How to enter "Flibusta": bypass blocking Roskomnadzor

Since the moment when Roskomnadzor began to actively deal with pirated content in the vast Runet, it has become increasingly difficult for users to download their favorite movies, TV shows, music and books. Many of the resources that previously provided free access to files removed banned content from sites and began selling it instead.

how to enter filibust

Especially difficult for book lovers. Many resources were banned by Roskomnadzor. Among them is the "Book Brotherhood", or "Flibusta." For years, all users of the site jointly collected one of the largest online libraries. The administration of the site, like "RuTrekeru", decided not to delete books, but to use alternative ways to access resources.

Bypassing blocking with browser extensions

The site administration quickly solved the problem of how to enter the "Flibusta". Users were provided with several options to bypass the lock. One of the most popular was the plugin friGate, installed in browsers.

This method has become known for several reasons:

  • The plugin is absolutely free. friGate will help you to figure out how to enter Flibusta without investing money.
  • The plugin is installed in a few clicks.
  • The extension is supported by three main browsers: "Opera", "Chrome" and "Chanterelle".

flibusta how to enter the site

Another undoubted advantage of the plugin is access to the site immediately after installation. Unlike various proxy servers, friGate does not require additional settings.

"Flibusta" and "TOR"

Immediately after the global cleansing of pirated content in order to protect the rights of copyright holders, the entire large illegal resources created an additional mirror in the TOR (Tor) network. Library "Flibusta" is no exception. But how to enter "Flibust" through "TOR"?

how to enter the filibust through the torus

First you need to install a specialized browser "TOR". You can download it on several sites before selecting the appropriate version: for Windows operating systems, Linux or Apple computers.

Next, launching a new browser, follow the link to the Flibusta mirror: http://flibustahezeous3.onion. Access will be open to all users of the site "Flibusta."How to enter the site - will cease to be a problem.

Using TOR-browser, you can go to almost any prohibited site that has a mirror. However, the developers note that this browser is not suitable for permanent use.

"Flibusta" and "Android"

For those who prefer to download books from a phone or tablet based on Android, it is very easy to get around the bans of Roskomnadzor. To do this, just go to the settings of your browser and turn on saving mode. Traffic compression is made possible through the use of remote proxy servers located abroad. Thus, you can bypass the blocking of any site, including "Flibusta", without installing additional applications on your smartphone or tablet.

If this method did not help to cope with blocking "Flibusta", then you can use the services of the Orfox: Tor Browser for Android browser, which will make surfing anonymous and decentralized. And the TunnelBear application will redirect all traffic to a foreign proxy server and return access to your favorite sites.

"Flibusta" and iOS

Some owners of gadgets from the company "Apple" prefer to read books not from the laptop, but from the phone.After all, the smartphone is often at hand. For these users, applications have been developed to help access Flibuste.

You can access the resource using the Onion browser. The application works on the basis of the "TOR" network and allows anonymous access to the prohibited content.

how to enter the filibust if access is denied

Browsec VPN is another browser to circumvent the Roskomnadzor ban. The user personally selects a proxy server from which the site will be loaded.

You can get access to absolutely any blocked site using the add-on "Just VPN.AntiZapret". A single installation will remove for the user all bans on pirated files.

TunnelBear is a service familiar to owners of gadgets with the Android operating system. After installing the application, all traffic will be redirected to the proxy servers.

Bots "Telegram"

Some users do not want to delve into information on how to enter the "Flibusta" if access is denied. They do not want to download a personal computer and browsers with additional pirated programs. But I still want to get access to books. Then how to enter "Flibusta" without additional extensions?

Resource administrators met the site users. In some instant messengers, such as Telegrams, bots were installed.

how to go to the filibust after blocking

By adding a bot contact (@flibustafreebookbot) to the program, you can easily access the site library. It is enough to poison the robot with a message containing the name of the author or the name of the book. After a few seconds, an answer will come that will provide links to download all suitable materials. You can download books in several mobile formats: fb2, epub and mobi.

Open distribution system of printed publications

A real gift for book lovers who are wondering how to enter Flibusta after blocking has become an open book distribution system. OPSD directories are XML files that enclose all the resource data.

Files in such directories are sorted by year of publication, author, genre, and so on. The official site of the catalog "Flibusta":

One of the largest directories is the Flibusta site repository. How to enter the site and its OPSD-directory, if the browser opens a link with incomprehensible text? In order to correctly open the link, users will have to download a reader, such as CoolReader.In such applications, the OPSD directory reading function is integrated.

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