How to make a plan "Tales of Lost Time" with your child?

The ability to work with the text is necessary for each student. To navigate the structure of the work, to logically process information teaches such a useful exercise as drawing up a plan. In reading lessons, children divide the text into semantic parts, get used to briefly formulate the main idea. Not everyone can do it right away, and then parents come to the rescue. This article will be devoted to the compilation of the plan "Tales of Lost Time" included in the school curriculum of primary classes.

tale of lost time


This work of Eugene Schwartz is studied in grade 4. Plan "Tales of Lost Time" can not be made without first getting acquainted with the content of the text. His main character is third-grader Petya Zubov. The boy was constantly late and lagged behind, according to tradition, promising to catch up with classmates later. And one day, without noticing how, he turned into an old grandfather.Even his own mother did not recognize him.

In desperation, the boy wanders into the woods and finds an empty hut. Buried in the hay, he falls asleep. In the middle of the night, his voices awake. At the table are some calculations of four strange children. Petya opens a terrible secret: before him are evil wizards who steal time from those who lose it in vain. It was they who turned the boy and three other guys into old men.

Dispel the spell will be at midnight. To do this, enchanted children must come to the hut and turn the arrows back to 77 circles. But they can not be late. Inspired, Peter goes to the city and finds friends in misfortune. On the way back, they almost got lost, but still managed by the appointed time. Children translate their walks and regain their usual appearance, and the wizards disappear.

How to make a plan "Tales of Lost Time"?

The school offers the following sequence of actions:

  • Break the text into semantic parts. Mark them in the textbook with a pencil.
  • Read the first part.
  • In one sentence, state what it says.
  • Come up with several options for the title, write the best one in the draft.
  • Do the same with the rest of the semantic parts of the work.
  • Retell the text, focusing on the plan. If this is easy to do, and the presentation logic is not broken, you can rewrite it in a notebook.

plan tales of lost time 4th grade

For weak children, the task can be simplified, but it is not recommended to do all the work for the child. Use the following techniques:

  • Themselves divide the text into parts and ask the student to come up with headlines for them.
  • Give a ready plan, let the child according to him divide the tale into pieces.
  • Tell me how many points should be in the end.
  • Suggest a plan in which the headers are confused. Let the child arrange them in the right order.

Simple plan example

To facilitate your task, we give specific examples. Below is a simple plan of "Tales of Lost Time" by Schwartz. The points are formulated in the form of final sentences and convey the main content of semantic parts.

  1. The transformation of a lazy schoolboy into an old man.
  2. House of evil wizards.
  3. A way to break the spell.
  4. Search for "old" children.
  5. The hard way to the house.
  6. Turning arrows backwards.
  7. Reincarnation in children.

Schwartz tale of lost time plan

Complicated Plan "Tales of Lost Time"

Of course, this is not the only option.You might want to make a complex plan. In this case, each semantic part is divided into additional, and points - into subparagraphs. For example:

1. A third grader becomes an old man.

a) Laziness of Petit Zubov.

b) A strange transformation in the wardrobe.

c) Mom does not recognize Petya.

2. Visiting evil wizards.

a) House in the forest.

b) Strange guys.

c) Overheard a secret.

3. Search for comrades in misfortune.

a) Marusya Pospelova and sitny with raisins.

b) Grandmother playing classes.

c) The old man riding on the "sausage" tram.

4. Victory over the wizards.

a) The search for the house.

b) Rotate the arrows back.

c) Children again.

Having made the plan "Tales of Lost Time", invite your child to retell it very briefly. Many guys do not know how to highlight the basic information in the text, and in fact this skill is necessary for them to successfully learn. If such work with the works will be carried out regularly, your children will soon learn the algorithm. And they will do their homework much faster.

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