How to feed a newborn kitten? Care for newborn kittens

Unfortunately, in life there are situations where tiny, helpless creatures - newborn kittens - are left without a mother. The reasons for this may be many. The death of a cat during childbirth or the refusal of the mother to feed their babies condemn them to certain death. It happens to many of them, but a part of these poor babies survive thanks to kind and cordial to feed a newborn kitten

I would just like to say that feeding a newborn kitten will require a certain skill from the person who decided to take this step, and certain knowledge.

How to get out a newborn kitten

If you find yourself in a similar situation, and a helpless baby is on your hands, you are naturally interested in all the details of caring for this baby.

First of all, try to find a feeding cat - this will make your task easier by 80%. True, in this decision are hidden "pitfalls".For example, if the “stepmother” is sick, she can infect a kitten. The same can happen if a kitten is unhealthy. Another situation - the cat refuses to accept someone else's kitten. Or her older children simply will not let the baby eat.

If you do not succeed in finding a “breadwinner” for the baby, you will have to feed the kitten yourself.

We are building a "nest"

Cat's body temperature is 38 degrees. The place where you settle the baby should not only be soft and comfortable, but also very warm, and the temperature in it should be constant. It is better to use a basin for the nest, as the cardboard box quickly absorbs odors. You will need a soft, preferably natural fabric, heating pad, thermostat or heater. Of course, a special incubator will not hurt. But it depends on your financial capabilities. If you are using a heating pad, you should not place it directly in the socket, place it nearby, as the baby may overheat.feeding a newborn kitten

In the first week, the temperature should be no lower than thirty-two degrees, then it can be reduced to thirty. But after two weeks it should not fall below +24 degrees.

The nest should be covered slightly, but leave openings for fresh air, which is necessary for the baby. Try to provide him with peace, do not take him in your hands unless absolutely necessary. If there are children in the house, explain to them that it is impossible to disturb such a small, still very weak kitten.

Newborn kitten from one to three weeks

This is the most difficult period in the life of the baby and his savior. How to feed a newborn kitten at such a "young" age? The task is not simple. Feed the baby should be every two hours, not only during the day, but at night. During this period, the most suitable milk mixture. Capacity for it can be the smallest syringe or a disposable syringe from which the needle was previously removed. The second method is preferable because it allows you to control the amount of the mixture eaten. However, the best option are feeding bottles with a nipple. They are sold in a veterinary pharmacy. After each feeding, the bottle should be washed and for newborn kittens

What to feed the baby

Kittens do not digest cow's milk. For feeding it is better to use dairy baby formula.You can buy a special mixture in a veterinary pharmacy, but it is not so cheap. For example, the cost of the well-known cat milk substitute BERHAR Kitty-Vilk (Holland) is 400 rubles per pack of 200 grams. The price of a similar product from Royal Canin - 790 rubles for 300 g.

The mixture, in its composition close to the cat's milk, can be prepared independently. We offer you several such compositions.

Mixture number 1

Half a liter of concentrated milk, 4 teaspoons of sugar, 1 egg yolk.

Mixture number 2

Whole milk - 50 mg, boiled milk - 50 mg, 1/2 raw yolk, 1 tsp. corn oil.

Mixture number 3

Whole milk - 50 g, 2.5 g dry yeast, powdered milk 15 g.

Mixture number 4

6% milk - 1 cup, raw egg - 1 pc., Honey - 1 tsp.

The stock of the mixture is prepared at the rate of one day, it must be stored in the refrigerator. Before feeding, the product is heated to 38 degrees.newborn kitten care

How to feed a newborn kitten

For this baby, you need to pick up, very carefully insert the nipple into his mouth and hold the bottle at a slight angle. From time to time it should be shaken so that the kitten begins to actively suck it. To limit the kitten's food is not worth it - it is impossible to overfeed him. As soon as the baby is satisfied, he refuses to eat.After feeding, wipe his face with a napkin soaked in warm water.

Quite often, the owners of newborn kittens ask: "Can I take them in my arms?" It is advisable to touch babies who live under the supervision of their mother cats in the first week as little as possible so as not to irritate an adult animal. It is allowed from time to time to take babies in their arms starting from the second week. This should be done so that the kittens adapt more easily, get used to the to feed a newborn kitten

Newborn kittens are prone to injury, so you need to handle them very carefully and carefully.

