How to make kozinaki at home: cooking recipes

Kozinaki is a sweetheart loved by many and is based on nuts or seeds. It is quite hard, so they prefer to nibble. It is based on honey, syrup from sugar or juice.

The history of the dessert

Kozinaki can be considered a typical oriental sweetness. The story goes that originally there were only sesame gozinaki. It was this dessert that was first served by the Persian king. This ingredient is taken as the basis of delicacy is not accidental. The fact is that sesame was considered a substance that strengthens the spirit. He was also considered the herald of victory. Therefore, it is not surprising that these very grains became associated with a joyful return from the war.

Sesame kozinaki later became quite popular. With this treat women met warriors who returned from the battlefield. If we draw a parallel, we can compare this custom with the typically Slavic tradition of treating guests with bread and salt.

Again kozinaki returned thanks to Georgia.It is in this country that kozinaki at home are cooked in completely different ways. Virtually every family has its own original recipe for delicacies. Also in Georgia, the dessert became associated with a festive meal. An interesting fact is that you can cook kozinaki from completely different ingredients. Kozinaki from nuts of any kind, seeds can be a table decoration and just a delicious dessert.

kozinaki at home

Basis for recipe

Cooking kozinaki at home is a snap. So, you need to adhere to only two rules for the selection of ingredients:

  • Use a solid foundation.
  • Do not forget the binder.

To a solid basis can be attributed to many ingredients. For example, seeds of flax or sunflower, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts. Also use oatmeal or poppy seeds. You can stay on one ingredient, but you can choose several, this will only make the taste brighter.

Mainly honey and syrup from sugar help to put together a solid base. Sometimes these ingredients are mixed. Also traditionally used and oil, both creamy and vegetable. It is advisable to choose the odorless option.However, this is a matter of taste.

kozinaki recipe

The benefits and harm of kozinaki

Many love kozinaki. The recipe to find now presents no problem. However, is there any benefit to them? Of course. The main properties of the product are directly dependent on the ingredients included in it. That is, if kozinaki from peanuts, then the benefits of this nut will not be less.

However, many people mistakenly believe that this dessert also contains beneficial substances contained in honey. We must not forget that the preparation of kozinaki is associated with the heating of honey. And during this process, many vitamins are lost.

Of the harm can only be noted excessive calorie and negative effects on tooth enamel. The latter is directly related to the hardness of the dessert. With constant use can injure your teeth. And because of the addition of sugar and honey, it is not so difficult to earn caries.

Despite the high caloric content and, as a consequence, the negative impact on the figure, kozinaki are recommended to be used by athletes and those who are engaged in physical culture. As a snack, kozinak can quickly restore power, return energy.

sunflower seed kozinaki

How to make hazelnut kozinaki?

One of the nuts that are widely used for making kozinaki is hazelnuts. For this you will need:

  • Hazelnuts - 300
  • Honey - 2 cups.
  • Sugar - 4 tbsp. l

The first step is to clean the hazelnuts from the thin brown skin. You can quickly get rid of it with a hot frying pan. To do this, fry the nut without oil for 10 minutes. After slightly cooled, hazelnuts pour on a towel and fray. Peel cracks and showered.

To cook kozinaki at home, hazelnuts should be crushed or chopped, but not to the state of crumbs. After that, proceed to the creation of a syrup. Sugar poured into the pan, add honey. While stirring, heat until bubbles appear. Then the syrup is cooled and repeated heating a couple of times. Then add the nuts and mix again, so that each piece was covered with syrup. While stirring, the mixture is continued to heat for another couple of minutes.

The resulting mass should be gently spread on a silicone mat and leave to cool for a while. However, it is better not to put the mass in the refrigerator.

how to make kozinaki

How to make oatmeal kozinaki?

Oatmeal is a rare enough ingredient for this delicacy. Not everyone knows that you can cook kozinaki at home with this product.

This will require:

  • Oatmeal - 3 tbsp. l
  • Sugar - 2 tbsp. l
  • Water - incomplete art. l
  • Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp. l

Unlike nutty kozinaki, flakes do not require pre-treatment or peeling. Therefore, all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and sent to the pan, where they languish over low heat until golden brown appears. In this case, the mixture must be constantly stirred to achieve uniform heating and roasting.

The resulting mixture is laid out on the prepared surface. It can be a silicone mat, molds, or just a board covered with foil. The entire surface must first be lubricated with vegetable oil. Then the finished product is left in a cool place to set.

sesame gozinaki

Seeds as the main ingredient for kozinaki

From sunflower seeds make wonderful kozinaki. Their recipe is quite simple. Sunflower seed kozinaki is made from the following ingredients:

  • Sunflower seeds, peeled, - 200 g
  • Honey - 25 g.
  • Sugar - 50 g

Seed kozinaki are prepared quickly enough, since the main ingredient also does not need to be pretreated.

Honey and sugar are sent to a preheated frying pan. Over low heat, the mixture is heated, stirring occasionally, waiting for bubbles to appear. Then add the seeds and mix them thoroughly with the syrup. Warm up about a couple of minutes. Then the mixture is sent to a silicone pad, where it freezes completely.

nuts kozinaki

Sophisticated recipe kozinaki

One of the most interesting recipes to cook kozinaki at home, contains many ingredients. These include:

  • Oatmeal - 200 g
  • Nuts of any grade - 120 g.
  • Honey - 3 tbsp. l
  • Sugar - 70 g.
  • Dried fruits - 150 g.

From dried fruits, you can choose almost any. Peeled dried cherries, apples, dried apricots, prunes, seedless raisins are well suited. You can also use figs or more exotic options, such as papaya or pineapple.

Nuts must be peeled, and then heated in a dry frying pan for ten to fifteen minutes. Such quick roasting allows you to reveal the taste of the products.

Dried fruits are left to soak for half an hour, and then cut into large pieces. Raisins or cherries can be left whole.

Honey and sugar are sent to the pan and heated to dissolve. If desired, add a small amount of butter. This is true if the sweet mixture burns. The correct syrup is dark brown, uniform in consistency.

The dry mixture is added to the sweet mass and thoroughly mixed right in the pan. Then another soft kozinaki laid out on a baking sheet lined with parchment, and sent to the oven for forty minutes.

peanut kozinaki

Kozinaki with poppy seeds

Poppy is also not a frequent visitor as a base for kozinaki. However, it can be used in conjunction with nuts. To do this, take half a cup of peeled nuts 1.5-2 tbsp. l poppy kernels.

Two tablespoons of honey are mixed with two teaspoons of butter and sent to a slow fire, then the dry mixture is added to the same place. All boil for an hour, stirring regularly.

The mixture is spread on a thin layer of silicone mat. Cool at room temperature.If desired, you can put more liquid mixture in beautiful forms. Then ready-made kozinaki will take interesting forms, which is important for holidays.

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