How to draw a unicorn with wings in stages

Every girl in childhood dreamed of having a unicorn at home. After all, you can do so many interesting things with him: show your girlfriends, ride him to school and stroke a colorful mane. If you refused to buy a unicorn as a child, then our article is especially for you!

We will tell you how to draw a unicorn in stages in the easiest way! In order to create a stunning unicorn, you will need:

  • 1 sheet of A4 paper (you can use any other piece of paper that is convenient for you).
  • 1 simple pencil.
  • 1 eraser.
  • 1 sharpener (just in case).

In this lesson we will tell you specifically about how to draw a unicorn with wings. If you want to draw a regular horse, then do the same, excluding a pair of wings from your drawing.

The first stage - the contours of a unicorn

First of all, draw the contours of your future unicorn as you see in the picture - this will be your hint. Try not to push hard on the pencil and make very thin and neat lines so that they are easy to erase.At this stage, you draw the basis for the future: the head, neck, body, hind and forelimbs. Choose the optimal and convenient size of your future to draw a unicorn

We specifically tell you how to draw a unicorn with a pencil - so that you have the opportunity to correct your shortcomings. So do not be afraid to experiment, all famous artists do not always make perfect lines from the first time.

The second stage - drawing the body

After you have identified the basic outlines of your future unicorn, we will add to our fairy-tale character realism and volume.

Taking the contours as a basis, draw lines parallel to them at some distance. Pay special attention to the hooves - they should be small in size and the same among themselves. For convenience: first draw solid straight lines from one intersection point to another, and then correct them by adding volume and removing all unnecessary.

Also at this point we begin to draw the outlines of the wings - do not be afraid, this is not the final version of your drawing. Next, the wings will be drawn in more detail. Please note that in our lesson we give ad hoc tips on how to draw a unicorn, if your vision is different from ours - there is nothing wrong with that.Do not be afraid to experiment, it will add uniqueness to your work.

At this stage, the more traced face of our future unicorn and tail are also added. It's pretty easy to do - all the attention on the picture.

how to draw a unicorn pencil in stages

The third stage - the creation of parts

It's time to add to our unicorn as much as possible realism. To do this, we add a lot of small details to our drawing: draw ears in more detail, draw eyes, nose, mouth and cheek lines.

At this stage a mane appears in our drawing. It consists of vertical lines with sharp corners, which create an imitation of the accumulation of several hairs of the mane into one. Also a couple of slightly curved lines are added to the tail. It is time to erase all the extra lines.

Carefully read the picture, add to the neck and abdomen a few lines that play the role of folds. But if you are a perfectionist, you can leave your horse perfectly flat and smooth, this is your vision of how to draw a unicorn, it will not make it worse. But it will be your chip and a certain highlight.

how to draw a unicorn with wings

The fourth stage - drawing wings

Our horse is almost ready, correcting all the shortcomings, we can safely go to the wings of our unicorn.

Spend along the bend line again with your pencil, making the line more dense. After that, repeat it in the inner part of the wing to define the base of the wing, which is a bone covered with plumage. Further, draw in the ascending order elongated semi-arcs so that they are very small at the base of the wing, and closer to the end - long and wider. In some half-arcs, make a couple of free lines, giving a volume to the plumage of your wings, they are usually made in the central part of the arc.

You can change the bend and size of your unicorn's wings - they may be narrower or have a different type of feathering. There are so many different techniques for drawing a unicorn. This is just one of the examples that was presented by us. If you do not want to completely copy someone else's drawing, try to choose one from each instruction, and you will have a wonderful original drawing.

Fifth stage - adding color (final)

how to draw a unicorn with a pencil

Hooray! Our unicorn is almost ready! Erase all the extra lines, leaving only the thin outlines of your drawing. If you wish, you can circle it with a black gel or a regular pen.

To turn our unicorn into a real fairy-tale character, we add several colors to its wings.This will give him a bit of fabulousness, magic and mystery. And so that the wings stand out against the general background, let’s warm the mane and tail with the strokes of a simple pencil.

You can also use one simple technique - in the area you need, walk a few times with a simple pencil, and then rub the resulting area with your finger. The result is a very unusual effect. Hooray! You did an excellent job with the task and well understood how to draw a unicorn with a simple pencil in just 5 steps!

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