How to remove a pattern from a smartphone?

The Android platform offers many ways to protect your data. One of its most obvious manifestations is the screen lock pattern, known as the pattern key. With it, you can set a fairly serious degree of security that can prevent outsiders from accessing your data.

how to remove a pattern

How it works?

You can also increase the security of your phone by setting the lock settings immediately after the display turns off. By default, most devices are configured for a two minute timeout. This means that you can use the phone without having to enter the key before the time expires. In certain situations this can be a security hazard.

These settings can be configured as follows (note that the steps may differ depending on your Android device):

  • press the "Menu" button;
  • tap the Settings tab;
  • click "Location and Security" - "Timer lock";
  • scroll up and select “When the display is off”.

Now that you have configured this configuration, you will need a pattern key to use the phone.

The lock is very important for those who store sensitive data or personal files in their Android devices. This will help you prevent unauthorized use of the gadget, but when you forget it, you will have problems.

how to remove the pattern from the android

What if you forgot the key?

But what happens if you somehow forget this key? This happens not so rarely, especially among users who have more than one phone at the same time, and each of them has different keys.

Fortunately, the developers of the Android platform thought about this. However, be careful, you must have credentials from a Google account with which your smartphone has been synchronized.

how to remove a forgotten pattern

How to remove a pattern?

Press the power button on your Android device to open the screen lock and see the pattern. On some phones, you will need to move the slider to the right before you can go to the pattern.

If you enter the pattern key incorrectly five times, you will be warned that you cannot unlock the phone, and you will be prompted to try again after 30 seconds.However, you can send an emergency call even when the screen is locked by pressing the corresponding button.

Before 30 seconds, try to return to the pattern of the pattern and you will see a new button in the lower right corner of the screen. The countdown timer will tell you how many seconds you have left before you can try entering data again. If you do not remember the cipher, do not wait for this time. How to remove a forgotten pattern?

Use your google account to unlock

As a rule, when you try to pick up different combinations and cannot unlock your phone for five attempts, a message appears on the screen that shows two buttons “Next” and “Try again”.

how to remove a forgotten pattern from the android

Click "Next" and you will see two options for unlocking the phone. One of them is to answer the secret question, and the second is to provide information about your Google account.

Most users do not customize the question and answer. But if you did this configuration, just answer the required code word, and you will quickly unlock your device. Otherwise, select the Google Account option and click Next.

Now enter your username and password from the account attached to your device, and click "Login". After that you need to choose a new pattern. Now you can unlock your device. Draw a new code, click Continue, re-enter, and you will get access to your device.

As noted above, you need to enter the user ID with which you log into the Google Play storage to unlock the phone. But there is a problem with this.

If a device is locked, and the use of data on it is suspended, you may not be able to connect to the Internet to unlock it. How to remove a forgotten pattern from the "Android" in this case?

Through reset to factory settings

If you do not remember your identification data in Google, or cannot synchronize with the Internet, you will have to perform a hard reset of the phone. First of all, you should remember that this method deletes all your files and applications.

How to remove the pattern if you forgot it? Just turn off the Android phone, and then wait a few seconds. After holding the following buttons simultaneously: increase the volume + main key + power button.You need to do this until the phone boots (if your device doesn’t have a Home button, just hold down the volume and power keys).

how to remove the pattern if you forgot it

Once you complete this step, various options will appear on a DOS-like screen. Use the volume key to move up and down, then scroll to "Restore factory settings" or "Delete all user data". The choice will depend on the parameters of your device.

After clicking on the above settings, scroll down to “System Reboot Now” and wait for the phone to reboot. This is a fairly simple way to remove the pattern from the "Android". But at the same time you must remember that your device will actually be returned to the state in which you purchased it. Only data on the memory card and operating system updates will not be affected.

Other screen lock options

How to remove a pattern if you do not want to lose all the data on your phone? Most devices running Android OS 4.0 and higher offer five different security settings to lock your display.

In addition to drawing a pattern, you can attach a fingerprint to the screen, use face recognition technology, or enter a PIN or password. Device manufacturers may designate these options with slightly different names, but the functionality should be of the same type for all brands.

how to remove the pattern from the phone

All these security measures can block unauthorized access to your smartphone. However, today there are several applications that can solve this problem.

Thanks to such services, you do not need to worry about how to remove the pattern or other security parameters. The most famous are the following tools:

  • dr.fone - Unlock (Android);
  • Android Multi Tool Android Pattern Remover.

How to unlock a pattern with dr.fone-unlock?

With this phone unlocking software, you don’t have to worry about data loss. To solve the issue of how to remove the pattern and not lose the saved information, the Wondershare developers invented a great Android tool called dr.fone - Unlock. This key removal service does an excellent job of unlocking your phone without losing data.

This application can remove 4 types of screen locks - a pattern, a PIN, a password and a fingerprint scanner.No technical knowledge is required. Every user can handle this.

How to do it?

How to remove the pattern from the phone? First of all, run dr.fone on your PC, and then click "Unlock". This feature will allow you to access the phone. Take the smartphone and connect it to the computer via a USB cable, and then click the "Start" button to start the procedure.

how to unlock the pattern

Now you need to turn on your Android phone in download mode. To do this, you should follow the recommendations below:

  1. Make sure your phone is turned off.
  2. You need to simultaneously press and hold 3 buttons: volume down, Home and power.
  3. After that, switch to download mode by pressing the volume up key.

As soon as you switch to download mode, your phone will start receiving a recovery package. You will need to wait for the completion of this process. After the download is complete, you will notice that the Android Pattern Lock removal process has been launched automatically. Do not worry about your data on your smartphone, since removing the pattern will not delete them. After the process is complete, you can access your device.

How to use Android Multi Tool Android Pattern Remover?

In addition to the above, there is another tool for deleting a pattern key called the Android Multi Tool. This service can perform pattern markup, as well as remove various types of screen locks, such as password, PIN, face recognition, etc.

This tool works without losing files on the device. How to remove a pattern from Samsung and other smartphones using Android Multi Tool?

Download the latest version of the tool to your computer and run it. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable. After running Android Multi Tool on your computer, you will see on-screen instructions. They look like numbers for different functions. Click on the item where you want to perform the action.

Selecting the desired option, you will see that your phone has started a reboot. Wait until it starts automatically. Then you can use it without any problems.

Comparison of two tools

In the above tips, you learned about the wonderful tools for deleting a pattern key - the dr.fone software and the Android Multi Tool. What are their features?

The common features of these services are as follows:

  • in most cases, they quickly remove the pattern, and also help against other screen locks without deleting files in the device;
  • these tools are very easy to handle. The program interface is simple and easy.

However, Android Multi Tool may seem too confusing for inexperienced users, since this service offers many features. In addition, in some cases it does not work and does not release the lock.

It is also worth noting that the Wondershare dr.fone is more suitable for Samsung devices. This tool is designed to perform some unusual tasks on devices of this brand.

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