How to learn to play chess: tips for beginners

One of the most ancient games on the planet, the fun of kings and nobles. The application tool, which allowed to win in battles of many thousands of armies long before Chapaev picked up potatoes. Get ready, an excursion to the magical world of shapes and cells begins.

How are chess useful?

Dear readers, are there any friends among your friends whose children are not distinguished by their calm and perseverance. Perhaps they have bad grades in school, attention deficit. Yes, and many adults are not always able to boast the ability to concentrate. At the same time, it would not hurt to develop observation and sharpen logical thinking.

Tell me, would anyone want to improve these figures? You ask: how? The answer is simple - chess! Anyone can learn to play well. Not to say that it is easy, but the improvement of thinking you provided!

This is such an amazing game that even a monument was erected in Medford (Oregon).By the way, the second chair is empty, maybe you should join?
how to learn to play chess

Where to learn to play chess

Today, in the age of the Internet and high technology, this is no problem at all. But we will come back to this. Let's start with a more real and mundane. Take a walk on a weekend in the parks of your city in warm weather. Surely you will find some battles on the benches. Feel free to come up and ask, experts will certainly tell you where the section or circle of chess fans.

What to do if rain, snow, slush? Take a look at the city portal, ask questions on the forums. In Soviet times, it was quite a popular sport (yes, by the way), and you will definitely find an echo of it not far from home.

Well, if not destiny, as they say, the network will come to the rescue with all the power of the virtual world. Here you will find everything! Even how to learn to play chess in 30 minutes. Electronic and paper books, free of charge and on request, training videos and recordings of international tournaments. Everything is at your disposal!

The main desire, and to find a source of knowledge in our time is very easy. Some kind of initial textbook can be our article.

Arrangement of figures

where to learn to play chess

So, the textbook is selected, lectures are listened, the theory is learned. It's time to start practicing. The board consists of 64 cells. Square with a side in 8 fields. Horizontal letters are usually written in Latin letters from A to H, and vertically - numbers from 1 to 8. Each cell has its own address, for example, B6 or C4. This makes it easier to fix the batch. Professional players record every move, their own and the opponent. These guys know exactly how to learn to play chess.

On the second and seventh horizontal pawns are black and white, respectively. The figures put up on the first and eighth. In the corners at the beginning of the game are placed the rooks, on the verticals B and G - the horses. Next, on C and F, there are elephants, and in the center is the king and queen (sometimes called the queen, although initially it is the vizier). The main rule of the arrangement is that the queen loves her color. Thus, white is on D1, and black is on D8.

The game usually begins with a pawn. The famous E2-E4. Less often the first horse. The right start is always white.

Now let's see what kind of opportunity figures have. Without this, it is impossible to learn how to play chess quickly.

Who walks like

So, infantry, she is, of course, the queen of the fields, but painfully slow. While they are being built, they will relocate and dig in. This is then - hurray! And into battle.

Here is exactly the same.The pawn moves only forward and only on one field. The exception is the beginning of the movement. You can jump and immediately be on the 4th and 5th horizontal, respectively. It attacks only diagonally. If it reaches the opposite end of the board, it turns into any figure, except the king. Here is a hidden potential.

In general, in capable hands and with a trained eye, pawns, you can do a lot!

learn to play chess fast

The king moves in a similar way. He is a royal person, he is not in a hurry. Therefore, only one cell, gentlemen, however, in any direction. The exception is long castling, but more on that later.

How to learn to play chess, if you do not know that the horse always goes with the letter "G"? Toddlers are usually taught proverb - “hopping, hopping and in the side,” that is, 2 fields straight and one to the side. Look at the picture, on it the cavalry is depicted below.
chess learn to play well
The next figure is the rook. This is the chariot. It is very powerful, heavy, so it rushes only in a straight line, although it can be very far away. Move it freely horizontally and vertically in any direction. In the picture it is shown on the right.

The strongest hero of this strategy is the queen. Advisor, Vizier, gray cardinal.In his hands all the power in the state. Therefore, the powers of the highest. He calmly walks in any direction on an unlimited number of cells. Look at the drawing, higher on the page. The crown on it denotes the queen.

The elephant, he is an officer, rather extravagant character. He can only move diagonally, and only the color on which he stood at the beginning of the game. It is comparable in strength with a horse, but a little faster in terms of reaction. While he jumps in zigzags, the elephant is already finished.
how to learn to play chess in 30 minutes

Game theory

Are you still asking how to learn to play chess? Do not hurry. After the base is mastered, we proceed to a deeper knowledge. Without them, you are guaranteed to fail in this field.

And there is a lot of theory, all the more so because it will have to be worked through in practice. There are few sections, but the accumulated information is a sea!

So, there is a division of the party into three parts. Debut - the beginning, middlegame - middle and endgame - end. Each of them is studied separately, and afterwards they try to play a familiar situation in the game.

The second section is how the figures interact. From simple (attack, support, restriction, overlap) to complex tactical and virtuoso strategic plots. The latter begin in the opening, and can only be understood in the endgame.

Briefly about the composition

The last thing that should be voiced today is, of course, art. Want to learn how to learn to play chess and at the same time become an artist? Unrelated areas?
By no means! This is where discipline such as composition comes to the rescue.

It was created auxiliary for learning. Extracts of the games were analyzed, the decisions of the masters were analyzed. Subsequently, it grew into an independent industry. Today it is a type of activity designed to develop observation, combinatorics and logical thinking.

Love puzzles, and develop only with sudoku? That you are not familiar with the chess composition! Solve a couple of etudes, and see if it becomes your favorite way to escape from the routine ...

Good luck, dear readers!

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