How to make a lamp shade?

Lampshade - no less important detail of the interior than,say, curtains or carpet. A beautiful lamp shade can transform a gloomy room, making it much cozier and lighter. But finding a lamp with a suitable lamp shade in stores is not always possible, that's why we wrote a guide for you, how to make a lampshade with your own hands. You will learn from what materials you can make a lamp shade, how to make a lamp shade in various ways, and how to make a frame for it.

How to make a frame for a lamp shade?

The frame is the base of the lampshade, on whichkeep the whole design. Depending on the type of construction, the frame consists of a large and small ring or two rings of the same size, which are connected together by means of racks. To make the frame, we need a cartridge with an electric wire and aluminum wire - it's best to take a wire of two diameters: thin (about 1 mm) and thicker (about 4 mm). From the tools you will need a hacksaw for metal, nippers and pliers. Now, according to a previously made sketch, we calculate the length of the wire with a small margin. We cut off the wire with a hacksaw and close it in a ring. Now cut off the fine wire with wire cutters and tighten the junction point. In the same way we make the second ring. Having attached the rings to the desired shape and wrapping them with a thin wire, it is possible, for greater reliability, to smear the joints with the "Moment" glue.

We make racks of a skeleton and a plafond

Further from a thick wire we make lateralpillar-support. Their number and shape can be different - depending on the chosen design. Stands are fastened to the main and upper rings by bending the wire and winding the connections with a thin wire. For reliability, they can also be glued. By connecting the rings with the posts and giving the frame the desired shape, attach the cartridge. To do this, we make a wire ring, which wraps the cartridge, and fix the free ends of the upper ring according to the technology described above. Well - it remains to encase the frame with the necessary material, and our lampshade will be ready. Here there are several options - we will describe the most interesting.

How to make a lamp shade from a fabric?

It's pretty simple to manufacture, but at the same timetime, a very beautiful version of the lampshade. We begin with the manufacture of patterns, for which we wrap the frame of the lampshade with newspapers and glue them together with adhesive tape. Now, the upper part is lodged inside the lampshade and draw a pen or felt-tip pen along the top. Bottom, on the contrary, bend outward. Then we take our pattern and cut it in a line from above and from below - where we have jammed the paper. As for the required pieces of fabric, from the point of view of aesthetics, of course, it is better if the seams are smaller. The optimal variant is 4 pieces, for which we add the template in half and divide each half conditionally in half. Cut every piece you need not exactly in size, but with a few centimeters allowance - it's easy to cut off excess, but if the material is not enough, you have to cut out a new piece. After we cut out 4 pieces, we do the fitting, for which we puncture them with pins and slightly stitch them, and then we pull on the lamp shade. If everything converges, we make a stronger seam - and our lampshade is ready.

How to make a lampshade out of thread?

From the threads are obtained not only excellent largelampshades, but also very beautiful little ceiling. This is a great way to make a lamp shade. The only thing that, in addition to the materials, will be required for the manufacture of such a lampshade is a solid margin of patience. For the manufacture of a lampshade from threads we will use knitting threads (several skeins), a cartridge with a cord, PVA glue and ... an air ball. Yes, yes, it is a round balloon of any size that we will need to give the lampshade the required shape. However, the ball does not have to be round - the heart and the other shape will suit you, but at first it is most convenient to use a round ball. We inflate it and start to wind it gradually with threads: layer by layer. Over time, you can create a variety of patterns with the help of threads. Threads should be tightened, as this will depend on the strength of the structure. After winding several layers of threads around the ball, glue them with glue PVA. After the glue dries, we burst the ball and cut out the place where the end of the ball was, and from below we make a larger cutout. Now slide the cord with the cartridge into the small cutout and the lampshade is ready. Now you know how to make a lampshade - you just have to remember some safety rules. To prevent overheating of the material, do not twist the bulb with a power of more than 100 W. For small filament lampshades, the limit is 60 watts. The same applies to the fabric shades.

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