How to make money on the Internet: 20 current ways to make money in 2018

A virtual network is not only a place for everyone to communicate. This is a huge platform, which for many is also becoming a place for a career start. It is here that people of any age and profession, as well as those who are just studying or do not have a higher education, can realize themselves. There are truly many opportunities open to this. When deciding how to make money on the Internet, it is recommended to get acquainted with all the offers and real possibilities.

Is it possible to make money online?

Every newcomer, in front of whom real opportunities for making money in virtual spaces are opening up, is trying to find out how to make money on the Internet.

The global world wide web is a huge powerful structure where transactions are turned every day, orders are offered, contracts for billions of dollars are concluded.Anyone can grab a decent or small “slice” from the universal “pie”. The main thing is the desire, your own, even if an old working computer and connection to the network.

Is it possible to make money online?

Career growth is possible even without a down payment. Inexpensive work allows you to put together the first state for something more significant and significant, the main thing is to start.

Newbies on the note! The amount that you can really earn on the Internet is almost unlimited. At first, newbies' fees are small - they can range from a dollar to several hundred per month. If you make an effort and study a certain direction, then you can significantly increase the amount. Professionals and simply interested in a particular business gurus receive and several hundred thousand dollars a month.

Who is suitable for working on the Internet?

Networking is suitable for those who can independently organize their working day, set themselves tasks and carry them out. Self-organization is the first step to success. And everyone can find a lesson to their liking and opportunities:

  • programmer and financier;
  • builder and doctor;
  • veterinarian and engineer;
  • technician and journalist;
  • writer and designer;
  • artist and stylist, etc.

Age criteria for remote freelancing work simply does not exist. The Internet is so good that it “doesn’t pay attention” to the employee’s external data, and does not judge him by educational level or other features.

The main thing is desire; moreover, students, students with a certain level of knowledge, a pensioner, a young man, and middle-aged people can find employment.

Real ways to make money on the Internet: choose proven directions

Writing lyrics

How to make money on the Internet a person with knowledge of their native language and a decent vocabulary? Write texts! And it can be done under the order or with the condition of the subsequent placement on special exchanges.

In the first case, an order to write a specific text on a specific topic is given by webmasters and owners of virtual resources. The second option assumes that the artist himself is looking for the topic for the articles, and after writing, he puts them on stock exchanges for sale.

Directions of work on the Internet

The top categories most frequently purchased by customers are:

  • building;
  • children;
  • tourism;
  • the Internet;
  • beauty;
  • the medicine;
  • cooking

A special category is a description of the goods, the characteristics of their use and characteristics. However, this list is far from exhaustive.

Writing texts under the order can as a specialist, as well as the person who does not mind studying the subject. It’s possible to earn on such work as indecently little, and quite a lot. At the start, rarely can anyone earn more than 500–3000 rubles. per month, but with due diligence this amount may be increased several times.

You can start a career as a writer or journalist on content exchanges such as,,, KWORK, etc.

Work in social networks

Making money on the Internet is quite realistic in social networks. It is quite fascinating, but from that no less responsible work. You can search for a case directly in the networks themselves. Often, owners of virtual projects place vacancy announcements on their pages. On various freelance projects (including Weblancer) there are also a lot of offers for working in social networks.

The most popular ways to replenish your wallet with the help of work in the social network are the following types of earnings.

  • E-commerce - the sale of goods and services using your own or someone else's page on the most popular sites.In some cases, this direction requires a down payment, it is used for the promotion of public and online advertising for contextual advertising. However, this method is considered the most profitable, especially if the proposed product is interesting to the user.
  • Making a profit in public and communities. The use of such a technique of earning often does not even require investment, but time costs are still necessary. It is necessary to create a page, and then attract an audience with the help of interesting publications, and then monetize a group or page with ad units. The level of income in this case varies between 50–20000 thousand dollars a month, and sometimes more.
  • Earnings on SMM and promotion. This is a promising direction that allows you to solve various problems in the field of business. Experts use various methods of content promotion and attract the attention of the audience. For doing even one page, you can earn in the range of 3-15 thousand rubles. per month.
  • Perform simple tasks through special services. This is one of those areas that beginners choose to develop on the network.It is quite honest, but not an easy job. You will need to click on the links, go through the pages, perform certain tasks, register. The cost of such work is low, they can pay from 0.1 to 1 cent per click, but there are actually a lot of tasks in the network.

Table. Most popular job earning services

Resource name Minimum amount for withdrawal, rub. Special features
VKTarget 25 A lot of work.

