How to quickly learn to kiss a guy and not disgrace the first time?

Kiss is a kind of romantic game for girls and guys. She occupies a special place in the relationship. After all, with the help of a kiss you can tell a lot to your partner. And how can you not love to kiss?

Indeed, during this caress feelings literally overwhelm you. It would seem that a kiss is so ordinary and banal, but, on second thought, many questions arise. How to kiss your tongue? How to kiss on the lips? How to kiss without a tongue?

Today we will quickly teach you how to properly, and most importantly, beautifully kiss a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Kinds of Kisses

There are a large number of types of kisses, and they all have both their pros and cons.

Kinds of Kisses

Here we have collected the most popular andthe most interesting of them.

  • Inato.This is a very gentle and romantic kiss on the lips. It is distinguished by its smoothness and lightness.The main rule - do not touch the partner's teeth and you need to pay attention to every millimeter of the mouth of your loved one.
  • Playful kiss.A characteristic feature of this affection is the gentle nibbling of the guy's lips of his girlfriend, and she at this time is heating up passion in him, moving his tongues in his mouth.
  • Gentle kiss.It is worth starting with the youngest and only mature couples. Gentle touch of the lips and the first, timid movements of the tongue, make it especially romantic.
  • A passionate kiss.This is a whole series of a large number of kisses ranging from the neck and chest, to the inside of the hips. He is able to excite secret desires in both partners and create a storm of emotions.
  • Kiss in French.One of the most famous and popular types of affection. The most important thing in it is the contact between languages, it can be stroking or biting, the choice is yours.

How to learn to kiss?

How to learn to kiss without a partner?

Most girls and guys are very worried about their first kiss. After all, for the first time, we don’t know what to do and what to expect, so there may be a lot of awkwardness.

So if you want everything to go well for the first time, here are some tips on the basics of kissing.

It is worth thinking about what is bothering you in this matter. Putting order in your head, you can easily cope with this task. But first, come onlet's deal with what might scare you.

  1. You do not know how to do it.In this case, everything is extremely simple. To get started is to learn the technique of kissing, a little practice, that's all. Remember that no one was born at once a kissing master and that this skill can be easily developed if desired.
  2. You doubt the partner.If the person with whom you have to kiss, does not cause you sympathy, or there is something in him that repels you, then you should not rush into it. Maybe you just don't know him enough or he just doesn't suit you. In this case, the main thing is to listen to your heart so that in the end you don’t have to regret anything.
  3. You have not done this before.There is nothing strange about it. We all do something for the first time. The first kiss is something that everyone should go through. So calm down and try to enjoy this moment.
  4. Technique kiss.This is exactly what its quality directly depends on. To develop a master of kisses, it is enough to read the descriptions of one kind or another and simply apply your knowledge in practice. It is clear that you will not experiment with a partner right away; for this you can use any soft, but fairly well-kept vegetable or fruit, such as a tomato or a peach. First you need to give it at least a small similarity with the lips of a loved one or loved one and begin the practice.

How to learn to kiss without a tongue?

A kiss without a tongue carries lightness and tenderness. So during training you should not act too firmly and firmly.

If you work out this kind of kiss without a partner, on vegetables or fruits, make sure that they are not deformed and juice does not run out of them.

How to learn to kiss the language?

How to learn to kiss the languageIn order to properly kiss the language, in addition to the above tips, you can use a couple more.

  • Try different techniques of language movement.This will not only give movements confidence, but also with constant training will make the language more plastic.
  • Exercise with the ball.Try to put a small ball in your mouth, for example, for ping-pong, and push it out with your tongue. You may not be able to do it in the beginning, but after a couple of minutes you will notice progress. This will help in improving the technology of movement of the language.

How to learn to kiss a language with a partner?

If you have already reached the workout with a girl or boy, you should start with the most simple and smooth movements. No need to randomly move the tongue in different directions or push it too far.

There must be a measure in everything. And after several attempts, you feel more confident.

What else should I look for when kissing?

Here are a couple of nuances, drawing attention to which you canavoid inconvenience.

  1. It is worth taking care of the freshness of your breath.Even in the case of a boyfriend or girlfriend who is in love, this can completely discourage any attraction to you.
  2. It is necessary to take care of the condition of the skin of the face and lips.This is especially true for the autumn-winter period, when the skin can be weathered and dry.
  3. It is not necessary to freeze in one position.This can confuse your partner very much, especially if he, like you, is new to this business.
  4. The main thing is sincerity.Your kiss should let your partner understand how you feel about him and what he means to you.
  5. It is necessary to tilt your head slightly.Otherwise you will run into your partner noses.

Kissing techniques

Kiss with tongue (or in french)

  • It is worth starting with light touches to the partner’s lips.
  • After it is worth making it clear to your loved one that you are ready, slightly opening his mouth.
  • After the penetration of your tongue into his mouth, it is worth starting with delicate strokes.
  • During a kiss you should not open your lips, they must interact with each other.
  • No need to hurry. It is worth doing everything smoothly and gently.

Kiss kiss

  • Bend over to the girl or boy and touch his lips.
  • In this case, it is necessary to perform the tongue in a circular motion, and then hold them on the inside of the lips.
  • Then you need to start slowly sucking partner's lips, gradually increasing the pace.

It is not necessary during the caress to focus your attention on technology and literally try to bring it to life. You need to trust yourself and your feelings, then everything will work out for you.

The most frequent mistakes

The most frequent mistakesThe most common mistakes:

  • do not open your mouth much;
  • try to be more gentle, and not dive into a loved one;
  • watch for salivation;
  • if you have to kiss someone, it is better not to use bright lipstick;
  • do not be too active or too passive.

How old can you kiss?

It is very individual. For some, the first kiss can occur in kindergarten, and for someone in high school. If you have not yet found a suitable partner - do not rush. So, if a guy or girl does not know how to kiss at the age of 14-16, there is nothing to worry about.

It is worth remembering that in order to learn how to kiss, you will need time, so do not be upset if you do not succeed the first time.

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