How to cut yourself?

Now you can turn to any beauty andupdate the image. A good haircut, of course, adorns, allows a woman to feel again young and happy. The most important thing is to find a professional hairdresser with a light hand. But not always have time to visit the beauty salon, in addition, the question of how to cut yourself off, can appear due to the saving mode that is introduced at this particular moment in the family. And if with the creation of an attractive hairstyle before problems did not arise, then take the scissors in the hands of not everyone dare.

In fact, how to cut yourself - not thatalready a difficult question. It is important only to know the methodology and sequence of actions. Of course, you need to stock up with good, quality hairdressing scissors. And it does not matter whether you want to make a complex haircut or just cut a bang. A good tool is the key to the success of the whole event. Thinning scissors will also be superfluous, with their help you can beautifully cut the edges of the haircuts.

If you need to find the answer to the question, howto cut yourself, first you need to practice on the bangs. It must be combed in the right direction, that is, exactly as you normally wear it. The rest of the hair is clamped. So they will not stop you from cutting your bangs. Now take her small strand (the width should not exceed four centimeters), comb it well, be sure to sprinkle with water. Although it has now become fashionable to cut a dry bang, it is explained by the fact that it is so possible to check the required length.

The strand is clamped between the index and the middlefingers of the left hand (naturally, if you are right handed), then it stretches, and its ends are cut. You need to focus on the line of your fingers. Now that you've got the required length, you can trim all the others along the first strand. You just need to pinch with her new curls and gently cut excess.

If you are interested in how to cut yourself,When the bangs are too thick, then it should be divided into two layers. The bottom is cut to the desired level, while the top is pinned to the crown. Everything is done in the same way as described above. Just then the top layer is cut on the bottom. The cutting line must be processed with thinning shears.

If you do not know how to cut your hairindependently, while straightening the tips of the hair throughout the head, it is not more difficult than in the case of bangs. It is necessary to make a longitudinal parting. Then, having moistened the hair, you need to clamp your fingers with individual strands, and act according to the principle described above.

Do you want to transform yourself a bit? Then you should have an acute comb with small teeth, quality scissors, clamps or ordinary hair clips, thinning scissors.

With men, things are different. They are often interested in how to cut yourself a typewriter. You need to do this carefully, slowly, and necessarily - on a clean, dry head. You need to determine the length of the desired haircut, it depends on which nozzle you take for the machine. The process usually begins with the back of the head. Strands of hair need to be lifted up by means of a comb, and the nozzle should be densely adjoined with a head. Next, you need to move to the temporal zone, and only then - to the parietal. You should get a smooth cut across the head. The result can be left, as it is, simply by completing the edging. If you need to make a small transition, then just take a nozzle, smaller in height, and again processed the occipital area. Nothing complicated in this.

If for some reason you do not trusthairdressers, you want to save a little or just can not afford a trip to the stylist because of lack of time, then it is realistic to find an answer to the question of how to cut yourself.

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