How to choose a hot water heater? Electric storage water heaters

Before you choose a cumulative water heater, you need to understand what it is. The market today presents a fairly wide range of products. Many consumers are simply lost and do not know which water heater to buy. Reviews of people who already have this unit in the house, of course, help to cope with the task. But it is also important to know the technical features of the devices. Further in the article we will understand how to choose a hot water to choose a hot water heater

General information

Simply put, the device is a system that includes a tank that has a heating element and a certain volume. In it, water is given a certain temperature. In the future, it is maintained at the established level.It is very convenient in case there are any problems with hot water. If necessary, you can use it to take a shower or bath, as well as wash all the dishes. Under the conditions of constant interruptions in hot water, a person involuntarily thinks about purchasing a storage water heater. Reviews of many consumers speak in favor of such devices. After all at interruptions in supply the unit will be simply irreplaceable. In addition, according to many buyers, the devices are easy to operate.


Manufacturers produce different storage water heaters: electric and gas. There are also combined models. Completely gas boiler does not depend on electricity. This is a definite plus, since in some regions there are interruptions with it. In addition, gas is a fairly cheap raw material. Therefore, these boilers are more economical to operate. All types of boilers have their own advantages and disadvantages. After reviewing them, it will be possible to choose the right model without any problems.electric storage water heaters

Power features

Gas storage water heater is significantly different from the electric. Its advantage is the heating time.The power of the gas model is in the range of 4-6 kW, at the same time, storage electric heaters produce 1.5-3 kW. As a result, there is a significant difference. For example, the water heater is equipped with a capacity of 150 liters. In this case, the gas boiler burner boasts a power of 7 kW. Under equal conditions, electric heating elements can produce only up to 3 kW. With this example, it can be established that the gas model will cope with heating a fixed volume of water in about one hour or a little more. At the same time, an electric water heater can spend on a similar process up to four hours.

Installation Features

Before choosing a storage water heater, it is necessary to determine the place where it will be located. Installation of the gas unit implies some difficulties. First of all, additional construction of the chimney is necessary. The design of this model involves an open or closed version of the combustion chamber. The complexity of the installation depends on this factor. If the gas model is equipped with a closed combustion chamber, the cost of installation work will be relatively small.Nevertheless, the device itself will be quite expensive. If installation of the unit with an open storage chamber is planned - the funds will have to be spent much water heater price

Economic features

In this case, the advantage of gas storage water heater, as the cost of raw materials is quite small. However, the price of this unit and its installation exceeds the cost of purchasing an electric model. In the latter case, a separate power supply line is not required. The unit can be connected to a normal electrical network. Therefore, the popularity of these models is somewhat higher than that of gas.


Speaking about how to choose a storage water heater, it should be said about the capacity of the tank. This parameter must also be considered when choosing a boiler. The tank should be roomy. Thus, the hot water will be enough for all needs, even with a small margin. From an economic point of view, the acquisition of a large boiler will be quite expensive. Accordingly, the payment for electricity or gas will increase significantly. In addition, in the conditions of a standard apartment, it is not easy to place a model with a large tank.

Required calculations

Before you choose a cumulative water heater, you need to take into account the number of family members. Everyone has their own needs, as is known. In this regard, it is necessary to calculate how often and in what amounts water will be spent. For example, if you only need to wash the dishes, enough capacity, the volume of which does not exceed 10 liters. In most cases, the water heater is bought in order to realize various household needs. In particular, for taking a shower or bath. Thus, water will need quite a lot. The standard volume of most baths is up to 185 liters. The calculation is made taking into account the fact that it will not be filled to the very edges. In addition, the water will also be discharged by the human body. When this is hot diluted with cold. Accordingly, in order to take a bath, you need water with a temperature of up to 50 degrees. It will be necessary about 80 l. Water consumption will be reduced if a high rate is established for temperature water heating.water heater characteristic

Expert opinion

Models with a capacity of up to 15 liters can be used for washing hands. Water heater 30 liters suitable for taking a shower in the country, for example. Installation of such models is quite simple. They can easily be placed above or below the sink.In addition, these models are very economical. They are suitable for a family of three. There are also water heaters with large volumes - up to 150 liters. They will suit a big family. Characteristics of water heaters and purpose are almost similar to the parameters of the models described above. Boilers operating from the outlet and up to 1000 liters, designed for hot water autonomous the whole house. On average, three people need a capacity of up to 150 liters. Accordingly, if the family consists of four people, then it will need a tank of up to 200 liters. The final choice of the model should be made in strict accordance with the specific needs.