Real withdrawal without cheating.

Operational verification of tasks.

Official cooperation with various resources, including Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Qcomment 100 A lot of work.

Opportunity to earn at different jobs (including likes, retweets, surveys, tasks, etc.).

Fast and prompt withdrawal at any time.

Cachebox 0,2 Little work

Money is charged in currency.

Among the tasks: retweets and likes, registration and watching videos, posting and polls, etc.

To significantly increase your income, it is recommended to attract and expand the network of referrals. The people involved will work in this case, and everyone will earn. However, it’s still impossible to earn a lot on such services — often enough only to pay for the network or top up a mobile account.

Work on the Internet

YouTube earnings

Many newcomers are interested in whether it is possible to make money on the Internet on video.

One of the proven and working methods is becoming YouTube - the world-famous and developed network that pays users of channels for advertising in their videos.

After registration, users will be able to upload videos of a different nature:

  • slide show, which is accompanied by voice-over commentary;
  • Summersplays are another popular destination. It involves recording a real game using special programs;
  • screencasts - video with voice-over commenting. Often this is the method chosen by the guru to conduct the lessons;
  • Vlogs is a video in which a person will tell everyone to watch and listen about his personal life, comment on events, etc.

It is recommended to monetize your portal only after certain successes achieved. Both automatic and manual monetization of the portal, to which the audience will come to watch videos, is intended.

If you do this work seriously, constantly updating content, uploading interesting videos, and also focusing on the interests of the audience, then you can earn from watching ads and transitions from one to several thousand dollars a month by visitors.

You can place banners directly in the video, banners in the corner of the window or video advertising in the video. Bring a certain income and affiliate links, programs, etc.

Before you begin, you should learn the rules of the system. There is a block for content theft!

Work with mobile applications Android and iOS

To understand how to make money on the Internet with the help of popular mobile applications, you should contact the knowledgeable people. To do this, specialized resources open their doors, which accept applications from developers and offer earning options for owners of gadgets with Android and iOS software. Applicants are development companies.

Most often, they offer to use certain games or software applications and are willing to spend money for each program download. You can earn with resources such as:

  • Goappcash - simple registration, many tasks, simple and fast output in the absence of minimum salary;
  • Apptools - the platform pays 3–10 rubles for each download, 2 rubles for comments, 10% for participation in the affiliate program - this is already passive income;
  • Appscoins - earned money will quickly and actively drip directly into your mobile account. For each download a limit of 7 rubles., For the "affiliate program" - another 10% of passive earnings.

Work through the mobile device

This is only part of the exchanges that are willing to pay users, and quickly and immediately to the mobile account. This is a popular method, although it does not significantly enrich. Although just this way is a great option to start your online career.

How to make money on captcha?

An option for the most attentive and diligent. If the user has such qualities of character, it will be useful for him to know how to make money on the Internet in such a simple way.

Captcha is a set of certain letters and symbols that users have to enter during the transition to websites or content customers. Not everyone has the opportunity to sit and enter such characters, but most often the service is ordered by the owners of bots, which are sent to virtual spaces with a specific task - download videos, texts, books, software, etc.

To get started, you should register on special resources that will offer captcha for recognition and pay for the correct answers:

  • AntiGate - many offers, timeout 15 seconds., Earnings - $ 0.7 / 1000 recognition;
  • KolotiBablo - the platform is not for everyone, it allows you to earn up to $ 3 in an hour, but you have to work hard and work quickly and smoothly - in 3 seconds. recognize the text.For good work you can get up to 20-200% allowance.

Quite a difficult job for those who will not be lazy and willing to work literally for wear, however, you can earn decently if you choose the right partner.

In the network you can find a lot of negative reviews about this method of earnings, so it is extremely important to carefully study these comments, so as not to fall for the scam of a scam.

Earnings on surveys

Inquisitive it will be useful to understand how to make money through the Internet on surveys and watching videos, on personal opinion and experience. For these users, a special portal is open - questionnaires.

These are convenient resources, some of them offer work on personal interests, which the user will need to specify during registration.

Types of earnings

For answers to questions about the product, opinion, as well as preference, you can earn here:

  • “Ruble Club” is a fairly young, but very promising and popular venue, which pays 30-40 rubles per survey. even if it is not much, however, polls appear quite often, and therefore it is possible to make a decent amount quickly enough.
  • “Paid Survey” is an exemplary resource that works stably, regularly pays fees, and also offers a lot of polls.On average, one pays for 20-30 rubles. For withdrawal of funds you will need to collect 300 rubles.
The more expensive the task, the more gestures the user will have to complete, however full answers should be given so that all tasks are counted.

