How to give money?

Many people borrow money from their friends,friends and relatives. Some prefer to take money only as a loan or carry out so-called microloans. But in this article, it will be precisely about those cases when a person takes money from his relatives or friends. Consider each case separately and answer the question of how to give money in a specific situation.

How to return money to friends?

First of all, let us denote that under the familiarmeans a person you know a certain period of time and see him irregularly. Such a person can borrow money, but remember that they should be returned at the appointed time. You must provide all possible circumstances and return the full amount in person or transfer it to the person in the account.

Why it is necessary to give money personally? The matter is that if it is a question of acquaintances, it is not necessary to involve someone else. Both psychologists and large representatives of the business world do not recommend resorting to mediators. After all, this can lead to negative consequences. Unless the intermediary is a person close to you, and you can trust him to the fullest.

How to return money to friends?

To borrow money from a friend is not a problem for many. But how to give money is a more complex issue. Of course, everything depends on the concrete person, but in the general case it should be so:

  1. In advance, agree on when, how and in what form you will give money. If it is a question of good friends and a small amount, then you can return it in the form of any gift.
  2. If you take a fairly large amount of loans,agree to return it in part, but on the terms of a friend. For example, first you return 50% of the amount, then two times the remaining part. Do not hesitate to make your suggestions, but do not insist on them - this can lead to conflict.
  3. If there are serious problems that can cause the impossibility of refunding the amount at the appointed time, it is better to inform in advance.
  4. In the event that you agreed to return tothe appointed day the whole amount at once, but for some reason you can give only a part, also notify the friend in advance and arrange when you return the rest of the amount. And as a compensation for the inconvenience, you can offer a small gift.

How to return money to relatives and friends?

Again, it is worth considering in what ways yoube with this or that relative, be it your parents or brothers and sisters. In the general case (an example of very good relations in the family is considered), you can borrow a certain amount and return it after the appointed time, or even not agree on the period of return. If the amount for your relatives and loved ones is not large, you can return it in the form of any presentation, not necessarily equivalent to the borrowed amount.

If you borrow money from relativesregularly, then follow the proverb: "The debt is paid in red." And we are talking about the return of money and in the amount in which you took them into loans. Otherwise, you can spoil relations with your family.

Conclusion and conclusion

We examined how to properly give money tospecific cases and we can conclude that it is better to give the borrowed amount on time and at once as a whole. However, in cases where it is problematic or simply impossible, the main thing to remember is that you need to notify your borrower about this in advance and do not forget about compensation as an apology. Exceptions can be very close friends or relatives.

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