Important nuances

Having a storage water heater of 50 liters in the house, it is not possible to take a bath one after another. To heat the next volume of the unit takes time. By purchasing a water heater, consumers want to be able to spend the water the way they need, without being deficient. In this case, it is best to purchase a boiler, the tank volume of which reaches about 160 liters. It is not necessary to acquire a larger capacity. It will be in demand only in those cases when hot water is required during the whole day, and also in large quantities.Otherwise, its surplus will not cover the funds invested in the purchase of the water heater ariston

Internal coating tank

Inside the surface must be covered with anti-corrosion material. It may be:

  1. Stainless steel.
  2. Enamel.
  3. Steklofarfor.
  4. Titanium spraying.

From the material covering the tank, it depends on how it is protected from corrosion. This, in turn, has a significant impact on how long the storage water heater will last. The price, respectively, also depends on the coverage. Anticorrosive materials have different degrees of stability, from which their cost is formed.

Coating features

The most popular materials in this regard are steklofarfor and enamel. They are quite resistant to corrosion. Their cost is also quite acceptable. However, these coatings have significant disadvantages. They are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, as a result of which microcracks can form. A model of this type is advisable to use if the heating temperature does not exceed 60 degrees. However, under such conditions, bacteria will eventually develop in the water.Thus, raising the temperature to the maximum is a necessity. It is also worth considering that the guarantee that applies to tanks with such coverage does not exceed 1 year. Currently, the most resistant to corrosion is a special type of water heater. Inside they are coated with titanium enamel or stainless water heatersDevices with such tanks, can boast a warranty, which reaches 10 years. Accordingly, devices with similar spraying are somewhat more expensive. But they also have flaws. Over time, weak spots begin to appear at the points of welding. It is believed that stainless materials, entering into a certain reaction with water, significantly affect the taste and smell of water. However, users who have long been dealing with such models do not notice anything like this. Magnesium anode provides enhanced protection to the internal coating of the tank. It must be replaced at least once a year. This will greatly increase the corrosion protection. They are also provided in tanks, which are covered with stainless steel. However, their frequent replacement is not required. The fact is that steel is quite resistant to corrosion.

Heating features

The time it takes the water to reach the required temperature depends on the capacity of the water heater element. As mentioned earlier, in this case gas models come first. Electric power under equal conditions is two times less. As a result, the differences are very significant. It should be noted that some models have two electric heating elements, or heating elements. This is certainly an advantage. If one of these elements burns down, the boiler will continue to work due to the functioning of the other. If necessary, you can simply leave 1 heater on.

Comfort and safety

Not all elements of boilers are directed to water heating. There are also parts that are responsible for the convenience and safety of use of the unit. Thermostat is the main of these appliances. He is responsible for checking the water temperature. It is desirable that the design of the device provided for an additional thermostat. However, it is not available in all model lines. Mention should also be made of the importance of thermal insulation. The thicker its layer, the better. In modern water heaters, the water cools down by about 7 degrees a day. In large models, the insulating layer is larger.Accordingly, in devices with small tanks, the water will cool quickly enough. It is recommended to evaluate the dimensions of the magnesium anode. If the size of this element is large enough, then it will not have to be changed water heater

Cost of units

The price of water heaters varies in the following range: 170-645 dollars. The smallest model will cost about $ 120. Capacitive devices from different manufacturers also vary in price. Many believe that the best storage water heaters are produced in Germany. It is believed that they are very high quality and therefore their cost is quite high. For example, German models are much more expensive than Italian ones. In this case, they have no fundamental difference. It can be said that their device is the same. The price varies depending on the quality of the device. Many say that German boilers are slightly larger than Turkish or Italian boilers. The fact is that they provide a thick layer of insulation. Due to this, the water cools down by about 5 degrees per day. Thus, electricity is saved.

THERMEX products

Boilers of this manufacturer are distinguished by convenience, reliability and excellent quality.Storage water heaters from this company are compact and high-tech equipment. Now these devices have become essential attributes of each house. With their help, you can easily solve problems with the lack of hot water in the house. Any storage water heater "Termeks" is distinguished by the fact that it is made according to the Japanese technology, which implies special welding of stainless steel. This helps prevent seam corrosion. Other advantages of these models, consumers include the fact that they are equipped with an accelerated mode of heating water. This contributes to significant time savings.

Ariston products

The range of products is very diverse. The minimum volume which the water heater has accumulative - 50 liters. Each model has a steel enameled tank. They are also all equipped with a magnesium anode. This provides enhanced corrosion protection. Gas water heaters of this company can be used for industrial and domestic purposes. The principle of operation is the same: without connection to the power grid, on liquefied and main gas.The household water heater accumulative Ariston represents the compact and easy-to-work device.

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