How to make meat soft - a few tips

Basic Tips

First of all, if you fry the meat first, put it in a saucepan or pan, fill it with hot broth or any other hot liquid. Temperature is important. If the broth is slightly warm, hardness is assured. The second idea, how to make meat soft, is to add a tablespoon of vodka or a little wine when to make meat softAlcohol softens not only the heart, but also hot. And the third idea: if you are 100% sober, instead of alcohol, you can add a spoonful of sugar, slices of apples or a little pineapple juice. Next we look at other tips on how to make meat soft. First of all, for baking or roasting it must be fresh. To meat was soft, try to choose not the most wiry parts and types. For example, poultry, chicken, goose, turkey, pork ribs, fillet of beef, lamb are best suited for roasting.

Marinade for tenderness

It has long been known proven method of how to make meat soft,- soak it in marinade with herbs (for example, marjoram, thyme, cumin, black pepper, paprika, ginger), crushed garlic with butter and a glass of vodka. In order to pickle the lamb, you may need to add a glass of red wine. Put the meat in the fridge for 1-2 to cook soft meatAfter a few hours, turn it over to the other side so that it is marinated evenly. Some housewives who know how to cook soft meat, recommend soaking it for 12-14 hours in kefir. It is better not to use vinegar. If you prefer this method, choose wine or apple.

For juiciness - cover the entire surface.

To roast does not dry during baking, you need to bind the protein on its surface. Then the juice will not flow out. The classic way to make meat soft is to first fry it quickly from all sides. However, in this case, we use an extra dose of fat. If you prefer to avoid this, you can use other methods. For example, put the prepared dish in a strongly heated oven (about 200-220 ° C).so that the meat is softAfter 15-20 minutes, reduce the temperature to 180 degrees.A great idea how to make meat soft is a roasting sleeve. In it, the dish is in its juice, does not dry out and preserves juiciness. You can also use a pot of porous clay for baking. It is put in water, and the meat is treated with hot steam. Lenten varieties (beef, turkey) can be wrapped with bacon slices. Roast will be juicy and get the original flavor. If you fry, stew meat or bake on the grill, from time to time you can moisten it with melted juice.

Set the desired temperature

The optimum temperature for roasting meat is 160-180 ° C, for the first 10-15 minutes you can set it to 200-220 ° C. Then reduce the heat. If the temperature is too high, the meat will dry out. Roasting time depends on the grade, on the size of the piece and oven. Usually it is 1 hour per kilogram. Knowing how to make meat soft, nevertheless try to control the process while cooking.

Use seasonings and additives

Slices of bacon for wrapping are just one of the recipes for delicious roasts. The best supplement that improves the taste of meat are fruits, fresh or dried.A classic example is pork loin stuffed with prunes and apricots. Chicken, goose, turkey can be supplemented with apples with a lot of marjoram. The taste of dark meat (pork, beef, chicken turkey) ennoble not only prunes or dried apricots. Cranberries or lingonberries are also great.

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