. After all, in this way the product is prepared much longer than the above. What is the difference of these recipes? The fact is that before cold-smoked fish salted more intensively than before hot. After the product is processed with spices, it must be well soaked (approximately one day). Next, the fish required to wash and dry. Moreover, large should be dried up to five days, and small - up to three.

If you purchased a big fish, then several braces should be inserted into its belly.

Heat treatment of the product

How smoked fish smoked? For this purpose the same smokehouse and the same material that was presented above should be used.

Thus, the prepared fish must be placed in a smokehouse with sawdust, and then cooked with cold smoke for 1-7 days (depending on the size of the main product). Moreover, the temperature in the device should not exceed 25-30 ° C.

what can you smoke fish

Final stage

After the fish turns golden and acquires a special gloss, it must be carefully removed from the smokehouse.It should be noted that the product prepared in this way can be stored at room temperature for quite a long time. It can be served at the table not only with a tasty and satisfying side dish, but also as a snack to such an alcoholic beverage as beer. Bon Appetit!

The secrets of delicious smoking

To make a delicious smoked fish, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • As a rule, the taste of fish depends largely on the properties of the smoke on which it smokes. Alder or juniper are ideal as raw materials for firewood. But if you do not have such material, then you can use oak, cherry, apple, ash, hazel, pear and even plum.
  • Selected wood should be chopped into small chips.
  • To give the fish more flavor, you can add aromatic herbs to the smokehouse (for example, basil, sage, rye, cherry leaves or alder).
  • To smoke properly, you should first set fire to the dried firewood, and only then reduce the fire by throwing cherry or alder leaves.
  • For cold smoking, use only fresh fish.
  • Before smoking, the product should be cleaned of viscera and scales.
  • During the drying of the fish should not be allowed to insects. If you are not able to provide it with insulation, then it is best to wipe it much to smoke fish
  • Smoke the product better on a small grid.
  • A few minutes before the fish is ready, you can put a fresh juniper branch in the smokehouse. This will give the dish a special flavor.
  • If the slightly smoked fish is too smoky, it can be wiped with a cloth soaked in sunflower oil or fish oil beforehand.

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