A fairly simple way to replenish your income is to leave reviews and comments on websites, under videos, on special sites. In this way, many resources are popularized online. The cost of one review will depend on its complexity, as well as the number of characters typed.

On average, you can earn for 1 review:

  • for 75 characters - 3-6 rubles;
  • for 150 characters - 4-10 rubles.

You can follow the replenishment of the wallet to the popular and proven Exchange “Advego” and catch orders in the public domain or go to the QComment website, where there are more interesting tasks.

Here you can choose to review and comment mobile applications and for such reviews already receive for 30-50 rubles. There are always plenty of orders, and therefore the level of income of users will largely depend on the number of closed tasks. Some craftsmen easily beat off a month and 10 thousand rubles.

How to make money on your site?

How to make money on your site?

This can not be called work for beginners, because it is assumed that the virtual resource already exists and is fully functioning. In this case, there are several simple ways to monetize the portal.

To do this, use:

  • advertising from search engines - for each link a payment will be charged;
  • contextual advertising - it is often bought by companies that need to sell or tell users about their site, services, etc .;
  • sales of goods through one-page;
  • lead generation - the process of selling information about potential buyers to interested sellers;
  • sale of eternal links;
  • posting third-party articles;
  • affiliate programs and selling other people's links, including various training programs.
It is not necessary after the creation of the resource to immediately set yourself the task to squeeze out the money as much as possible. You should wait for some time — it can reach 6–12 months — before launching various ad campaigns.

This time needs to be spent on filling the portal with interesting content, and to do it with stubborn regularity. In this case, the bots from searches will often go to the pages of the site.Otherwise, for excessive advertising and youth, you can get in the ban from search engines, where to get out is almost impossible!

Trade Chinese goods

This is a relatively new, but quite promising direction. It involves the purchase of various small things and quite serious goods with one goal - for sale. To start, the user will need to explore several popular sites.

Among the most popular "Aliexpress" and "Jum". These are resources where you can order everything - from pencils and bath accessories to clothes and accessories in cars. The first site recently set the price for shipping, and therefore not everything is profitable to purchase here. The second online store in China offers only cheap goods, which will always be in demand, and does not require funds for shipping.

However, among compatriots there are many who actively use shops for the purchase of all kinds of things, and therefore it is necessary to look for workarounds. You can search for interesting new items and be the first to offer them to users. There is another option - to use the platform "TaoBao", designed for wholesale buyers.This is where to actually buy goods at a cent, and in the country to sell is much cheaper.

Trade Chinese goods

However, there is a nuance - it is the cost of shipping. It is impressive and will be calculated taking into account the mass, volume and number of units of production. That is why wholesale customers themselves often look for a way to deliver goods at a reasonable price to the country for subsequent sale.

There are several Korean online stores that sell natural cosmetics and often deliver goods to Russia and other countries for free. Among the products offered there are also products of famous brands that are known in our country, and therefore the earnings are quite real.

Sports betting

Catching luck "by the tail" and at the same time making decent money - it is such an offer that numerous bookmakers often make to their customers. They have representation in the network, as well as quite real branches, where you can also make a bet.

However, when choosing such a way to monetize your time and efforts, you should remember that:

  • often mathematical calculation and prediction gains, rather than blind luck. If the user has a mathematical mindset and at the same time is an ardent admirer of the sport, he can take a chance and even win.
  • quite realistic to lose. It is on this office earn.It should be understood that the chances of winning are not so great, and therefore the risk is still worth small amounts;
  • The amount of winnings may be insignificant - it all depends on the odds.
You can earn quite a few or mere pennies - it all depends on luck and popularity, strength, and also the experience of the athlete / team that the player will bet on. It is not necessary yet to regard sports betting as a stable income. This is a matter of chance.

To deliver, you need to choose a team and predict / assume what the outcome of the fight will be. There are several leaders of the direction that users trust. Among conglomerates: Leonbets, 1xBet, Fonbet, etc. The rating was made by the independent opinion of users.

Work on file sharing

An option for those who want to receive money for downloading uploaded video files, books, magazines, instructions, manuals, etc. Funds are credited for every thousand downloads of the uploaded file.

The file sharing services themselves earn from ad units and the purchase of premium accounts, which give users the opportunity without waiting and queuing, entering captcha and very quickly downloading any file.

