How to choose a low beam lamp. How to change the low beam bulbs

Today, no vehicle can do without a minimum set of lighting devices. This rule serves as a guarantor of safety for both drivers and pedestrians. Headlights and lanterns that produce a directional beam of light, provide an opportunity to comfortably travel by road at night or during weather conditions that reduce visibility. Such an opportunity to travel without stopping allows you to travel long distances day and night.headlights

Two types of lighting

Modern lighting devices, as a rule, are divided into two types - low and high beams. True, such a division did not always exist for transport. The very first samples of cars and other motorized vehicles were equipped with fairly powerful headlights, which almost always blinded drivers, traveling towards.In addition to this drawback, it is worth noting that at least the adjustment of the power and direction of the luminous flux was possible, but it was carried out very tightly, and on the move it was almost impossible to adjust the headlamp to constantly changing conditions.

History of the concept of "dazzle"

One of the first automotive lighting devices working on electricity, began to be made in 1912. The impetus to this appearance of headlamps was the invention and widespread use of the filament, which was made of tungsten. But at that time it was still not up to the improvement of lighting devices and their separation into several types. Despite the absence at that time of dividing the lighting into far and near, there were ways to reduce the negative effect of light on oncoming motorists (that was when they started using the concept of "passing beam lamps"). One of them was the use of special optics - glass, which could change the power of the light flux and its direction.

In addition, there were mechanisms to change the angle of the entire design of the headlamp, which allowed to avoid the ingress of light to other road users.If the headlight tilt mechanism was used, then there was a direct control system based on hydraulics. With the help of a cable or lever, the driver changed the angle of illumination produced by the passing beam lamps. If we talk about adjustable headlamps with the help of functional optics, then they used a special rheostat with resistance, which allowed to regulate the flow of electricity to the lighting devices, thereby reducing the intensity of the light flux.

But soon the need to quickly switch between lighting modes became more pronounced and necessary, which led to the emergence of a new type of lighting fixtures for vehicles that could provide two modes of light transmission — at close distances with less powerful light and at far distances. These were good low beam bulbs. Massively they began to establish since the beginning of the 1920s. After five years, car manufacturers are switching to dual-beam dipped-beam lamps, allowing for several modes to be realized in one instrument. It was from these years that the designation "low and high beam" was actively used.led headlight bulbs

Types of low beam lighting

Today in modern cars most used headlights with a luminous flux, aimed at the near illumination of the road. This is due, as a rule, with numerous restrictions on the use of high beam, established by the authorities. The very essence of this kind of headlights is reliable lighting in the near distance (50-60 meters). This does not create inconvenience to other road users, moving towards the driver.

So that the light of the short-range destination is effective and useful, at the same time it fits into the necessary standards, throughout the history of the automotive industry the technologies and characteristics of different headlights have improved. In this regard, several major factors that affect the illumination of the roadway appeared - the light characteristics of lamps, various types of optics and fine-tuning, adjustment of all the features of the to change the low beam bulbs

Common variants of near and far light bulbs

To date, a large number of different autolamps have been created and distributed, which are used to supply a passing beam to the road surface.One of the most powerful and efficient counterparts in energy conservation is considered to be LED low beam lamps. Their choice is very extensive, equipped with different optics and has its own characteristics. Almost every car can be found on several analogues. If we talk about lighting systems that use at least two headlights under one body, then the most popular option is the H4 model, which operates on a double-filament incandescent system, which allows you to make operational switching from high to low beam without creating any difficulties in this procedure.

If we talk about systems that use a single filament per lamp, in which each type of headlamp has its own optics, then in them the main model of headlights is the variation of single-filament H7 lamps. In some cases, use headlights H7, but not as often as the previous equivalent. The main difference in all lamps for car headlights is a different principle of operation, advanced features, as well as a variety of technologies used in the manufacture.

good low beam bulbs

How to change the low beam lamps: what types of devices you can choose when replacing lighting devices in the car

Basically, all the lamps for frontend lighting are divided into three types, differing from each other in different technologies. These are halogen, xenon and LEDheadlights And yet the most common can be considered as halogen types of lamps for lighting devices short-range. From them, and should begin the selection of options for replacement.

Halogen-based low beam headlamps

This type of lighting device, in fact, is the most common option, since it has been used since the beginning of 1962. Their principle of operation is not very different from the classic incandescent lamps, as they work the same way, with the exception of a more durable filament, which can glow up to 3000 degrees.low beam lamp Price

The structure of the headlights itself is characterized by the presence of special halogen substances - bromine and iodine, which, when interacting with a filament of tungsten material, create a closed cycle of evaporation of tungsten and its return to the spiral device. Even today, this halogen low beam lamp, the price of which in some cases is much lower than analogs, is an excellent choice for most motorists.

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