How to make a report: a sample. How to issue the title page of the report

In Ozhegov's "Explanatory Dictionary" the word "report" has several meanings. One of them: “a public message, a detailed presentation of a topic.” It is this value that we will use in our article. So, you are preparing a report on a topic. It can be oral or written. In any case, the report must be printed or handwritten on paper. About how to properly issue a report, create a title page, we will tell in our article.

how to make a report

Report preparation - mind training

Modern education makes new demands on students. Even elementary school students are already able to make a report today. The practice of drafting reports teaches the child to present facts, events, and thoughts on a given topic, building all this in a logical sequence. We will not consider how the personality of the student preparing the report develops, but we will try to help bring the report into a beautiful, correct form.Naturally, before you make a report, you need to write it.

how to issue the title page of the report

Report face - title page

When your report is already written on sheets or printed using a printer, it's time to take on its design. Let's start with the most important thing - from the title page. Of course, you can ask how to issue a report in school. If there are any special requirements and recommendations, then you should fulfill them.

The cover is said to be the face of the report. In part, this expression is true. Excellent content may fade if it is written in a clumsy hand and does not have the first page. The truth is the opposite: a beautiful-looking report inside turns out to be empty and empty. Therefore, the preparation must take into account everything: the content and design. On the cover it is better to use a large font. It should be a separate sheet where the information about the work is located; the text should not begin here.

How to issue the title page of the report, what information should it contain, what should be written on it? We will understand in order.

how to issue a report

Subject - main information

The student can choose the topic for the report independently or prepare the one proposed by the teacher.It must be remembered that the work must contain independent development. Of course, the topic may be well-known and studied long ago by various researchers, but it should be your personal approach! This should not be a finished work downloaded from the Internet. The student must work on his own, for this you have to figure out how to write, make and how to issue a report.

Naturally, at the first glance at any written work it should be clear what it is about. Therefore, first of all you need to put the topic of your speech. Usually it is written in the middle of the sheet. In order to understand the form of the task being performed, its name is written in one line. For example, “Report” or “Report on a topic”, and already in the second line you should indicate the full name of the topic you are studying. It must be enclosed in quotes and begin with a capital letter. It should be noted that the labels should be located in the center of the line.

Report on the topic:

"Rules for the design of creative works of students"

how to make a report sample

Where he studied, there and to the report amiss

For the student or student preparing the report, there is no question about where he is studying.But such a question may well be asked by the person who got the report. Especially if the work enters the competition, which involves reports from different educational institutions. In the practice of scientific work, it is customary to place the name of an educational institution at the top of the page. It must be given in full. If it contains abbreviations, they must be decrypted. A student who has information on how to issue a report will not write like this: Secondary school number 2 with in-depth study of mathematics. Using all the recommendations we received, the name should be presented in the following form: "Municipal general education institution" Secondary school №2 with in-depth study of mathematics in Arkhangelsk. "

As a rule, this inscription is made in large letters.

how to make a report at school

Higher education - longer name

These points will be useful for schoolchildren and students who receive specialized secondary education.

There are small differences in how to issue the title page of the report to students at the university:

  • For registration of the upper part of the title page of the university work should also use the alignment of the text in the center.
  • First of all, the work of any kind (essay, coursework, diploma or report) always contains the phrase “Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation”.
  • Below, in the second line, the name of the educational institution is given (also in its full form, without abbreviations and abbreviations), in which the author of the report studies. For example: the Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after MV Lomonosov."
  • In addition, at the top of the next line is the faculty where the student who made the report is studying.
  • And the last line in this block should designate a department, for example: “Department of transport, storage of oil, gas and oil and gas equipment”.

Bottom of the page

At the bottom of the sheet, also in the middle of the line, indicate the place of writing the report (the name of the city or another locality) and the year. Sometimes they first write a date, and then a place. It will not be a mistake.

For example, the bottom of the work in the middle of the line should be:



Author Information

So, we placed at the top of the title page the name of the educational institution, at the bottom - the date and place, in the middle - the topic of the report. Feel that something is missing? Correctly! No information about the author of the report and its leader.

Where to place this data?

According to well-established classical norms, the surname, name and patronymic of the speaker and manager are located at the bottom right between the topic of the report and the bottom of the sheet.

First, the author of the work is recorded with an indication of the class in which he is studying (along with the letter). Then data of the teacher is given. If he has a title, a degree or other regalia, they are also given. It is better to clarify their availability and correct writing before making a report.

The sample will look like this:

Work performed: Protopopova Alexandra, student of 11 "A" class

Leader: Anatoly A. Sevastyanov, Doctor of History

Making the structure of work

The question of how to issue a report includes not only filling out the cover page, but also the competent creation of the structure of work. Traditionally, after the title page is placed the work plan or its content.Then comes the main part of the report, which may have an introduction and conclusion. At the end, a list of references is compiled. The rules for its design often diverge, despite the fact that there is a special approved state standard. Schoolchildren often list the literature they used in a simplified form. The report can be equipped with applications, these are various illustrations, pictures, diagrams that help to understand the meaning. The text refers to them and references.

There is no single official document on how to formalize a report. It is not strictly regulated by the state. Therefore, different schools may have their own requirements for the design of both the title page and the report as a whole. However, those moments that we described in the article are generally applicable.

We hope our advice and recommendations will help you to correctly form a report!

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