Work and its types

In order not to lose track of the direction of activity, it should be understood - does the user have the opportunity to upload interesting materials, which include:

  • copies of printed publications, including various specialized magazines, newspapers, materials on hobbies;
  • music and videos.
  • programs and photos;
  • scans of rare books;
  • currently popular materials.

The link owner will have to not only place the file, but also tell the whole world about it. This can be done in groups, on forums, through our own portal, in social networks, etc.

The most popular file sharing services are Depositfiles and, The cost of downloads will also vary from the "mass" of the file. If it takes less than 50 MB, then its amount will not exceed 3 dollars, but for 1000 MB and more, you can already get from 45 dollars.

Earnings on your blog

It is not necessary to open your web portal to earn decently in the network. It’s enough to write notes, your own thoughts, stories or other interesting content on your blog.

You can create such a project yourself or allocate a certain amount of funds for a programmer who will make a fully working resource with an interesting design.First, the project will need to invest some time and their own articles, and only then rely on the profitability of the resource.

As in the case of the site, the project can be monetized in several proven and white ways:

  • sell links to third-party resources;
  • offer a specific product for a fee;
  • place contextual or other promotional product;
  • sell links;
  • offer advertising affiliate program.
As in any business, you need to invest in a blog first. You will also need interesting articles and promotion, and only after that you can already calculate the possible profit. Sites with low PR and TIC are not interested advertisers.

Earnings on the "affiliate"

Side job on the Internet

The peculiarity of this method is that the link and encouraging words are sent to the advertiser's website to the users, who are expected not only to go, but also to buy an advertising product. Interestingly, even with one order of goods or services, you can get up to 100% of revenue! That's right, because some advertisers are ready to start at zero to start only in order to make their project popular and in demand.

Other no less advantageous programs are often offered when the advertiser receives up to 70-80% of the price. However, such offers are often received by those who have previously advertised their resource and are ready to advertise to someone else.

If we talk about "affiliate programs" for the offers of goods, then often the level of income reaches only 30–40%, however, this is quite enough if we are talking about purchasing expensive products. If it costs 5-10 thousand rubles, then the cost of advertising will be impressive - 1.5-4 thousand rubles. Very good from one deal!

You can find partners on various resources - in ads, on freelance exchanges, on "Ozone".

Work on the free ad sites

The peculiarity of the upcoming work is that the user will be offered orders for placing free ads on special boards. In order not to stuff "bumps", it is proposed to specify some details at the customer.

  • On which boards you will need to place ads with links. Sometimes it is advisable to specify the stop sites with which it is either difficult to work, or ads should be paid.
  • Do I need to register on the boards. If it is simple, then difficulties should not arise.But often, in order to confirm your identity, you will need to enter a captcha, and then also confirm your actions additionally using mail or a phone number. After such work, the specified addresses and numbers will receive spam, often in very large quantities. It is worthwhile to think a few times whether such troubles are necessary.
  • Whether all ads are placed on a specified board. It is not always possible to use a template for posting, since the system can regard such actions as spam. If the user also uploads a photo to the portal, he will need to be described in order for the ad to be included in the general sheet.

On average, for placement you can earn 3-5 rubles, sometimes more for each ad. But often you need to place at least 50, 100, 1000 - at the discretion of the customer. But too attractive advertisements with transcendental payment should be avoided, because in this case you can remain with nothing much after a lot of work.

Often, advertisers are asked to enter the details for payment in a particular program, access to which you only need to buy.

Writing diplomas and coursework

This is getting quite real means from your knowledge.Teachers and specialists from various fields can use this method, including:

  • medical,
  • financial,
  • technical,
  • humanitarian,
  • legal.

You can write a diploma or coursework, doctoral or abstract paper, test, practice report, report and other works for money. To do this, open reception many resources on the network, which is enough to register and fill out a form. You can earn a decent amount for one project.

The company-employer for intermediary services takes only 10-20% of the total cost. If the order costs 5,000 rubles., Then the performer will receive about 4000-4500 rubles.

Among the reliable projects, users emphasize “Author24”, StudWork, Work5, “Everything passed”, etc.

Designer work

Creative personalities can always make money on freelance online. To do this, you can take orders to perform work independently on special resources or put up an offer in KWORK for 500 rubles / 1 square.

Types of work on the Internet

The author determines the number of such Kvorkov himself, based on the complexity of the work to be done. He can offer up to 10 KWORK and add a ton of options for an extra charge.

