How to choose a refrigerator for home? Specialists Tips and Recommendations

The refrigerator in the house for many is almost the most important thing, so I want it to be at the highest level for its life, quality and capacity. And what to hide - the price for most people is also of great importance when choosing this item of household appliances.

How to choose a refrigerator for home? What are the parameters to carry out a comparative characteristic? Which brand is better to choose a refrigerator and do their position in the rating correspond to the declared quality? We will try to answer these and other questions in this article, referring to the opinion of experts and taking advantage of their advice and try to give you a few rules that should guide you when buying a refrigerator.

Kinds of refrigerators

First you need to decide - for which room you buy a refrigerator, for what purpose, to estimate your budget, where you put it, etc.

The first thing we will do is consider the types of refrigerators in terms of size, size and volume. An important factor is the location of the freezer, types of freezing and defrosting.

Kinds of refrigeratorsModern refrigerators are of several types - single-chamber. two-chamber, multi-chamber refrigerators. The type of side-by-side refrigerator is very popular and convenient in everyday life, but it needs a little more space.

Single compartment refrigerators- can be with or without a freezer. If the freezer is still available, it is located in a small separate niche above, it has a separate door, but the refrigerator has one solid door.

Two-compartment refrigerators- have a separate freezer. The refrigerator is divided into two sectors: the refrigerating and freezing compartments have their own separate doors. In our usual models, the freezer compartment is located on the bottom, but in some models it can be on the top.

Very interesting type of two-chamber refrigerators - Side-by-Side. It is a cabinet with two doors, the volume of the refrigerator compartment is equal to the freezer, so this type of two-chamber refrigerators is more spacious.

It looks like this - the refrigerator compartment on the right, the freezer on the left, or vice versa.

Multi-compartment refrigerators- in such models, the freezer has up to 3-4 sliding blocks, separate chambers, most often with different temperature regimes, with different functions for one or another type of products - for fruits and vegetables, for wine, for meat and fish, etc. d.

Here it is necessary to highlight the types of freezers and shelf life of products in them. Usually the type of the freezer is denoted by “asterisks” or “snowflakes”.

  1. * - 1 asterisk- temperature from -4 to -7, products can be stored from several days to one and a half weeks.
  2. ** - 2 stars- temperature from -8 to -14, products can be stored from two weeks to 1, 5 months.
  3. *** - 3 stars- temperature regime from -14 to -18-20, products can be stored from 1 month to 3-4 months.
  4. **** - 4 stars- temperature regime below -18, -20, here the products can be stored for up to a year, usually used for freezing blanks - meat, fish, berries, fruits, vegetables and other blanks.

Dimensions and volume of the refrigerator

The dimensions of the refrigerator, of course, also need to be taken into account - first you need to determine its location in your apartment and measure the approximate dimensions of the space with a tape measure - in width and in height.

Dimensions and volume of the refrigeratorDifferent manufacturers may have different sizes, but the difference between identical models will not be so significant, mostly home appliance companies adhere to the standards.

Single-chamber refrigerators are usually from 90 to 130-140 cm high, 50-60 cm deep, 55 - 65 cm wide, volume - from 80 to 200 l.

Two-compartment refrigerators - height from 140 to 210 cm, depth - 60-70 cm, width - 60-70 cm, volume - up to 300-350 l. We will dwell separately on the Side-by-Side type - their height and depth can be the same as that of standard two-chamber refrigerators, and the width can reach 120-150 cm, their volume is up to 400-600 l.

Multi-compartment refrigerators - height is not less than 160, width is from 80 to 120, depth usually reaches 70-75 cm, volume - from 300 to 600-700 l.

Based on standard dimensions and volume, choose a refrigerator that is right for you, consider your family traditions, your eating habits. Maybe you need more space for frozen products, and maybe you like fresh food or certain types of food.

Types of freezing and defrosting

Which refrigerator to choose, based on the system defrost. According to experts, the most convenient option, of course, will be the "know frost" system.It does not require special defrosting, the owner of this unit does not even have to think about it and choose the time to turn off the refrigerator to defrost.

Types of freezing and defrostingWhat is know frost and what are the types of defrost systems? During operation, ice may form on the cooling element, and frost may form on the back wall of the freezer compartment due to temperature differences and due to moisture.

In the know frost system, the cooling element is located not in the freezing chamber, but in a specially designated place, plus the model is equipped with a fan, which helps to supply the freezer with the necessary cold air. Know Frost is an automatic defrost system.

In addition, there is also a manual defrost, when the refrigerator is turned off by the owner for some time - at this time the ice and frost melts, and the moisture drains into the tank for evaporation.

