How to increase RAM? Sequence of actions, advice

Every user who wants to "pump"your computer, first of all you need to know how to increase RAM. It is not difficult to do this, however, there are nuances that must be taken into account. Let's try to figure it out.

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Type of RAM

There are different types of RAM: SIMM, DIMM, DDR-1, DDR-2, DDR-3. All these are obsolete types that are installed on older computers. Some more or less modern systems can still have DDR3 RAM slots, but modern and new computers are necessarily equipped with DDR4 memory. However, this technology comes from 2014, and the introduction of "RAM" DDR5 began around 2016 (this information was made public at the Intel Forum).

So, before we increase the RAM, we need to know which type is used in the computer. But that is not all.

What do I need to know?

In addition to the type of "RAM", it is also necessary to determine:

  1. The amount of memory that can be installed on the motherboard at all. For example, if the board supports 8 GB of RAM, then there is no point in installing 12 or 16 GB of memory.
  2. Find out how much memory is already in the system.
  3. Find the required operating frequency of RAM.

Defining parameters

Let's start with the simplest. Before you increase the RAM, you need to know the amount that is in the system at the moment. You can see this in the properties of the computer. Click the right mouse button on "My Computer" - "Properties". There will be specified the amount of RAM that is in the system at the moment. But this is not all the information that we need.

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In order to obtain complete information about RAM,you need to download and install the program Speccy, which is available for free on the network. After installation, run it, and in the "RAM" section you will see all the necessary information: frequency, volume, type, number of available and occupied slots.

Working with data

One of the most important parameters is the typememory. If this is DDR3, then only the memory of the same type should be installed. Plugs DDR2 or DDR4 do not physically fit into the connectors. As for the frequency of memory, it is desirable to select a frequency that would correspond to the frequency of the motherboard. There is no point in buying expensive high-frequency memory, beyond which the motherboard "does not have time".

The current volume is also important. It happens that on the motherboard all the connectors for new slots are occupied. What to do in this case and how to increase RAM? It all depends on the specific situation. If there are loose connectors for new slots, then there should not be any problems at all. Just buy the same memory with the same frequency and add it to the system.

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Memory slots of different volume

If there are only 2 connectors on the motherboard,each of which is installed on 4 GB of memory, then one memory slot can be removed and someone can give or sell. Instead, you need to install a bar size, for example, 8 GB. The result is 12 GB of memory. Some users believe that the work of two slots with different amounts of memory is bad for performance, but in fact it is not. The main thing is that the working frequencies of the RAM coincide. But even if the frequencies do not coincide, then both bars will work at a lower frequency of the two.

As for the slots of different sizes, at the moment the memory controllers are flexible enough and without any problems ensure their stable operation.

The process of installing memory slots

Before you increase the RAM, the computer must beunplug from the wall outlet. Now unscrew the cover of the case and see before you the motherboard - directly to it are fastened memory slots. These are flat green circuit boards with microcircuits. However, modern models can have special radiator casings for heat dissipation, so the color can be any.

Pay attention to the availability of additionalconnectors for connecting new slots. If they are nearby, then the old memory does not need to be removed, you can leave it as it is. But the new slots should be used, and if the motherboard is able to recognize a large amount of RAM, you can add 1-2 slats. To do this, you need to put the straps in such a way that the hole on the memory itself exactly matches the notch in the socket. This is a special protection that does not allow the user to insert the slot incorrectly. Simply insert the slot correctly and press it until the side locks snap into place. If the memory is not properly installed, the system may not recognize it.

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Unfortunately, many motherboards haveonly two slots for RAM. Therefore, before you increase RAM, you have to buy more capacious slats and replace them with old ones. The latter will have to be thrown out or sold. Unfortunately, there is no way to use three or four slots with the available two slots on the motherboard. As an option, you can advise to change the motherboard with a lot of connectors, but it's too radical. This is also one of the options how to increase RAM on the computer.


Before you increase RAM memory, you need tothink, but it is rational to do it at all. If the system uses an old and weak CPU, an integrated graphics card, then one or two gigabytes of RAM will be more than enough. Even if you increase the amount of RAM on a weak computer, you will not be able to see an increase in performance. After all, a large resource of new memory will not be trivial to use because of limited processor performance.

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