How to quickly heal cracks on heels

In everyday life, most of the load falls on the back and legs. Consequently, our feet are most affected by external factors. Often, after long hikes or for other reasons, cracks appear on the heels. In this case, treatment is inevitable, since such an unpleasant problem, in addition to discomfort from an aesthetic point of view, is also accompanied by terrible pain.

Cracked heels: causes

cracked heels

The most common cause is considered a sharp change in climatic conditions. Dry air has a tremendous impact on draining the skin, which can lead to the formation of deep cracks. Many people in the hot summer period suffer from excessive sweating. If this problem has touched the foot, then careful care is necessary. Otherwise, microflora is formed, favorable for the spread of bacteria and the development of fungal diseases. Almost all obese people face the problem of heel crack.This is due to the increased load on the legs, besides in the summer, the presence of excess weight contributes to edema of the extremities. If the above factors are not suitable, there is a possibility of a skin disease or deformity of the foot. It should immediately seek help from a doctor. He will be able to determine the true cause and prescribe a quality treatment.

Cracked heels: prevention

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In order to prevent the occurrence of a problem, you should carefully care for your feet. Every day after a shower, you should wipe your feet thoroughly and then apply a good nourishing or moisturizing cream. You can buy a special antiseptic, healing microcracks, it is available in the form of a spray or lotion. Women will have to exclude high-heeled shoes from their wardrobe. In winter, the socks should be changed several times a day, and they should be made of natural material.

Cracked heels: treatment

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Of course, if deep bleeding wounds are formed, do not rely on your own efforts. We need to seriously address the issue of diagnosis and treatment.The specialist will take the necessary analyzes, conduct research, on the basis of which will draw final conclusions. With increased perspiration, oral preparations are prescribed, and lotions containing antibacterial substances are suitable for external use. When dry skin is recommended to regularly rub the ointment from cracks on the heels with a high content of antibiotics. Foot baths with the addition of a decoction of herbs, sea salt or essential oils are famous for their excellent healing effect. For example, adherents of alternative medicine claim that a bath based on chamomile and plantain decoction will help to completely get rid of the problem. Not less popular means is a bath with aloe juice. You can also make a kind of decoction, adding to the pot of boiling water five tablespoons of crushed leaves of the plant. And at night you should do a compress, for this a large sheet of aloe is cut and applied to the damaged place.

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