How to make a boat out of paper with your own hands?

Which of us did not do in childhood with your own hands? Every spring we launched them into streams of melt water and watched how they would sail. But not all of us today know that there are about a dozen ways to fold a boat or a boat. Let's look at the most interesting ones.

paper ship step by step instructions

A little bit about the art of origami

The Japanese art of folding paper figures appeared, probably, simultaneously with the invention of the paper itself. Masters are able to create real masterpieces without scissors and glue.

The main thing in this art - a clear and correct bend. Random error is not easy to fix. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful, even when you put a simple origami boat out of paper.paper boat do-it-yourself

This art, contrary to stereotypes, did not stop in development. And today there are masters who invent new and new schemes in order to get literally any thing they see around them. Therefore, they know exactly how to fold the boat out of paper, so that it is not only similar, but also practical in comparison with its prototype.

Passion comes from childhood

How to fold the boat out of paper? The instruction is as follows. We take a rectangular sheet of paper. We fold it in half across. At the place of bending we denote the middle. To it we bend the upper corners.

Below is a narrow strip that you need to bend to the edges of the corners. This must be done on both sides so that a peculiar pocket forms inside. Bends the corners of these stripes in the direction of our crafts so that they embrace the product.

origami paper boat

Now turn the workpiece ninety degrees in the plane of the table and fold from the sides so that we have a diamond in our hands. Free corners turn up. We leave them in this position and return the blank to the position in which we began to fold it.

And now the most interesting thing is to pull up the raised corners, and the boat unfolds. Now he is ready to conquer the expanses of small streams and large seas. So just make a boat out of paper with your own hands.

Decorating crafts

Just a white boat from a notebook sheet is not interesting to run. Therefore, it makes sense to decorate it. It is best to paint the boat out of paper. The layout of its parts looks interesting, if you do not forget to mark the waterline, anchor and lifebuoy. Do not forget about the name.Nameless ships can not go into the open waters.

At the top of the boat we attach a flag of colored paper. It can be both white and pirated. The main thing is that the name matches the whole appearance.

In order for the vessel to serve longer and not to sink, it is better to take strong paper. Ideal if it is laminated or film coated.

Always try to run a paper boat with your child. Photos of this event will be one of the best in the family album.

Paper boat

Now that we have remembered how to fold the boat out of paper, we can try to learn how to do something more interesting. To begin, let's try to figure out how to build a boat.paper ship

Take a sheet of paper and bend it horizontally. Make a bend to mark the middle. On both sides you need to bend the upper corners to the line of inflection, as well as the lower, but only on one side. We expand the upper edges outward along the longitudinal center line. We turn the resulting figure inward and straighten it in a plane. Fold back the inner corners, open the boat and align its to fold the boat out of paper

This way you can get another origami-boat from paper, which is very well kept on the water.

Do not forget to take care of its waterproofness and appearance.With such a boat, your child will definitely surprise all his friends in the yard. And he will definitely win the boyish competition at the range of the ship.

Ship inside out

You can make another interesting boat out of paper. The step-by-step instructions for folding it are as follows. Take a sheet of paper and bend it in half. Spread back, bend each half edge to the central bend. In the same direction we bend all 4 external corners at 45 degrees.

In the resulting blank by eye, we determine the middle. To the edge again we turn the corners from all four sides. We will have a pointed billet, as for a plane.

The upper and lower corners also need to bend to the center. After all these manipulations, we turn the blank inside out. The result is a ship. If there is such a need, in some places it can be corrected. But, as a rule, it is not necessary to do this under the condition that every bend is neat. Therefore, it is necessary to practice a little before making a truly perfect boat.

Paper catamaran with a sail

To make a catamaran-ship out of paper with your own hands, you will have to show dexterity.In this scheme, it is very important to make exact lines of bends along which the finished product will be subsequently assembled.

Getting started with a square piece of paper. We fold it diagonally on each side, iron the lines of the bends and unfold it to its original position. We turn over the paper and fold it in half on each side. Straighten. Turn over again.

Now we take every corner and fold them to the center. Returning to the starting position again.

Right and left sides of the sheet bend to the center line. Then we perform the same operation with the upper and lower edges. From the middle of the resulting square, gently pull the corners out and turn over the workpiece.

On the diagonal of the central square we fold the resulting structure. We will have an angular structure with ends sticking in different directions. We fold one of the short corners upwards, as a result we get a stable catamaran with a sail.

Other varieties

We have disassembled how the ship is made of paper, the scheme of which is clear and simple even for those who have never heard anything about origami. In fact, there are several similar models.dozens.

paper craft

Origists from one large sheet of paper can fold real multi-level sailboats with masts and sails. If we talk about modular models, where several sheets are used, which are fastened together with special locks and fasteners, then it is simply impossible to believe that all these masterpieces are made without a single drop of glue.

People can make ships, sailboats, boats, galleys, submarines, canoes and other types of water transport that exist or existed on the planet.

If you set a goal, you can become a master of folding paper boats. And then there is not enough life to collect in his collection absolutely all the schemes ever created on Earth. In addition, new and new models appear periodically. Thus, an ordinary paper boat can be a matter of life.

Symbolic meaning and application of crafts

The popularity of paper boats is so great that they have found a certain symbolism. This light and fragile paper object symbolizes naive hopes, the desire to conquer the unknown gave, but most often it does not mention what difficulties await the beginner on a new path.Any wind or high wave can sink a boat out of paper. Doing yourself is not so easy to build fate.paper boat

In addition to the game, paper boats are used as decoration on thematic sea parties. They can be hung from the ceiling or eaves, imitating free swimming.

Sometimes paper boats are used to express grief about people who have passed untimely. Such promotions are held around the world. Launching the boat, people pay tribute to those who died. Some psychological centers deliberately carry out such actions to help people who have lost loved ones cope with their grief.

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