The know frost system also has its drawbacks - firstly, the volume of the refrigeration and freezing compartments decreases, the fan, and more than one creates a source of additional noise, plus the products with the know frost system must be kept packed, avoiding chapping.However, the development of household appliances has gone far, and nowadays you can find quite silent and comfortable models of refrigerators with the defrosting system "fro fro".

Refrigerators come with one and two compressors - of course, it is better to choose dual-compressor. In this model of refrigerators, the freezing and refrigeration compartments are autonomous from each other, their service life is much longer, and they can maintain a given temperature condition for a long time.

However, one compressor is quite enough for the freezer and refrigeration compartments, so if you are limited in budget, you should consider this option.

For two-compressor refrigerators, you can additionally purchase a voltage regulator for the refrigerator, in order to avoid unpleasant situations and reboot the power grid.

Which refrigerator is better to choose 2017, so that it is as quiet as possible? The normal noise figure for modern models of refrigerators is up to 40-50 dB. The noise level largely depends on the correct operation, installation, maintenance - follow the tips and rules, and your refrigerator will not cause you concern.

In order to decide which company would be better to choose a refrigerator, we decided to conduct something like a test purchase, choosing the most suitable option and being guided by expert advice and comments in 2017.

According to the quality rating, the top ten brands include refrigerators:

  1. Liebherr (German quality);
  2. Electrolux (Swedish manufacturer, responsible for the high quality and power consumption of equipment);
  3. Samsung (the most common brand, not only of the refrigerator, but of all other household appliances);
  4. Bosch;
  5. LG;
  6. Indesit;
  7. Sharp;
  8. Ariston;
  9. Nord;
  10. Whirpool

Among the domestic brands of refrigerators can be distinguished "Atlant" and "Stinol". There are a lot of brands of refrigerators, but these manufacturers of household appliances have already proven themselves and from the best side and year after year they do not leave the leading positions in the rating.

The most popular and inexpensive models in 2017

  1. The most popular and inexpensive models in 2017Samsung RL-59 GYBMG(2 chambers; 1 compressor; freezer at the bottom; volume 374 liters; defrosting the fridge and freezer with the No Frost system; dimensions: width 60 centimeters, height 190 centimeters, depth 65-70 centimeters; price: about 28 thousand rubles).
  2. Bosch KGS39XW20(2 chambers; 2 compressors; freezer at the bottom; volume about 350 liters; defrosting of the freezer - manual; defrosting of the refrigeratingcameras - drip; dimensions: width 60 centimeters, height 200 centimeters, depth 65 centimeters; price: about 19 thousand rubles).
  3. Beko CN335220(2 chambers; 1 compressor; freezer at the bottom; volume about 310 liters; defrosting the fridge and freezer with the No Frost system; dimensions: 60 cm wide, 200 cm high, 60 cm deep; price: about 16 thousand rubles)

For some people, an important factor will be the design of the refrigerator. At the moment, there are not only traditional white refrigerators, but also all the colors of the rainbow — red, black, gray, metallic, orange, with or without pictures. Therefore, anyone can find a suitable option for their kitchen.

How to choose a good built-in refrigerator?

Built-in refrigerator models should be as hidden as possible in your kitchen, so their dimensions are significantly different from stand-alone units - they can be in the form of cabinets or can be hidden under the countertop, their depth can be from 55 to 60 cm maximum, the height can also vary significantly.

This refrigerator is better to order immediately with the kitchen or kitchen furniture, to choose one to the other.

Here you need to think and choose for yourself - how much you want to hide the refrigerator in your kitchen, take into account all the nuances of the installation of the refrigerator, which brand refrigerators will better fit your kitchen and will be the most successful acquisition. In the ranking (4) of the best built-in refrigerators, these models take the leading places.

  1. ATLANT XM 4307-000
  2. Bosch KUR15A50
  3. Bosch KIV38X20

How to choose a good built-in refrigerator

How to choose a car refrigerator? How to choose a cooler bag?

In the warm season, many people go on picnics, on the nature, hiking, and maybe go on a trip by car, so car coolers and cooler bags are very relevant and popular things.

The main component of such a cooler bag is a cooling device that allows you to maintain a low temperature and keep food intact for up to 24 hours. However, the shelf life depends on the volume of such bags, for example, a car refrigerator is about 50 liters, and the larger the volume, the more cold accumulators, the longer the products are stored.

The material for such bags is used synthetic, repelling the sun's rays. In the first place in this rating (5) - nylon, polyester or PVC. It is worth paying attention to the inner layer - make sure that it is not dense politielen.On the quality of the inner layer significantly depends on the freshness and safety of your products.

Pay attention to the thickness of the bag, the presence of shoulder straps, as well as the presence of an additional set of cold accumulators, warranty and certificate for the company's products.

Successful to you acquisitions!

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