How to choose a good hair dryer to serve for many years?

In order to buy a good hair dryer, you should stock up with the necessary information. You should know the technical parameters of the device, its types and desired functions. Only after that you can safely go to the store for shopping.

Hairdryer helps not only to dry hair, but also to give them the necessary volume and make styling.

The device is divided intotwo categories:

  • household hair dryer, used at home;
  • professional, which is used in beauty salons and hairdressers.
Properly chosen hairdryer helps save money and protects your hair, while maintaining their health and structure.

How do women choose a hair dryer?

Most people ask themselves the question of how to choose a hair dryer, because this thing is really necessary. Some of the fair sex believe that the acquisition of a hair dryer - a fairly simple procedure.

How do women choose a hair dryerOne has only to go to the store, choose a beautiful model, compare its cost with your budget, and then purchase.

However, everything is quite difficult, because the correct choice of a hair dryer depends on many parameters. For example, the high power of the device contributes to drying out the hair, and, as a result, you will get a dry and brittle hair.

Before you choose a model, you should decide where the device will be used. If it is necessary only for home use, you can safely take a regular hair dryer. If the device will be taken into the pool or in travel, then a hairdryer with a folding handle is suitable for this.

Also every hair dryerdivided by technical parameters:

  • power;
  • drying type;
  • air temperature;
  • number of speeds;
  • manufacturer;
  • additional functions;
  • the cost.
From this all depends on the health and appearance of your hair.

Types of hair dryer

Regular hair dryer. A hair dryer for home use is purchased, it helps to dry thick or long hair.

Hair dryer typeThis is due to the fact that this type of device has a high capacity and large size. As a rule, it comes with 2 nozzles - a diffuser that helps give volume to the hair, and a concentrator,directing the air flow in one place.

Compact hair dryer. In size, it is much smaller than a regular hair dryer and is adapted for travel.

Not only in size, but also in cost and power, it is inferior to the usual type. You will spend a lot of time on drying hair.

Hair dryer. This type is designed for hair styling. Despite its small capacity, a hairdryer helps to create curls along with drying hair. Ideal for sparse hair.

Hair dryer power

From the power of the device depends on the speed of hot air to the hair. The structure of the hair affects how to choose the right hair dryer. For women with thin or weak hair, you should purchase a hair dryer with a capacity of not more than 1200 watts. For those who want to quickly dry long hair, preference should be given to the power of 1600 watts.

Power is recorded on the device.Conventionally, it is divided into the following ranges:

  • up to 1500 watts. This power is used in hair dryers for gentle styling;
  • 1500 W to 2000 W. Used in compact models;
  • more than 2000 W. For the usual hair dryer and professional.
The ideal option would be to purchase a hair dryer with a power regulator.Such a tool will be able to use every family member without harm to their hair.


Many hair dryer manufacturers offer an air ionization feature. It helps protect hair from drying out and maintain its structure, as it neutralizes static electricity. This is especially true in the winter period of time when the hair is disobedient and very thick.

Modes of operation

Many hair dryers use not only power control of the hair dryer, but also speed and temperature. It is worth noting that not all manufacturers complete their models with these functions.

Modes of operation

Most low-cost options have one-button temperature and speed control. This is not very convenient, because along with the increase in speed the temperature also increases. How to choose a high-quality hair dryer in this category will prompt a consultant in the store, which will explain the device device.

You should buy a hair dryer, where there are several temperature levels, but not less than 3 positions in each.

Number of speeds

Hair dryer makers made sure your hair was styled the way you want it. That is why there is a function of switching speeds.On the case of the device there are figures meaning:

  • the slowest speed;
  • average speed. In the case of a compact hair dryer, this speed is the maximum possible;
  • maximum speed As a rule, this speed is completed with the usual type of hair dryers.
Some companies put a greater number of speeds on their inventions, but acquiring this model does not make sense. In addition to overpayment, you will not get anything.

Temperatures of operation

Every woman knows that very hot air spoils her hair, making it brittle and dull. Manufacturers paid attention to this and equipped their devices with several temperature regimes.

On the body of the product there are figures indicating the temperature regimes, or a button that supplies cold air. The more work options, the better. A professional hair dryer has the largest selection.

Nozzles for hair dryer

The more tips comes with the product, the more convenient to create unique hairstyles. If you use a hair dryer only for drying hair, then the number of nozzles is of fundamental importance to you.

Nozzles for hair dryerExistsseveral types of basic nozzles.

