How to make glow sticks with your own hands?

Today you can make glow sticks in ordinary home conditions. You do not need to spend money on the purchase of absolutely no expensive materials. The main thing is to thoroughly prepare and act, strictly following technology.

What may need a magic glow stick?

Recently, colored fluorescent sticks have become one of the most common attributes of entertainment events. Use them during entertainment equally often as children, young people, and older people. Often the idea is used to create glowing drumsticks, decorate the hall, musical instruments, costumes. This approach allows you to organize a truly spectacular, unforgettable show.

glowing sticks

However, it is not necessary to use such sticks at a party. Their use can be effective in nature, hiking or fishing.Sticks with a fluorescent reagent are actively used by speleologists, rescuers, people whose activities are inextricably linked with work in conditions of extremely limited access to natural light.

Always having in stock a few self-made luminous sticks with a bright chemical reagent, you can not worry about the discharge of the flashlight or the loss of the main source of lighting at night.


magic glow stick

To create glow sticks with your own hands at home, you will need:

  • plastic, maximally transparent flexible polyethylene tube;
  • prepared fluorescent liquid;
  • blowtorch;
  • pipette;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • teflon tape;
  • copper caps for tube clogging.

Create fluorescent fluid

If you managed to collect all of the above components, which are necessarily required to glow sticks gave a bright glow, you can immediately get to work. However, buying fluorescent liquid, which costs a lot of money, can be a certain obstacle for some people.

how to make a glow stick

In cases where there is no desire to spend money on the purchase of a luminous base of neon sticks, you can try to make it yourself.It will have to get the following chemical components:

  • 20 g of luminol;
  • a small glass flask with a volume of not more than 0.5 liters;
  • 30 ml of Dimexidum;
  • 30 g of dry alkali;
  • simple fluorescent dye.

Since the composition of the liquid contains a sufficient amount of potentially hazardous chemicals, it is necessary to mix components for its preparation with the utmost care, working in rubber gloves, a respirator and protective clothing.

To begin with, alkali, dimexide and luminol are combined in the quantities indicated above. The resulting composition is placed in a flask and thoroughly shaken, after which the necessary reaction should occur, which subsequently leads to the glow of the liquid. The addition of a chemical dye will help give it the necessary shade.

How to make a glow stick: the first step

neon glow stick

Armed with a polyethylene tube, copper caps for blocking its opposite openings and Teflon tape for their secure fixation, it is necessary to assemble the future container of luminous liquid. The neon glow stick should be assembled in such a way that one of the copper caps can be easily unscrewed.

Step two

Using a heated blowtorch, the tip of the pipette is sealed tightly. Next, through the remaining open hole, the pipette is filled with hydrogen peroxide solution, and the other end is sealed with a blowtorch again. After completing the work, the blowtorch should preferably be carefully wiped, cleaned and set aside.

Step Three

A preliminarily prepared glowing fluid diluted with a fluorescent dye is poured into a polyethylene tube through one of the open holes with the cap unscrewed. Inside a sealed glass pipette with hydrogen peroxide is placed. It is necessary to fill the tube to the maximum, until the pipette is completely immersed in the liquid. Tightening the cap tightly and fixing it with Teflon tape for reliability, you should make sure that the fluorescent liquid does not spill out.

How to use the finished product?

To activate self-made glow sticks, simply bend the polyethylene tube, breaking the pipette with hydrogen peroxide. As a result, the peroxide will combine with the fluorescent reagents, after which the necessary chemical reaction will occur and the stick will glow with a bright glow.

glow drumsticks

Unfortunately, the neon sticks created by the above method can be used only once. And the glow of such homemade products can not be called too long. As for advice on the possibility of charging sticks with luminous liquid in the refrigerator or microwave, which are abundant on the Internet today, it is not recommended to engage in such amateur activity. Both methods are extremely inefficient and, moreover, do not exclude the possibility of irreparable harm to their own health.

If there is an acute desire to re-use the glow stick, then it is better to thoroughly rinse and clean the parts of the product, get new reagents, take a whole glass pipette and perform the operation anew, repeating all successive steps again.

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