How to recover your password in Skype: some effective recommendations

As practice shows, almost 70% of users of social networks, Skype, mail and similar services and programs forget their own passwords or lose them. This happens for various reasons, we will talk about this a little later. Now I would like to tell in details about how to recover your password in Skype.

how to recover skype password

Some general information

First of all, I would like to say that a huge number of people use Skype. As a rule, most users install the launch program with the system. If you do not leave the application for a long time, then it is quite simple to forget the password. And after logging out, it is not automatically entered, so it must be done manually. By itself, the process of password recovery is quite simple and does not take much time, but here you need to strictly follow the sequence of actions, in this case, you can save time.The first thing to do is to remember your login and password from the mail, since in most cases access to Skype is restored through this service. By the way, first check your connection to the network, and only after you make sure that everything is in order, you can begin the process.

How to remember the password in "Skype"

So, go to the official website of the program Remember, this is what the address looks like, and not otherwise. Turning to suspicious resources, you risk not only getting a virus, but also losing an account. Since we don’t have a password in Skype, we do the following. In the browser window that opens, on the main page in the upper right corner you will see the inscription "Sign in Skype", click on it, and you are automatically transferred to the login page. Here you will see a few lines, we need a "Forgot your password", and click on it. The next step is to enter the mailing address. As it was said at the very beginning of the article, you need to remember the password from the box, otherwise the process will become much more complicated. After you have entered the E-mail, go there, log in and wait until the corresponding notification arrives. Here comes the most important moment.It is necessary to follow the corresponding link, which is contained in the letter, and enter the received code, after which the process can be considered completed.

how to restore contacts in skype

We set a new password

After you have completed all the above steps, you will need to come up with a new password. It is recommended to approach this stage as responsibly. The best place to write it down. This may be a notebook on a computer, a message in the mail or something like that. As for the password itself, it is desirable that it is not too complicated, but not simple, as it can be hacked and "led away" your account. Also do not forget that for security reasons, the developers have introduced some restrictions on passwords. So, it must contain at least 1 letter and 1 digit. The best option is a combined combination, for example, 4 letters and 4 numbers. Thus, you can safely protect your account. After that you will need to confirm the new password, for this there will be a special form where you need to enter it. You can go into the program and use. That's basically all that can be said directly about how to recover your password in Skype and not forget it in the future.

how to remember the password in skype

Another good way to recover

As a rule, the above method is suitable in most cases, but as noted above, it happens that it is impossible to remember the email address to which your Skype account was registered. And in this case, there is no need to panic, because there is a way out, and it is quite simple, although again, not everyone will suit it, but only those who have made transactions with their account. The first thing you need to do before you restore your password in Skype is to click on the line “I don’t remember my email address”. Then you will be transferred to a new page, where you will be asked to enter detailed profile information. You will need to confirm one or several transactions from your account. After that, moderation will process your request, which may take several days depending on the workload. If everything went well, enter the new password and confirm it. Do not forget to record it, you can even on the "cloud" disk, in this case you will not lose it and will not forget it.

How to restore contacts in Skype

Sometimes it happens that you regained your account pretty quickly, and there were no problems here. However, you noticed that there are no contacts that were already there - the list is almost empty.How to be in this case? This is especially true of those whose work is directly related to communication with people. The loss of important contacts can lead to serious consequences. But not everything is so bad, because the developers have made sure that you can restore them. You can do this as follows. Immediately it is worth noting that the contact list is stored on the Skype servers specially created for this, so automatic deletion is almost completely excluded. First of all, check whether you enter the program under the same login. Next, we check if the Skype settings are set to hide contacts. In this case, you need to make them visible, which is set in the settings tab "Contacts".

password recovery

Restore contacts from backup

If you have a backup of your contact list, you can try to restore them. It is quite simple to make it, and everything will not take more than 5 minutes. To do this, you must log in with your login. Next, go to the settings for the latest versions of this "Tools". There will be a tab called "Advanced." Here you will see the line “Restore using a file”, which we actually need.The necessary document should be on your computer, where you saved it during the backup. We find it and open it, after which the contacts will appear again. If such a copy is missing and the contacts have disappeared, then proceed as follows. Find the folder called appdata. Cut it from the root folder and move it to another place. After that, start and close Skype. Next, copy the folder to where it was. Most likely, the program will download a list of contacts from the server.

password recovery form

Some useful information

Each user should understand that it is easy to recover a lost password. But this is only if the account is really yours. Even with the minimum amount of information you can get your account back. As for contacts, there is another good way. To do this, you need to find a file called config.xml, it is located in the appdata folder. Just upload this file to your account and you will receive your contact list. The problem may lie in the fact that you have to add contacts manually. This recovery tool helps in 90% of cases, so it is strongly recommended to use it in case of such problems.

Skype contacts


I would like to say again that a lost password is not a sentence at all. As you can see, it can be restored simply and quickly, the same applies to contacts that have been accidentally erased. Nevertheless, there are cases when it is impossible to restore access to your account, and there is no data. In this case, it is best to contact technical support. If it is possible, they will help you and tell you how to reset your password in Skype - if this account belongs to you and you can prove it somehow. For example, indicate the approximate date of registration and other important details.

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