How to publish a website?

Ways to publish your own websitea lot, and you can do it for money, and for free. Consider first free methods or those for which you will have to pay a symbolic amount.

How can I publish a website for free?

The easiest way to publish for freeown internet resource, use the services of its own Internet provider. As a rule, for their users they provide a small disk space, which is enough for a small home Internet page or price list. The main disadvantage of this placement is a complex address, which is a fourth-level domain, which is very difficult to remember or correctly write by ear. In addition, you do not have the opportunity to expand your site, since the free space is limited.

When you purchase a third-level domain thatlooks like this: your provider. The name of your website. en. In fact, nothing terrible, except for problems with memorization, this is not. However, it is not accepted to use domains of the third, and especially the fourth, level for commercial and representative purposes. Well, about the way it is not customary to write business letters on paper in a line, torn from a school notebook.

In addition, if you are looking for opportunities likepublish the site without material costs, it should be borne in mind that no one guarantees you the uninterrupted operation of the site, and you may be required to post on your resource banner ads of your hosting provider.

If there is a choice, what free accommodationprefer: from an Internet provider or from a hosting provider, it is better to choose the second method, because when changing an Internet provider you do not have to change the name of your own site.

Paid publication of the site

With paid publication of the site you shouldregister a domain name, that is, the unique name of your own resource, according to which users will search you on the network, and then conclude an agreement with the hosting provider to provide space for your resource on the virtual disk.

Some providers offerregister a name for your site, but it's best to do it yourself. In any case, the right to register has only the resource, and your provider will register the name there, just register it for yourself. If you want to change hosting, you may have problems saving the domain name. Registration of the name will cost $ 35 per year and about $ 10 per month you will pay for the placement of your site. As you can see, the costs are not too big. The exception is complex and actively visited resources, for which a dedicated channel is required - this is quite expensive, but the opportunities for earning on such sites are great.

As for the publication process,concluding a contract with a hosting provider, you will have an intuitive and very simple server for hosting your resource with detailed instructions on how to publish a website on the Internet, or as a last resort, you can always count on prompt technical support.

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