How to dye hair with henna? Henna for hair: reviews

Henna is the material for hair coloring, which is absolutely safe when used on its own. Despite this, the method of home dyeing can be quite troublesome, but the result can exceed all expectations.

how to dye henna hair

Vegetable dyes have long been in the service of the beauty of all mankind. In ancient Egypt, for example, red henna was spread, which helped to change the skin color. This dye of natural origin is extracted from the very top young leaves of Lawsonia. The shrub is trimmed, the leaves are placed in the shade to save the coloring pigment and ground into powder.

Typical henna variety

Before you understand how to dye your hair with henna, you need to decide on what color you want to get. The end result depends entirely on the type of powder itself. In addition, the effect is made by the type of hair, their actual condition, the appearance of the previous dye.

Indian Hair Henna

henna hair reviews

Indian henna for hair has seven different shades depending on the intensity of dyeing and the choice of the powder itself. You can get both black and golden hair. Often, colorless henna is used, which heals the hair from previous damage. All shades of this type of powder belong to a warm palette with reddish tones. If you mix in different proportions, you can achieve a richer variety of colors and maximum color saturation.

Manufacturers have developed five basic shades of Indian henna:

  • Golden Suitable for women with light brown hair and blondes.
  • Brown. Designed specifically for brown-haired women and owners of light brown hair.
  • Burgundy Hair gets a shade of aged expensive wine, but this solution is not for everyone. Women with dark hair should be guided by their own color type.
  • Mahogany. Looks great on natural brown hair.
  • Indian black dye henna for hair. As a result, the color forms a deep dark brown tone with hints of dark chocolate.

Indian henna for hair: reviews, scope

henna dye for hair

The benefits of this vegetable hair dye is unlimited, as confirmed by numerous reviews. Among the positive characteristics - rapid growth, strengthening the roots, cure for dandruff. All useful properties accumulate with a longer use of the substance. Henna has a beneficial effect on the scalp and hair follicles.

The effect of the procedure can last up to 4 months. As they grow, it will only be necessary to tint the roots. In addition, this product allows you to perfectly paint over gray hair, and the resulting shade will surprise you with a resistance to sun exposure and the influence of salt water, which is extremely important in the holidays.

Iranian henna

The main difference between Iranian henna and Indian henna is that it allows you to dye your hair in chestnut color with minimal glimpses of copper and reddish tones. It is advisable to use this material for dyeing only for girls who want to get natural shades of hair of different tonality.

Iranian henna is represented by one species and has a narrower color range, which excludes the occurrence of saturated copper and red tones.The hair becomes more relaxed and natural color, the fat content of the roots decreases, the structure is compacted, which makes them more well-groomed, shiny, flowing.

Sudanese henna

how to dye your hair with henna

The powder is produced in Saudi Arabia and allows you to get a beautiful copper semitone, the saturation of which is maintained for a long period of time. This is the henna for hair, reviews of which are always positive. The dye is of the highest quality, with a minimum content of impurities.

How to dye hair with henna at home

Regardless of the type of henna, dry powder is diluted to the consistency of sour cream with hot water. For work, it is advisable to use a glass container, in order to avoid unwanted reactions. After that, the substance is applied on the head, starting from the neck area, along the entire length of the hair. Dyed hair is protected by a plastic cap and placed in heat, which usually helps to arrange a terry towel. Often, the basma is attracted to the coloring process, which makes it possible to get a darker, deeper and more intense shade. By varying the proportions of basma and henna, you can easily search for new images and achieve harmless changes in your own appearance.True, it is quite difficult to get rid of the resulting redhead, and with illiterate use of funds, a greenish tint is possible.

Basic principles of staining

  1. When dyeing hair on dark hair with one henna in a standard proportion, which is indicated in the instructions on the package, you can get a red shade. Light and gray hair can get a cardinal bright orange color, if you use Indian henna.
  2. The interaction of henna and basma can give a reddish noble sound. To do this, use the following principles:
  • two parts of basma on a part of henna - a bronze tint;
  • one part of basma per henna part is chestnut;
  • one part of basma and two parts of henna - dark chestnut;
  • four parts of basma for one part of henna - black;
  • simple basma gives a green tint when stained.

Atypical staining with henna at home

how much to keep henna on hair

The above formulas for the proportional formation of the dye can be enriched with some natural ingredients that allow you to get atypical tones. Henna hair coloring will not become more difficult, but you can improve natural shades without much hassle.

