How to make a Christmas tree out of their own pasta

In schools and kindergartens, children are often given tasks for which they lack inspiration. Then the children turn to their parents. But it is sometimes difficult for adults to imagine how to make crafts from scrap materials. This article will discuss how to make a tree of pasta. Look for interesting inspiration ideas below.

Christmas tree of bows

how to make a tree out of pasta

How to make a tree of pasta in stages? The picture of this process is presented above. To create crafts you will need pasta-bows, acrylic paint and multi-colored beads, as well as cardboard, scissors and glue. How to make a tree out of pasta? The first step is to make the frame. We will create it from a rectangular sheet of thick paper or cardboard. Fold the sheet into a cone and cut the bottom of the figure in a circle. Fix the workpiece in this position with glue. Pour the pasta in a flat cup. Row after row we glue the bows to the base. Pasta sticking upright so that the edges of the bows looked up and down.To paste the form you need to gradually moving from bottom to top. Bows should be attached in a staggered manner with a good overlap on each other. When the tree is ready, it needs to be painted. To do this you will need acrylic paint. Dilute it with water and paint over all the elements. You can give your decorative product any shade. When the tree is dry, you can proceed to the decor. With the help of a hot gun we glue large beads.

Pasta and tinsel

pasta and tinsel

Love nontrivial decorative products? Then this master class is for you. How to make a tree out of pasta and tinsel? To create crafts you need pasta-feathers, tinsel, paint, cardboard, scissors and glue. Above you can see the whole process of work in pictures. How to make a Christmas tree with your own hands out of pasta in stages? First of all, we make a tapered frame out of paper. Armed with a pencil, we draw a spiral on the blank. Now with the help of a hot pistol, along the drawn line, we paste pasta. Attach them to the same angle of 30-45-. This stage of the work is completed by coloring the pasta. Give them a golden hue with acrylic.Apply the PVA glue on the blank and reinforce the tinsel in a spiral between the rows of pasta. It is more convenient to start this work from above and gradually go down. It remains to decorate the decorative Christmas tree. For this purpose, suitable small plastic balls and cones.

Christmas tree on the stand

tree on a stand

Not all Christmas trees are made on the basis of a paper frame. If your child is too young to trust scissors, you can advise your child to make a base from plastic glasses. For the manufacture of the frame will need one glass and another extra stand. We assort plastic capacity, separating a leg from it. Glue the legs together in narrow sections. How to make a Christmas tree from pasta on this basis? Attach a plastic cone with a wide side down to one side of the blank. And now we take pasta-bows, and as already described above, we fix them in rows, starting work from below. When the tree is ready, paint it green. If you do not have acrylic, you can toned the product in gouache, mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 with PVA glue. You can decorate the tree with plastic beads and a small garland running on batteries.

Christmas tree pendant

tree pendant

Such a product a child can give to dad, mom or any relative. A Christmas tree pendant can decorate a car or become a Christmas tree toy. It can be hung on a garland or made from such items mobile. How to make a Christmas tree with your own hands out of pasta? To create such a universal crafts you need pasta-wheels. From these blanks need to lay out a pyramid. At its base should lay the five wheels. Bind parts to each other should be using a hot gun. Each subsequent row should be reduced. In the second row there will be 4 wheels, in the third - 3 and in the last - 2. It remains to make a leg. To do this, use one long macaroni. Finished toys need to paint in green. Decorate crafts should be stars. They can be cut out of colored shiny paper or you can buy ready-made plastic blanks in the store. Be sure to glue a small rope to the top of the product.

Golden tree

golden tree

Unusual pasta can be used for the manufacture of decorative handicrafts. For example, products that look like horns, but have a wavy edge. How to make a Christmas tree out of this type of pasta? It will be much easier than in all other cases. Why? The frame for such a Christmas tree is not necessary to collect.But the pattern will have to do. Draw a circle on the paper. Put the pasta on the pencil contour. The wavy edge of the pasta should look out. Fix the base in this position. Now, in a staggered manner, glue the second and all subsequent rows. With each layer, the product should decrease in its diameter. The last macaroni needs to be attached vertically. When the tree is dry, it needs to be painted with golden spray paint. To decorate crafts need large bright beads.

Blue tree

blue tree

Such work is very similar to a fairy tree. In order to make something like this, you will need to pre-make blanks. Take the pasta shells and paint them blue. It is interesting to look at the Christmas trees, which consist of multi-colored parts. For example, you can paint blanks not in one shade, but different. For example, make a gradient from dark blue to blue. When the blanks are dry, their edge will need to be pasted over with sparkles. To do this, the edge of each macaroni should be covered with glue and then dipped in silver powder. When everything is ready, you can start creating a frame.You can make it out of cardboard, or you can make it out of plastic glasses. Both options have been described above. On the base, starting from the bottom, glue the workpiece. You need to try to glue the rows overlap with each other. Then it will give the impression of finding on each other Christmas tree branches. You can decorate the Christmas tree with shiny silver beads or asterisks. You can wrap the product with fine tinsel or glue a few strips of rain.

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