How to cause the devil really and safely?

Devils are representatives of the black forces, always ready to communicate. They do not even take offense when they are disturbed by trifles or for fun. Let's look at how to call the devil, and what precautions should be taken. An important factor in this experiment is protection. Black magic for beginners is a tangled and not always clear science. But we will try to figure everything out.

how to cause devil

What is required for the rite?

Preparatory events are the basis for the success of any business. It is necessary to ponder everything, to imagine well, to check the presence of attributes and the like. Understanding how to cause the devil, people do not realize the dangers that this activity harbors. Usually concentrate on the ritual itself. This is a bad idea. After all, the devils, having once gained access to housing and the thoughts of a person, are in no hurry to leave. They like hooligans, causing suffering and tears. That is, you need to take care of the horned go home.

This will require boiled or baptized water. Take care that such liquid was in the house. Still have to buy a new round mirror, small size. Looking into it is strictly prohibited. Through this magical attribute, a portal will be created between the two worlds. The reflection has a magical connection with the prototype and never disappears. Through a mirror you can be dragged into the other world, which is very bad, almost deadly.

We have already said that black magic for beginners seems to be expensive, full of obstacles, potholes and cliffs. It is necessary to go on it by touch, therefore, it should be done very carefully. Prepare a simple water, a beautiful, better crystal vase, paint and candles. Devils love wealth, because the "container" should look expensive, you can decorate with gold. Do not use church candles; you cannot reach them.

black magic for beginners

Room preparation

Describing how to call the devil, not all magicians pay attention to beginners to ordinary and understandable, according to a specialist, things. So, the devil beings are afraid of church paraphernalia. It is necessary to take out of the room everything connected with religion (crosses, icons, books, etc.).Holy water should be poured into a dark bottle, well corked. But even her devils are in touch, so it would be good to put the bottle in a mirror box, the sides of which reflect the light outside. Electrical appliances will have to turn off. They create a special kind of fields that prevent the emergence of the portal.

Ventilate the room from artificial odors, do not like their essence. They would smell sulfur or hay usual. Flavors reduce the effectiveness of conscription. Spirits, if you have used them for the last three days, will have to be washed off in the shower. And yet, if you are seriously interested in how to cause the devil, then decide on the goal. Why do you need an entity, what do you want to ask for? Clearly formulate your thoughts and write them down. If you get scared, then it will be enough to say: “I order!”, The devil considers the rest from the field and will run to fulfill.

good devil

Conducting ceremony

Light the candles by placing them around a vase, at the bottom of which a mirror is placed with a reflective surface facing up. Pour water in it to half. Keep a bottle of consecrated liquid on hand. Take paint and drip them into the water, reading the words of the conspiracy. They are: “White color - I open the portal, I connect my worlds and yours.Red - call the devil, appear waking. Black - the entrance opens for you. Yellow - reward for labor appears. Green - the duty to respond to the call. Blue - the devil to complete the task is ready! ". Naturally, it is necessary to drip into the water the color that you call.

When finished, look in the mirror, but try not to get into it yourself. The reflective surface is covered with paint, in the center will be a little devil. Quickly and clearly say why he was called. You can say the word “I order!” If you have forgotten what you wanted.

how to call a little dick

Proper completion of the rite

After reading how to call the imp, do not rush to do the rite immediately. Otherwise you will bring trouble. It is necessary to understand that the portal will be open, as a window, until the use of holy water. As soon as you have expressed a wish, splash the liquids from the cooked bottle into a vase. This action will not allow the devil to direct your thoughts, to interfere in life. However, he will be trapped. Until you destroy the magical construction of a vase, a mirror and water, it will fulfill any desire. At each should re-conduct the ceremony. Thinking through orders, consider two things:

  • You are addressing a creature far from omnipotent.He is subject to the material world. A concrete wish follows (I want a new car!).
  • Good devil is a myth. You should not expect that the creature will help others, to fulfill the human-loving desires.

damn true or not

How to cause a yo-yo

Sunlight is not something that beings from the black world like. But during the day you can call the little devil, if the trap is already ready. That is, the first rite is always performed at night. And then you can dispose of the devils, as you wish. Your captive does not have an exit, will appear at the first call and execute any order. But not indefinitely. The time will come when you have to release it. Determine it as the surface of the mirror. It will become completely dirty, covered with paint to such a state that it will be impossible to replace the devil in it. Wash all attributes used in the rite with holy water. The dungeon will collapse without negative consequences for you.

The call of the devil: true or not?

The question seems to be rhetorical, that is, there is no answer. It depends on what the person believes. Those who are interested in black magic will be able to communicate with the devil, others are unlikely.And everyone will defend their point of view, oddly enough, right. After all, the world in which we live is far from being objective. It depends on beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, and each has its own.

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