  1. A teaspoon of cocoa will give a hint of hints of mahogany wood.This solution will help visually rejuvenate the face.
  2. A few drops of iodine will help create a golden overflow.
  3. Red-chestnut halftone allows you to create a decoction of onion peel. A mixture of henna and basma is simply diluted with decoction instead of water.
  4. Karkade broth will give your hair a distinct reddish tint.
  5. Cinnamon powder, added to henna, will help to achieve a pleasant chocolate shade.
  6. For short hair, fifty grams of dry powder is enough.
  7. For medium hair it is rational to use a volume equal to 150 grams.
  8. Long hair may require the use of 200 grams of dry powder.

The dependence of the amount of dry powder on the length of the hair

In questions about how to dye hair with henna, you should follow one simple rule. The dye can not be saved and regretted, the hair should literally bathe in it, each hair should be enveloped with henna from all sides. It is better to initially prepare a little more substance than to catch up with the shade by repeated staining.

It is necessary to rinse the substance from the hair without shampoo, but with a balm, which will allow to better remove the powder particles from the hair.The final shade should be expected on the third day after dyeing.

What time should the powder be aged on the hair

indian henna for hair

The question of how much to keep henna on the hair is ambiguous. The time of applying the powder depends entirely on the initial state of the hair. In addition, you must have at least the slightest idea of ​​what shade you want to get. In order for the hair to become a pleasant reddish henna is applied for 5-10 minutes. Exposure to dark hair increases to two hours. Some women, wanting to paint over gray hair, stand a mixture of henna and basma all night.

Dyed, melirovanny, chemically curled hair absorbs dye much faster due to its porosity - this must be taken into account when calculating the time of exposure.

How to dye dark hair with henna

Henna powder is ideal for dyeing dark hair. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that after such staining the vegetable dye can give not quite the expected results. Henna on dark hair fits perfectly, but you must clearly follow the rules of dyeing.

Henna is diluted to a predetermined consistency and applied to the hair in the usual way. Throughout the entire visible hairline, the skin is pre-treated with a cream that will help avoid the appearance of spots on these areas.

Before work, it should be noted that the strands dry quickly and become much heavier, so it will be useful to stock up on special clips.

If you wash off the dye through the hour, you can get a beautiful and rich color. Henna for dark hair never gives extremely bright shades, only ennobles and deepens the natural color.

Possibilities of colorless henna

henna on dark hair

Dyeing hair with henna, which is called colorless, also has its foreseeable benefits. These are also dried and crushed parts of lavsonia, but the material is not taken from the stems, but from the leaves, which causes the absence of coloring pigment. The main value lies in the amazing healing properties of such henna, but few know how to dye hair with henna without color.

Even a few stains, carried out with colorless henna, can eliminate the need to go to a beauty salon. The hair will acquire amazing silkiness, volume, shine and obedience.

  • colorless henna works on strengthening the hair follicles, prevents subsequent hair loss, improves blood circulation in the scalp;
  • active hair growth stabilizes;
  • oily and dry dandruff disappears;
  • oily scalp is regulated;
  • the structure of each hair is improved, the hair becomes strong internal density;
  • curls become elastic, shiny and voluminous.

Useful recommendations, reviews

Despite all the advantages of such a natural dye, like henna, the powder has one major drawback - with frequent use it causes dry hair, for more use it is not enough to know how to dye hair with henna. Simple advice will help to avoid such manifestations: before dyeing, a few drops of essential oil are added to the slurry to choose from. Any oil will eliminate the occurrence of dryness and is characterized by additional properties. For example, ylang-ylang oil gives the hair a unique mirror shine, jojoba nourishes tired, impaired hair, wheat germ oil revives fragile and thin hair.Such an approach will completely eliminate all the negative effects of any type of henna, but when using oils, one should not neglect the dosage - two or three drops are enough.

If you pay attention to the reviews of this vegetable dye, they always sound in a positive way. It is noted that under the condition of the correct choice of the type of henna, in 90% of cases it is possible to achieve the desired shade.

Whatever method of transformation a woman chooses, it is impossible to achieve perfect beauty without a kind smile and shining eyes. Enjoy life, be benevolent, and the red flow of the hair is the best way to complement this beautiful image.

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