Weight gain

On average, a kitten weighs from 75 to 125 grams at birth, by the ninth day the weight should double. By the fifth week, the kitten reaches 450 g, and by the tenth week - about 900 g. For the first two weeks it is advisable to weigh the babies daily. From the fourth week this procedure should be carried out once every three days. What is it done for? Regular weight gain is a sure indicator of the normal development of an animal. If the kitten does not gain weight, it should be urgently examined.

We do massage

It is very important to know how to feed a newborn kitten. But not only this is the care of the baby.What else is required for the normal development of the animal? Small kittens need a massage after each feeding. To do this, you need to massage his tummy with a hand or a rough cloth What is it done for? This procedure mimics the licking of the baby mother-cat. It is necessary for the normal functioning of the intestines.

Watching the development of a kitten

Caring for newborn kittens is not only proper and timely feeding. It is equally important to monitor their development. Every day your pet gains weight, begins to be interested in the world around him, his physical activity increases significantly. If you do not notice such changes, then the baby should be shown to the vet. The specialist will determine whether he is healthy. Quite often, malnutrition becomes the cause of developmental delays.fleas in newborn kittens

Determine the sex of your "pupil"

For many people, this is a big problem. Therefore, kittens are often given the wrong names, mixing up the floor of the baby. In fact, this is not so difficult. How to determine the sex of newborn kittens? To do this, you must look to him (the kitten) under the tail. You will see two holes.Closer to the tail is the anus, below - the urogenital opening. In girls, this is a vertical slit located close to the anus; in a boy, there are two swellings (testicles) located approximately an inch from the anus. Below them is the hole of the foreskin.

The kitten has fleas ...

Carefully ensure that there are no fleas on the cat. It is advisable to treat the future mother with special preparations before delivery. Outdoor parasites are very dangerous for babies. They can cause anemia and general weakness. Today, there are drugs for getting rid of fleas, many of which are effective against lice and ear mites. Most of these products can be used from the age of 8 weeks. If there are fleas in newborn kittens, you can use the spray "Fipronil". It is licensed for animals from 2 days of age.little kittens

The smallest kittens can be treated with cotton balls: spray them with a spray and wipe the kitten's entire body.

Newborn "British"

These charming creatures cause affection for all who had to see them. Newborn british kittens are also helpless, as are their brethren of other breeds, but they differ in larger sizes.Their weight reaches 115 g, and the length is 14 cm. Compared to other newborn babies, they look sturdy. Like all kittens born, they are blind and deaf, but have a well-developed sense of smell and touch. Already on the fourth day, they independently search for the mother's nipple and try to stimulate the flow of milk with their small legs.

Little kittens are British blue-eyed, later their color changes. In the first week, the kittens are rapidly gaining weight, by the end of this period it doubles. At the same time, they open their eyes. By the end of the first month, the little ones are already confidently moving, they can sit, they start playing funny with their brothers and sisters.

The newborn "Briton" does not eat anything except mother's milk, so if for some reason he loses it, the owner very specifically arises the question of how to feed a newborn kitten. Here come to the aid of a mixture that can replace cat's milk, which we talked about earlier.

newborn british kittens

Regardless of whether the cat cares for the baby, or whether you care for it yourself, from three weeks of age you can begin to lure it.How to feed a newborn kitten if it continues to receive breast milk?

Starting the bait should be half a spoonful of cat milk. After three days, a small amount of meat or fish can be added to dairy foods. These products should be boiled and ground into minced meat. It is necessary to feed a kitten 4 times a day, regardless of how much he gets mother's milk. By 6 weeks of age, the amount of extra food should be 4 teaspoons per feeding.

Newborn "Scots"

Scottish cats are great moms. They are very caring and affectionate. Newborn Scottish kittens are not too cute - thin legs, flat head, ears can not be seen. But on the second day, their head is rounded, and they become quite presentable. For 3-5 days they have ears up. From this point on, newborn lop-eared kittens start to hear. Now they respond to the calls of the mother. “Foldness” during this period is not yet determined, it will appear on day 15. On day 10, the kids will open their eyes. Sometimes they are watery and inflamed. If this happens, wipe the eyes with a cotton swab dipped in tea leaves.

