How to make a fighter out of paper?

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How to make a fighter out of paper?

Homemade airplanes made of paper are manufactureddifferent ways. Using the simplest, you can arrange an entertaining match for paper fighters for children, and more sophisticated ways will help create almost model aircraft variants. In this article, read about several options for manufacturing fighter aircraft.

How to make a paper fighter

Option one: a simple

  1. Take a notebook or album sheet. Arrange it vertically and bend the upper corners exactly to the center.
  2. Repeat the procedure, once again bending the edges to the center.
  3. Now it is necessary to bend the workpiece in half vertically so that the previous folds are outside.
  4. It remains only to symmetrically bend the upper edges of the craft to make wings.

You can experiment with the shape of the wing, achieving good aerodynamic properties and plane planning.

Option two: more difficult

  1. Bend one of the corners of the A4 sheet diagonallyan imaginary square. Well iron the fold and straighten the sheet. Repeat the manipulation for the second corner on the short side of the sheet. Now bend the sheet in half vertically, and horizontally - at the intersection of all the fold lines. Straighten the sheet again. Fold the workpiece in a horizontal fold, and from the top, bend the corners of the workpiece toward the center.
  2. Turn the workpiece to the other side and bend the remaining free rectangle to the rest of the sheet (pre-hide the protruding corners of the rectangle inward).
  3. Bend one of the protruding petals to the centerand turn it over to the other side. Now you need to bend the upper half of the petal in half. Unfold the first petal and repeat the manipulation with the second one.
  4. Connect the parts of the petals along the lines nearest the center. Unscrew those parts of the craft that are made from a rectangular contour and turn the workpiece over again.
  5. It remains only to bend the corners of the tail of the aircraft. The fighter is ready.

The video details the process of manufacturing such an aircraft.

Variant the third: the plane from triangular modules

If you already know how to make triangular modules, try such a plane.fighter

You will need

  • 83 modules in the size of 1/16 sheet A4;
  • 6 modules in the size of 1/32 sheet A4;
  • The sewing pin.


  1. Put one module long side to yourself, and on its sides thread on 12 modules.
  2. Take the two modules and connect them usingthree, the second row connect the four triangles and continue the four-row stringing for six rows. Then go through two rows of three modules, then two and end with one.
  3. Continue stringing the modules on top of each other, making a tail.
  4. Bend the rectangle for the module in four layers along the long side and attach such a propeller with a pin in front of the plane.

The handicraft is ready.

To develop your skills in the art of making paper crafts, you can by reading our articles in the Origami section.

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