How to get to school in Germany?

The German educational system has long established itself as one of the best in Europe, so many people dream of going to school in Germany. After all, obtaining secondary education is an important stage in the life of every person, on which his further development and success in life will largely depend. That is why parents pay such attention to the choice of school.

German education system

to school in Germany

Getting to school in Germany today is not easy, but the level of education is worth it. It should be noted that the system itself has evolved over several centuries and is associated in all with the traditional German quality. For this reason, many foreigners, including those from Russia, dream of studying in German schools, colleges and universities.

At the same time, training for both Germans and representatives of other states in most German lands is free.

Duration of study

historical school of GermanyGerman children have been attending school in Germany for 13 years. So much time to get a secondary education no longer spends in Europe. At the same time, the system differs significantly from the Russian one.The certificate of graduation in our country 11 classes corresponds to the 10th class in Germany. To get a secondary education, in the German school will have to study for another three years.

But if you plan to enroll in a German university in the future, then a certificate of secondary education in this country will play into your hands.

Pros of German education

German schools in GermanyGerman schools in Germany have a number of significant advantages. One of the main ones is the immersion of a child at a fairly early age in a different language and cultural environment. This will help him to quickly adapt and systematically develop.

Also, after receiving a German certificate of secondary education, the graduate will be able to enroll in German universities, even in prestigious specialties, which are usually closed to foreigners. Among these areas - medicine and law.

Also, the sooner you get into the educational system of Germany, the more chances you will have to subsequently get a qualified and well-paid job.

The child goes to school in Germany at the age of 6.

Education system

Germany child school

German schools are divided into public, private and corporate (these include educational institutions, which, for example, are funded by the church).

In most lands, the initial level of study takes 4 years, only in Berlin and Brandenburg - 6 years. Primary school in Germany is necessary for the child to master reading, writing, counting, basic nature studies and God's law. Items related to religion are compulsory in most educational institutions.

Schoolchildren receive a certificate of secondary education by completing a basic or real school or gymnasium. There is also such a thing as a general school, which combines all three types.

For foreigners, the most preferred option is training in the gymnasium.

German High School

german school lesson

In a gymnasium, they study for 9 years, from the 5th to the 13th grades. Here you can get an education in three main areas: humanitarian, social and technical. At the same time, students learn at least two languages.

In high schools the historical school of Germany is very much appreciated. Graduates in it receive basic knowledge sufficient for successful admission to the most prestigious universities of the country.

In the last three years of schooling specializations are introduced. Pupils together with teachers define core disciplines for themselves and devote a large number of hours per week to their study.

The last year in high school, by and large, is devoted to preparing for university entrance. The most important criterion in determining a university is the average score that you will receive in your high school diploma. The higher it is, the more chances to enter a prestigious direction in a known university.

For a foreign student, receiving secondary education in a German gymnasium is the surest way to enter the university in the future. Becoming a student of a German university with a Russian certificate is much more difficult.

Many schoolchildren today are interested in which schools in Germany are ready to accept foreign students. Today there are about two thousand. You can find them in any federal state. However, they differ in pedagogical concepts. But they all share one thing - a high level of teaching, such schools are designed for representatives of the elite part of society.

Training program

elementary school in germany

Also very common economic school in Germany. To successfully learn in it, every child requires considerable diligence, self-discipline and high personal responsibility for their actions and preparation for practical and theoretical studies.

In order to stimulate students to self-study, the curriculum provides a large number of tasks that must be performed individually. In this case, only the student is responsible for the final result.

Collective work in small groups and brainstorming are also common in German schools, but the level of personal responsibility still remains quite high. German schoolchildren from the first classes are taught to plan their own lives, to set specific goals and objectives for the foreseeable future.

The rating system of knowledge assessment also serves to encourage a child to learn. It is used in almost all German schools. Schools in Germany, a lesson in which lasts from 45 to 90 minutes, do everything so that students can periodically assess their academic success. To do this, various tests are regularly conducted, and the student monitors the points that are accumulated on his account.

Requirements for students

economic school of Germany

To become a student of the German school, you must fulfill a number of mandatory requirements. They have been using Germany for many years.A child whose school assumes responsibility for its education and safety must have sufficient knowledge of German. This is necessary in order to adapt to the learning environment. According to the international classification, a sufficient level of knowledge of German is B1 or B2.

Also in his homeland, in particular in the Russian school, his academic performance should be above average. When enrolling in school in Germany, the method of calculating the average score is used. To expect to be enrolled in a German gymnasium, you must have an average grade of at least 4.5 points.

When enrolling in a gymnasium, not only the level of knowledge is checked, but also the physical and psychological preparedness of the student. After all, he will have a large amount of time to live and study away from home, relatives, friends and the usual social environment. We will have to adapt among new people, with other ideas about life, rather than exist in Russia.

In this case, the student must show a sincere interest in the culture and history of the German people. This is also checked at the entrance exams to the gymnasium. Here it is not so much the level of existing knowledge that is estimated, but the inquisitiveness of the mind and the desire to learn new and interesting things about a new country.

On psychological tests that students pass when they enter the gymnasium, attention is paid to their tolerance, interpersonal skills, ability to build relationships with new people and flexibility.

Enrollment system

The system of enrollment in German grammar schools, as in other schools, differs significantly from the Russian one. Three factors are evaluated - the child’s age, his individual mental abilities, as well as the level of education he received earlier.

The procedure itself varies depending on the choice of a particular school. For example, in some of them only documents confirming the student’s preparation will be required of you, while in others you will not be able to do without introductory interviews and personal conversations with the leadership of the educational institution.

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