Kittens can hardly move, their weak legs are moving apart.As soon as they crawl away from the mother, they begin to squeak plaintively. What is the care for newborn Scottish kittens? Domestic cats, accustomed to the cares of their owners, sometimes “ask” themselves to help them in caring for babies.

Newborn kittens are quarreling because of the nipple of the mother, even trying to fight their weak legs, which grow very sharp claws. Sometimes they hurt each other. If this happens, treat the abrasions with green paint. The newborn kitten, which care is troublesome, grows and develops very quickly. Watch this process carefully to avoid any deviations.

When the baby is 2 weeks old, put two or three small balls in the nest. At the beginning, the kitten will not pay attention to them, but after a while it will start playing with to determine the sex of newborn kittens

When the kitten is a month old, he will be able to digest meat. First you need to choose its diet varieties.

Roll a ball of boiled meat, no larger than a pea in size, then put it in the kitten's mouth. If the baby likes this food, gradually add chicken meat or boiled fish with rice broth to its menu.But do not forget that a newborn kitten can not live without dairy products. He can be given low-fat cottage cheese.

Do kittens need a tray

Yes I need it. As it turned out, kittens from an early age are very clever. They are quite easy to learn to use the tray even before they leave the mother. After 10 days, when the kittens have eyes open, they begin to move quite actively around the nest. If their mother takes care of them, then she herself will push them to the tray, which by then should stand near the cat's dwelling. Mom will explain to her fools what he is meant for. Do not panic if the kittens want to try a little filler. This will help to enrich the intestinal flora with the necessary bacteria. Naturally, this can not be abused.

If the kitten is sick

It is not uncommon for a sick or very weak kitten to be born. How to feed a newborn kitten, if he is very weak or has any violations? To get out of such a little one, one should very carefully observe his condition, noting his slightest changes. What should you guard in a kitten, which is different in behavior from their fellows?

If after 17 days the kitten does not open eyes, it must be attributed to the veterinarian. He will correct the situation with the help of a simple operation.

Pay attention to the state of the sky baby. There is a congenital defect, which is called the cleft of the sky. This is easily noticed by the milk that seeps through the nostrils when the animal eats. I must say that, unfortunately, such kittens are doomed, since they can not eat food normally.

Sometimes kittens are born with paralysis of the back of the body, caused by muscle degeneration. Finding one of these symptoms, immediately show it to a specialist.newborn scottish kittens

Good habits - from the first days of life

All owners, in whose homes newborn kittens have appeared (you can see the photo in our article) need to know that from the first weeks of their life babies should accustom babies to the tray, to washing and combing, to scratching, to a variety of foods.

Combing and washing

Some cat owners start combing and washing them only when they become adult animals. In this case, the owners are very surprised that their pet is so fiercely resisting. And the thing is that your pet perceives these manipulations as violence against him.To make these procedures familiar for the cat, though not the most beloved and enjoyable, teach them to hygienic procedures from an early age.

Regardless of whether the kitten has a mother or not, the owner will have to wash the baby. This does not mean a full bath, with shampoo and balm. It is enough to wipe his fur with a damp cloth.

Does a cat need a street

We will not be cunning. The animal, surrounded by the love and care of its owners, becomes absolutely happy when it has the opportunity to walk on the street. In the countryside or in a country house with this problem. In the city such walks are more difficult to organize.

If you plan to release your pet in the future, start preparing a kitten for this from an early age. First, bring it to the landing - it should get used to the new territory. But do not hurry to show the street to the kid. He must learn to navigate in the stairwell, so that after that he can easily return to the apartment.

Then carry the kitten in your arms outside, take a walk with him around the yard. This is necessary so that the baby is not afraid of the streets, new sounds and smells.

If you want to walk your pet on a leash, accustom him to this from early childhood.

Education or nature?

A person who takes responsibility for the life of an orphaned kitten must be prepared for the fact that the unfortunate cub may die. Do not kill yourself about this, perhaps it is not your fault. Do not be worth attributing to yourself and success, if your kitten grows well and develops. And in this case, the main role could play nature. Many experts are confident that the kittens that the man raised are becoming more trusting than their brethren raised by their mother cat. Other experts believe that the nature and mental abilities of kittens are determined by their nature. how to leave a newborn kitten

Whatever experts say, most people who have successfully raised a kitten from their first days believe that the process of nursing a tiny living creature has enriched their soul.

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