  • Diffuser. It is a nozzle socket with a tapered tip. Inside it there are openings through which air passes. The result is a soft feed that will save your hair.
  • Hub. This nozzle is available for most models of hair dryer. It has the shape of a cylinder with a flattened end. When using a hub, the air flow will go exactly to the place where the device is sent.
  • Active diffuser. This is a big nozzle that has "fingers." It massages the skin and helps to give your hair volume from the roots.

Device filter

Attention should be paid to the possibility of cleaning the filter located in the back of the equipment. Its main purpose is to protect internal elements from dust.

If the filter is removed, it can be easily cleaned from trapped hair and dust. Hair dryer is better to buy with this opportunity.


With these items, everything is more or less simple. The more famous the company, the more thoroughly the production process is followed in the production of the dryer and all the norms are maintained.

ManufacturerIf you want the device to serve you for many years, it is better to choose a hair dryer produced in Europe. It can besuch famous brands as:

  • Bosch;
  • VITEK;
  • Scarlett;
  • Rowenta;
  • Valera;
  • Philips.

When choosing a hair dryer, you should also pay attention to the length of the cord, so that it is enough from your outlet to the mirror.

Cost of

The cost of the product depends on the manufacturer and configuration. Brands of European manufacturers are sold, on average, for 5000-6000 rubles, hair-brushes from 700 rubles.

TOP 5 best hair dryers for home

Devices for drying hair on the shelves of specialized stores - a great many, so it is easy to get confused from such abundance. We made a rating of the most popular hair dryers, which included products that are particularly popular with domestic women.

Bosch PHD9760 / 9769

This model is suitable for both ordinary customers and professional hairdressers.

Bosch PHD9760 / 9769Bosch PHD9760 / 9769 hair dryer

The device is distinguished by its power, 6 speed modes, 3 temperature modes, there is also a function for supplying cool air.


  • powerful motor that allows the device to work for a long time without a pause;
  • ionization (it can be turned off);
  • long cord (about three meters);
  • additional nozzles - concentrator and diffuser;
  • quick drying;
  • ease of use of the diffuser.


  • heavy model.

average cost- 3500 rubles.

Philips HP8280

Stylish hair dryer, like the lovely ladies, not only for the appearance, but also for the excellent characteristics.

Philips HP8280Philips HP8280 hairdryer

The device has a special touch sensor that determines how hot the hair is and reduces the temperature when drying the hair.


  • 6 speeds;
  • powerful device;
  • ionization function;
  • cool air supply;
  • stylish appearance;
  • comfortable diffuser;
  • long wire;
  • removable filter.


  • high cost;
  • pretty heavy model.

average cost- 5500 rubles.

Panasonic EH-NE31

Compact and convenient model that allows you to quickly and seamlessly dry hair.

Panasonic EH-NE31Panasonic EH-NE31 hair dryer

The convenience of the hair dryer lies in the fact that it releases separate air flows of different thickness, which, alternating and dividing the strands, evenly dry even thick hair.


  • compactness;
  • 6 speeds;
  • the ability to ionize hair;
  • drying by separating streams;
  • quiet work.


  • no nozzles.

average cost- 2400 rubles.

Polaris PHD 2077i

In addition to the bright design (and the device is made of plastic purple hue), the hair dryer has a low cost, good functionality and high-quality assembly.

Polaris PHD 2077iPolaris PHD 2077i hair dryer

In addition, the product is quite compact and weighs little, so the hand does not get tired when drying.


  • stylish appearance;
  • small weight;
  • reasonable price;
  • overheat protection;
  • 3 temperature conditions;
  • 2 steps of power switching;
  • high speed of drying hair.


  • the cord does not rotate;
  • when drying the dryer rustles.

average cost- 1300 rubles.

Rowenta CV5351D0

Pretty good model with high power and respect for the hair.

Rowenta CV5351D0Rowenta CV5351D0 Hair Dryer

Several modes, including gentle, will allow high-quality dry and lay even the most disobedient hair. Additional features will only enhance the positive effect.


  • ionization function;
  • cold air mode;
  • 3 temperature conditions;
  • mode of careful drying;
  • stylish design;
  • quick hair drying.


  • the model is heavy;
  • The cold air button is tight and has to be clamped.

average cost- 2600 rubles.

Writing the only correct answer to the question what kind of hair dryer is better is impossible. How to choose a good hair dryer brush, you should ask the owners of short hair. For quick hair drying, an ordinary powerful hair dryer is suitable, and for short hair - a hair dryer with a concentrator attachment.

A professional device will help the master to create an interesting image, but in the hands of an amateur he is dangerous. Choose the hair dryer that fits your specifications.

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