How to make a tire do it yourself

On the track, motorists are faced with various troubles and breakdowns, one of which is a punctured wheel. You can replace it with a spare wheel, which should always be in the trunk of the car, and a set of necessary tools. It is sometimes more profitable to carry out tire fitting with your own hands than to apply for a similar service to the service station. The help of specialists in such a question often costs a pretty tidy sum, not to mention the seasonal replacement of rubber, which is always accompanied by huge queues of drivers who decide to change wheels at the last moment. How to make a tire do it yourself, we will tell in this article.

do-it-yourself tire service

Signs of a broken wheel

Damage to the wheel of the car is always accompanied by signs such as:

  • Sharp decrease in speed.
  • The appearance of third-party sounds.
  • Car skids and jerks on flat sections of the track.

Breaking the wheel requires the driver to immediately stop the car on the side of the road and check the condition of the tire.When it is damaged, the following actions are taken:

  1. Exhibited first gear and parking brake. If the car is on a bias, then one wheel is insured by an emphasis — with a stone, a log, or a “shoe”.
  2. Enable alarm.
  3. Set warning signs.
  4. Start a manual tire do it yourself.

Precautionary measures

Do-it-yourself home-made tire service is mainly carried out in the garage. You can disassemble and fence the tire with the help of special tools - mounts. Often tire fitting is done with the help of chisels. Heavier tools can not be used - they can damage the rubber, the camera, the rim and tires. In addition to the usual tools, you can use a special machine for tire, self-made.

machine for DIY tire

Perform the procedure for replacing the wheel preferably at a distance from the car, because you can cause damage to the body in case of failure of the mount. The driver must also take precautions to avoid injury in the event of a spring loaded tool.

Wheel disassembly

Tire mounting their own hands begins with razbortirovki wheels.

  1. One side of the tire is removed from the wheel rim. The edge of the rubber gently poddevaetsya montage and supported by a screwdriver to avoid slipping back, and then displayed for the rim. Before starting work, it is advisable to wet the rim with soapy water - this will facilitate the process of removing rubber.
  2. At a distance of 15–20 cm, the second mount is inserted and moves to the side until the side is completely removed.
  3. Similarly, the second side of the tire is removed.
  4. Elongated rubber removed by hand.

how to make a tire do it yourself

Installing a new tire

Tire fitting is done by hand after disassembling the wheel as follows:

  1. One side of the rim starts up over the side.
  2. An assembly paddle is placed between the wheel and the tire, with the help of which part of the bead is attached to the edge of the wheel.
  3. At a distance of 10–15 cm, the next blade is inserted behind the rim of the next tire piece.
  4. The first blade is installed in the second and the whole process is done in the same way.
  5. The second bead of the tire is placed in the rim in the same way.
  6. The installed tire at the end of the work necessarily pumped up.

The use of raw rubber or a special adhesive patch allows you to repair the tire after the tire is done by hand.Manual tire changer greatly simplifies and accelerates the entire process of replacing rubber. Tires are not restored in the event that the puncture value exceeds 12 mm.

Tools for tire

do-it-yourself home tire service

Tire fitting with your own hands can be done with the help of special equipment, it is sold in auto shops. In addition, you can make the necessary machine yourself: a large number of drawings are presented on the Internet. The equipment for tire mounting is a structure equipped with two levers: one of them is equipped with a “dog” and a stopper, and the second one is fixed. Pushing the lever allows you to quickly and easily remove the rubber from the wheel rim.

Removed tires using a disc with a special gear. It is caused to rotate with a cylinder wrench, which allows you to remove the rubber thrown on the disk. To wear rubber, it is necessary to fill under the roller. The whole process of tire rarely takes more than 10 minutes.

Creating a tire kit

Such a kit consists of two parts: a device for beating the board and a tire changer. The lower frame is made of steel pipe in the shape of the letter H with dimensions of 90 x 60 cm.At a distance of 30 cm from the edge, a 2-inch diameter pipe with a length of about one and a half meters is welded at a right angle to the bridge. Weld can be strengthened with triangular kerchiefs. An old hub is put on and welded onto the pipe to mount the wheel. Its height is selected so that the wheel, placed on it, is at the level of a person’s belt. Above the balloon, the pipe should not exceed 30 cm and do not interfere with the operation. A bracket is welded at a short distance from the hub, which will fasten the bead-out device — it is made of steel sheet 4–5 mm thick, in which a bolt hole is drilled.

manual tire do-it-yourself

The photo above shows a device for beating the bead of the wheel. For its manufacture take a pipe of larger diameter, so that you can insert a long lever into it.

For the lever use a steel pipe with a length of one and a half meters, its tip is made of steel rod with a diameter of 20 mm. The length of the lever can be varied and depends on the free space in the garage and the strength of the arms. Tips for the lever are made either with the help of a grinder with a sweeper and flap wheels, or on a lathe.

Useful tips

The smaller the angle at which the tip is welded to the lever, the easier it will be to put the wheel rubber on the wheel. However, it should not be made too small. During tamping, the lever may scratch the wheel disc, so you need to find the optimal angle.

Since the ready-made machine for tire is lightweight, it must be fixed to the floor of the garage. This can be done with screws, if the floors are wooden, or anchor bolts installed in the holes and poured with concrete, if the floor in the garage is concrete.

To facilitate operation and reduce the risk of damage to rubber and discs, the tips of the lever and bead of the tire are lubricated with soapy water. For the same purpose, all the wheels before the tire carefully washed and cleaned from dirt.

do-it-yourself tire service

Adapters with studs allow you to work with wheels that differ from the native distance and the number of holes for fasteners. Such adapters can be made independently from metal one centimeter thick.

It is easy to carry out tire mounting by yourself, the main thing is to have the necessary materials and tools.

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