How to cook beef ribs in the oven

Beef ribs, baked in the oven, is a nourishing and tasty dish. They are prepared according to various recipes. Most often, the time taken to make such a dish is rather insignificant. In this case, the result is a fragrant juicy meat, which is sure to become the center of the festive table.

Tender beef ribs

beef ribs in the oven

Per kilogram of meat will need 2 onions, carrots. The ribs are washed and cleaned. They are cut into pieces so that the bone remains with a small amount of meat. Onion is cleaned, cut into half rings. Carrots rubbed. Slices of meat are laid out in deep heat-resistant dishes, salted and pepper. Vegetables are laid out here, and everything is mixed up. The dish is filled with water so that the ingredients are only slightly covered with liquid. If you are cooking beef ribs in the oven, the recipe provides that the dishes must be tightly closed with a lid. During the whole time of quenching (about 2.5 hours) it should not be opened.It is recommended to heat the oven to medium temperature. Garnish for the dish can be made boiled rice, mashed potatoes, vegetables.

Beef ribs with sour cream and potatoes

beef ribs in the oven

Beef ribs in the oven are prepared and different. Simultaneously with them stew young potatoes. This is a kind of interpretation of a similar dish related to Tatar cuisine. Per kg of ribs you need 2 kg of potatoes, onions (about 2-3 pieces), 3 tablespoons of sour cream, salt and spices. In addition, you need to consider that the dish is cooked in pots. The specified number of products is designed for 5 medium servings. The ribs are cut into small pieces. Fat is melted in a pan. It chops chopped onion, which is then shifted to another dish. Next, the ribs are laid out in the pan.beef ribs in the oven recipeThey roast for about five minutes. Beef ribs in the oven are not prepared for too long, but the result will surely please you. Potatoes are peeled and cut into cubes, like frying. It is laid out in three available pots. This also adds a piece of butter. In addition, a spoonful of sour cream, salt and spices are put in the dish.Everything is poured boiling water, covered with a lid and placed on a baking sheet in the oven. The remaining pots formed meat, on top - browned onions. Ingredients are seasoned with spices, also poured boiling water. Preparing the dish for about an hour at a high temperature. Before serving, beef ribs, cooked in the oven, are pulled out of the pots on a common dish, where the potatoes are laid out. Broth is served separately.

Beef ribs with vegetables

Beef ribs in the oven and baked in a special sleeve or foil with various vegetables. For example, you can use the following recipe. At 1.5 kg of meat will need about 5 potatoes, carrots, onions. Vegetables are cleaned. The potatoes are sliced ​​into slices, the carrots into thin cubes, and the onion into half rings. Meat is cleaned, washed, dried with a paper towel. Vegetables are laid in a sleeve for baking, meat is placed on top. The ingredients are salted and peeled. Beef ribs in the oven are cooked for about an hour. Do not forget to pierce the bag on top.

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