No less popular resources have become such platforms:

  • - the cost varies from 100 to 1000 rubles. for the task - depending on the complexity of the project. You can create banners and logos, icons and three-dimensional images, etc.
  • ru is a very popular and rather “old” freelance exchange, where it has every chance to find a project for itself and a copywriter, and a programmer, and a coder, and a designer. The latter are invited to work in the following areas: "Corporate Identity" and "Website Design", "Development" and "Printing Design", "Banners", etc. The cost when submitting an advertisement or application is determined by the performer himself. Some orders are already submitted with a certain price, to which the contractor either agrees or not.

Other projects are no less popular among "free" designers: and

Website development

This is a popular area that is far from exhausted. High-level programmers earn "indecent" a lot, but even beginners in this direction may well find and realize themselves. On average, the sought-after specialist, who works exclusively independently, will be able to “withdraw” 1-10 thousand dollars. Highly demanded specialists will earn even more.

As a launch pad, you can use your site to show your capabilities and abilities, as well as popular freelancing projects, which are written in the paragraph earlier.

Forex and stock exchange trading

Currency and stock exchange is a meeting place for real gurus of the financial industry. This is a serious direction for the activity, which involves certain financial costs. Some forex brokers work with players who are ready to immediately replenish their account with $ 1,000. However, there are also such partners who open a deposit for $ 10, and also offer to use a demo account for training and to eliminate the risks of not knowing the basics of work.

To guarantee success from such activities, you should not only register, but also learn the basics of technical and fundamental analysis, as well as learn the basic concepts and principles of trading, study the features of the terminals and choose a work strategy for yourself.

Among the most popular and reliable brokers (according to independent evaluation and the corresponding rating), FIBO Group and Dukascopy, WForex and Saxo Bank are especially noted.

Earnings will depend on the knowledge gained, the return to work, as well as the desire to constantly develop and create new trading strategies.In order not to risk impressive deposits, the gurus recommend to bet no more than 10% of the total deposit. The amount of income received, as well as possible losses, will depend only on the market participant.

Online Store Trading

Earnings on the Internet

This is one of the promising areas, like any trade. However, without start-up capital it will be very difficult to start an activity. This is due to the fact that the opening of the site and the development of design, programming and layout, promotion and promotion in the network, as well as particularly effective contextual advertising will require significant financial costs.

At first, even the most popular resources, which gave a great start, work either in a minus or zero. However, over time, the situation stabilizes and the entrepreneur begins to gain momentum and increase income. His monthly salary can vary from a thousand to hundreds of thousands of rubles. The amount will also directly depend on the degree and speed of promotion, development, attracting new customers, etc.

The most popular and demanded goods are shoes and clothes (especially brand and stock), cosmetics and perfumes (cheap, branded, niche),household appliances and products for children. No less popular is the delivery of goods to the buyer, on which you can also make "money".

Creation of mobile applications

This is a whole line of business that will require significant knowledge. An experienced programmer, who is not only good as a professional, but also feels the mood and interests of contemporaries and potential buyers and customers, can take on such work.

Mobile application should be:

  • useful to perform important tasks;
  • "Easy" - do not take up much space;
  • understandable - even the most inexperienced user will have to understand the features of use;
  • interesting - there are a lot of applications in this market, and therefore the new should offer something special.

Depending on the complexity of the project, the structure and benefits of its value may be small or just "space". You can implement it yourself, setting a reasonable price - from $ 1 to $ 20 per download. For built-in advertising, you can get more bonuses, but often such “settings” automatically devalue the software, and therefore it is offered for free and earn only on the advertising product.And in order for the interest not to fade, you should constantly update the software, configure and fix bugs.

Other Earnings Options

Among other options for earnings can be noted those that are associated with trade in goods at international auctions and Internet portals.

The risks of earning on the Internet

If the direction for the activity is chosen, you can begin to implement your own plan. However, do not forget about the risks, which include:

  • deception and non-payment of earnings is not uncommon, and therefore, before choosing a partner, you should study the reviews and reviews about it;
  • withdrawal of funds to only one payment system;
  • rare withdrawal of earnings;
  • too large a minimum of withdrawal of money - this is especially problematic if there is not such a big fee for the task.

The risks of the owners of websites and blogs are even higher, because for the wrong steps they can get into the search results ban, and without proper protection the resource can be hacked.


The amount of wages of a freelancer may be different. It largely depends on the following parameters:

  • level of knowledge in a particular area;
  • effort spent;
  • the opportunity to take on complex projects;
  • the desire to develop and not stop there;
  • the desire to take risks and try something new;
  • desire for success and life position.

Taking into account these indicators, daily / monthly earnings will be formed, which can start from the ruble and come close to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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