How to have a baby: recommendations

Should I have children? Every woman asks herself this question. Also about half of the men are interested in this. What do experts say about this? Can I have children and how to do it right? This is what will be discussed further.

how to have a baby

Why have children?

Why does a person reproduce his own kind? Everyone has their own goal. Some couples want to have a big and friendly family. Others seek only to create the appearance of well-being. Still others give birth to large offspring for the sake of profit and receiving various subsidies. Whatever the purpose of the people, you need to know how to have a baby. Recommendations and tips will be presented to your attention.

At what age is it better to have children?

Is there a certain age that is most suitable for the birth of a child? Currently, people do not give birth to offspring for a long time. It has become fashionable to start children aged 30-40 years. However, doctors say that it is quite late. For a man there is no certain age limits.Women after 30 years are already considered to be aging.

The most suitable age for pregnancy and childbirth in a woman is a period from 20 to 30 years. Before 18 and after 40 there is a high probability of having a child with pathologies.

how many children to have

Create a model family

How to have a baby to be happy? The baby first needs a strong and friendly family. Be sure to create such a condition. Live with a partner in love and support each other in difficult situations. It is necessary to have a child after 3-4 years of living together.

Many psychologists worry that young families give birth to children immediately after marriage registration. After all, this leads to the fact that the first slightest difficulties simply destroy the family. In recent years, it is increasingly possible to meet children who have grown up without one parent. This only puts the minds of the little ones in such a way that they consider such a coincidence to be the norm.

Remember the responsibility

How many kids do you have? Everyone decides for himself. However, you should always remember about your responsibility. Before you have a child, think about whether you can give the crumbs everything he needs? This is primarily about attention and love.Every baby needs maternal affection and fatherly support. After that, you should calculate your finances for the coming years. Of course, there are unforeseen circumstances. However, you should at least approximately represent how much you have to spend on the baby. It is also worth considering the fact that a woman will have to leave her favorite job and go on maternity leave.

is it worth to have children

Check your health and get a doctor's recommendation.

Before you have a child, you must be examined. This will help you avoid problems during and after the birth of the baby. Among the mandatory tests should be the diagnosis of infections that are transmitted sexually, the study of blood and urine. You also need to perform an ultrasound examination of the genitals. A man should pass a spermogram and visit an andrologist. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe a treatment that needs to be given before you have a child.

Revise your lifestyle

If you are going to have a child in the near future, then you should pay attention to what surrounds you. To begin, review the food.Refuse fast food and alcoholic beverages. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits. If you want to give birth to a boy or a girl, then you can follow a certain diet.

It is also worth keeping an active lifestyle. Try to abandon the usual car and walk to work on foot. Light gymnastics will contribute to the improvement of blood circulation in the pelvis. If you are going to become a mother, then start practicing yoga for pregnant women. This approach will allow you to maximally prepare the body for the upcoming responsible process and not to gain extra pounds while carrying a baby. You can sign up for courses for young parents. There, experts will acquaint you with the basic techniques for caring for your baby.

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Learn about ovulation and the process of fertilization.

How to have a baby? It is necessary to know the theoretical data on conception. Man fertile since puberty and throughout life. The female body undergoes regular cyclical changes. Pregnancy can occur only on certain days - a week before and two days after ovulation.You can track this process in several ways. The most popular of them - the measurement of body temperature in the rectum, ultrasound, the use of test strips.

Sexual contacts that occurred during the period of ovulation lead to pregnancy. Learn about the work of your body and try to get into the right periods with your partner.

is it possible to have children

Psychological attitude: distract from conception

If you haven't got a child for several months, do not panic. Normally, pregnancy occurs within half a year in half of couples. The rest will learn the good news only after a year of active planning.

Try to let go of the situation and get distracted. Most women have psychological infertility. In other words, they are simply fixated on their problem. That is why they can not conceive a child. It is worth saying that a large number of infertile couples learn about their new situation after a long rest. Doctors recommend going on vacation and forget about all the problems for a while. Most likely, it is at this moment that you will succeed in getting what you want.

how to get children


You now know how to have a baby.Remember that your baby should have everything. Children should not need elementary, vital things. Before you conceive a crumb, think a few times. After all, one of the five kids in the modern world is becoming a refusal. Such children are brought up by the state and do not even have the opportunity to talk with their parents. Love your children from the very moment of conception.

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