How to make a gift for the car?

You can buy a car not only throughpurchases. Quite often, cars are donated to relatives (friends, business partners). Gift on the car is made out on plain paper and certified by the signature of the owner (or on a blank, notarized by a notary).donative for a car

Under the law, transactions with cars are notare subject to mandatory notarization. The rules for registration of vehicles in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate says that when making automobile deals, contracts and other documents are accepted (that is, an ordinary gift certificate on plain paper indicating all the necessary data). However many people, nevertheless, address to notaries with such request as are afraid, that can not independently competently arrange. Of course, there is a risk of making flaws in writing the document, which may lead to its recognition as invalid (in court).

donation to the carGift for a car is usually made whentransfer of the car to relatives. To do this, first you need to remove the car with the account in the State Traffic Inspectorate. Then you need to make a gift agreement. After all the procedures, the new owner must register the car in his own name in the traffic police.

Gift for a car will allow his newowner to make any transactions with him without the participation of the main owner (sell, change registration data, insure or dispose of the car). In the general power of attorney (gift), the following data must be indicated: the validity period of the power of attorney, information about participants in the transaction, the place and time of signing the document, etc.

The gift contract consists of 2 copies inwriting. Such a contract is not subject to registration. If you have a spouse (gift spouse), the car must contain their consent for the transaction (if the car is purchased in a marriage).donativeThe donor and the gifted refer to any authorityThe State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, which registers the vehicle, with one copy of this agreement, a receipt for payment of the fee and an application. If the gift is not made for a relative, then you will have to pay a gift tax (this is 13% of the cost of the car). After that, the gifted is considered the new owner of the machine.

Gift for a car is beneficial if the partiestransactions are family members or relatives. According to the Family Code, spouses, parents, children, adopted children, adoptive parents, grandparents, grandmothers, both full-fledged and incomplete (having only a common father or mother), sisters and brothers are exempt from taxation.

Dedicated to the land (plot), as oncar, can be arranged between relatives or strangers. But you need to know that for different categories of kinship there are different taxes. If the plot is presented to a neighbor in the country, then she will have to pay a tax (this is 13% of the total value of the land plot). The contract of donation between close relatives is not taxed at all, you just have to pay the state fee. A written contract is made in a simple form and registered with the Federal Reserve.

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