How to choose dry food for Yorkshire Terriers

Today, dry food producers offer many brands of this product for all breeds of dogs, including Yorkshire terriers. This breed needs careful selection of the diet. It is desirable to feed Yorky only with quality products, this applies not only to food, but also to natural food.

If you have a Yorkshire Terrier in your house, eating dry food should be the main topic for your study.

Why do I need dry food?

Dry food for Yorkshire terriers should be predominantly premium or super-premium. Feeds of these types are optimally balanced and are the most delicious treat for a fastidious pet.

Dry food for Yorkshire terriers

However, Yorkians have a feature - low sensitivity to odors due to the small volume of the olfactory mucosa. Therefore, this kind of dogs is different from the rest. In view of this, it is necessary to adapt the food to the peculiarity of the york.

In addition, Yorkshire terriers are predisposed to the occurrence of diseases of the mouth and the formation of tartar. Correctly selected feed will help to eliminate problems.

Classes of dry food

Dry food is of three classes:

  • economy;
  • premium;
  • super-premium.

The difference between them is in the ingredients used. It is very important how and what the manufacturer indicates on the package. So, you can specify the percentage of chicken meat before and after dehydration (removing water), as a result of which the moisture content of the feed will be different. You can use only chicken meat, but you can grind it with organs and bones. You can take as a carbohydrate quality rice, and you can sorghum. For long-term storage of food, you can add chemical preservatives or a mixture of vitamins. For the smell and taste, you can add artificial colors or use just good meat.

Yorkshire Terrier meals with dry food

Quality, accordingly, affects the price, but you need to take into account the fact that, the higher it is, the lower the Yorkshire terrier's feeding rate with dry food. As a result, buying premium varieties is more profitable.

How many grams of dry food should be given to the puppy and adult dog - indicated on the packaging of the goods, the rate is calculated mainly based on the weight of the pet and the class of feed.

Types of feed

The Yorkshire terrier feed also has two types:

  • dry;
  • canned.

In the first not more than 10% of water content, in the second - over 70%. You can feed a york only dry, only canned or give a mixture; in this case, 75% of the first and 25% of the second kind must be present. It is advisable to choose the feed of one class or one company.

Feed requirements

  • The food should be dry, it does not need to be soaked, as the pet should grind the granules and chew on their own, thereby cleansing the mouth and teeth from plaque.
  • Granules should be shaped so that the dog can easily take and chew them.

Feeding rules

  • Do not give puppies food for adult dogs and vice versa.
  • It is necessary to buy food in accordance with the age and energy costs of the dog.
  • It is worth buying dry food for Yorkshire terriers of the company, which for all indicators suits your pet.
  • It is undesirable to mix feeds of different manufacturers.
  • It is necessary to adhere to the norm of feeding.
  • Do not give dry food and natural food at the same time.
  • The canned food should not be mixed with porridges.

Yorkshire Terrier feeding norm with dry food

Feeding Yorkshire terrier with dry food and natural products in general is of great importance, because it will depend not only on the quality of life of the pet, but also on its duration.

Popular feed stamps

  • Pro plan;
  • Pro Pac;
  • Eukanuba;
  • Hill's;
  • Happy Dog;
  • Acana.

Dry food for Yorkshire terriers must be present in the ration of the animal, because it contains useful trace elements. This is especially true for puppies, such nutrition will provide them with substances that contribute to the growth of bone and muscle tissue.

dry food for yorkshire terrier reviews

In addition, the feed improves the color of the coat, strengthens immunity, improves digestion.

Yorkie breeders are advised to use only high-quality dry food for the Yorkshire terrier, reviews about them are only positive.

Why is balanced nutrition important?

It is necessary to pay special attention to the hair and skin of York, as their condition can be judged on the nutrition of the dog. If the skin is clean, and the coat is silky and shiny, the pet gets all the nutrients it needs. Of course, a certain role is played by heredity, but poor nutrition can significantly worsen the appearance of a york.

Unbalanced, improper or inadequate nutrition can adversely affect the condition of the skin. If there is a lack of fats in York, skin flaking may occur, and rashes may appear.

feeding Yorkshire terrier with dry food

Lack of salts also has an unpleasant effect on the pet. The lack of chlorine and sodium causes dry skin and loss of hair, copper - loss of pigmentation, zinc - the appearance of plaques and crusts, iodine - deterioration of the coat.

To avoid such problems, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of feeding the dog.

Thus, dry food for Yorkshire Terriers in combination with healthy natural food in appropriate norms will ensure your pet has a long life, a healthy appearance and a lack of health problems. A healthy pet is the main concern of a loving owner.

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