How to choose a lawnmower knife?

Taking care of the lawn is a necessity that cannot be avoided. However, this is right, because a beautiful lawn is the face of the owner of the house, which means that it only shows you from the best side. But do not forget that you need to take care not only of the grass, but also of the tool itself. And here it is absolutely unimportant whether you mow a lawn with a mowing machine, a lawnmower, dissect it on a mini-tractor or use the services of a modern robot. But what's really there, even the ancient braid needs sharpening! What to say about more modern devices.

What should I take care of first?

Of course, a sufficiently large number of things require your attention, but some of them are more important than others. The most important can be called a lawnmower knife. This attitude is justified because with a blunt blade to achieve high-quality haircuts can not.lawn mower knife

If we talk about bent or damaged devices, this can lead to a number of consequences, where one of the easiest is the complete breakdown of the device.As examples of the most dangerous results of such indiscretions are cases of severe injuries during mowing.

In addition, you definitely need to check the engine from time to time. All work is based on it. So you should not neglect technical inspection, even if time is sorely lacking.

If you use a lawn mower, then there are other problems. The gasoline mower blade can be put on the same step as the wheels. Such a base for movement plays an important role - if something breaks right during movement, subsequent damage can also affect more fragile internal parts of the machine.

What cutting tool can I replace?

If you use various mechanical devices for grass care, you should know that not only a lawnmower cutter can be used as a cutting tool, but also a trimmer line, or, as it is also called, cord.

If the first talk will be done separately, then the second need to make a slight emphasis. Trim fishing line can vary in thickness as well as in shape - these two aspects are very important to consider. In addition, there are still differences in materials - this is especially important for wood from Chinese manufacturers.However, it is better to buy exclusively European brands - its safety is more important.

Lawn Mower Knife

Choosing a cutting blade for a lawnmower depends on several factors.Al-Ko lawnmower cutterThe main thing here, without any doubt, is the size - for use in lawn mowers it is necessary to use only knives of strictly defined length.

Such data is usually indicated in the technical specifications of the purchased car. However, using a slightly shorter knife will not lead to terrible consequences. Is that the process itself will take a little more time, and the missing sections will be not uncommon, but commonplace.

In addition, the construction is still quite important - in stores it is usually indicated, but do not hesitate to ask. The lawnmower knife should create airflow that collects mowed grass in a special container.all-purpose knives for lawn mowersThis is a common practice for most lawn mowers, so finding a blade with other characteristics is not very easy, although not to say that it is completely impossible.

The brand

Do not forget that all lawnmower manufacturers use individual mounts for cutting surfaces.The safest replacement for you will be for the same brand, or even a model. For example, a knife for Al-Ko lawn mower is suitable only for this brand and so on.

If you make a mistake in the choice, then this will lead only to one thing - you will not be able to connect the knife to the device. But in the event that you succeed, everything will only get worse. When working, such a blade will be very unstable, since it will be mounted in a completely different way, which means that the quality will become much worse than it should be. But these are just flowers. The berries will go when the blade flies out of the nest - and this may well happen, because unreliable fastening plus fast turns ... well, physics will do everything as it needs. Subsequently, either your lawn mower or you yourself will be injured. Not excluded and the combined version.

However, there are other possibilities besides buying exactly the same cutting mechanism as the one that stood on your typewriter before. About them will be discussed below.

Using adapters

In specialty stores, or simply on the Internet, you may stumble upon such a thing as a knife adapter for a lawnmower. However, there are other names - an adapter or sleeve. Some call it a connector.Bosch lawnmower knivesThere are more exotic options.For example, this thing on which the blade is fixed. So it is not worth being surprised.

It is used to connect the engine with a knife, and it performs the following functions: first, it makes it possible to use almost any blade with each engine, which is mass-produced. It does not damage the engine - if the loads exceed the permissible limit, the adapter, together with the cutting surface, will simply break, thus saving the motor. Sometimes it also performs the function of a wheel drive pulley.

Adapters can be very different, because each manufacturer needs its own mount. Despite this, finding the right is not difficult. Even the largest brands have no more than a couple of dozen such devices in production - the rest, indicated as possible, are simply not produced anymore, although they can be used.

Universal knives

There is another option for replacement - after all, it is quite difficult to find a certain model. That is why universal knives for lawn mowers are firmly on the market. Their peculiarity is that they can be fixed in several ways, which makes the work safe on many lawn mowers at once.

Also equipped with such devices are usually a whole set of washers and adapters that allow them to securely fasten to the machines of most brands.

Electric models

So called cutting devices for trimmers. Actually, the electric lawn mower knives are disks of the most diverse forms, although there are more interesting options for an outsider.

They are used in this way - are inserted into the trimmer head, fixed, and then it is a matter of technique and time.lawnmower cutter adapter

Such knives are mainly made of plastic - this is most likely due to the safety of the user, since the metal disk can be thrown back, which should not be allowed on braids with a curved barbell. If your motokosa is equipped with a straight rod, then you can use iron discs. With their help, you can mow anything - from grass to shrubs or even young trees. However, such units have drawbacks - if you stumble upon a stone, the disk will simply flatten. This is not because the metal is of poor quality, but to protect the entire trimmer from breakage.

As a conclusion

You should remember that buying any cutting mechanisms is only in safe places.electric lawn mower knivesFor example, knives for Bosch lawn mowers can be bought in any store where there is a similar technique. The percentage of defects and fakes is quite small, so you do not need to worry about your safety. But the situation may change radically if you look at other companies. Especially Chinese brands suffer from this. However, it is best to shop at a service center - for example, a knife for Al-Ko lawn mowers can be ordered directly on their website. In this case, the question of quality generally disappears.

Before you make a purchase, read the instructions and specifications of your lawn mower.cutter for gasoline mowersThe advice is quite banal, but it can save you from many problems - maybe there is a specialized center in your city? Then it is indicated in the documentation. That is, running around in different shops or long searches on the web are canceled.

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