How to become a flight attendant? Where to study for a stewardess? How to become a flight attendant "Aeroflot"?

One of the most romantic and sensual professions is the stewardess profession. Many young women ask themselves: how to become a flight attendant? I want to visit different countries, see the world, meet interesting people, even meet my love on an airplane. In addition, the work seems dusty. But few people know what this profession really is, what hard work is hidden behind a beautiful picture and what you have to pay for the opportunity to fly.

History of the flight attendant profession

The profession of a flight attendant dates back to the 1930s. Someone was on board to deal with passengers, and for advertising purposes they decided that they should be young and attractive women, although the main task was to unload the co-pilot for safety reasons.Then there was no place to study for a stewardess, it was enough to have a nurse to become a flight attendantFlight attendants greeted the passengers, checked the tickets, weighed the luggage, cleaned the cabin. During the trip, they carried food and drinks, cleaned passengers' shoes, carried buckets of fuel during intermediate landings. The first flight attendants are young women not older than 25 years old with diplomas of nurses, necessarily slim and short - no more than 160 cm and 52 kg. The term "flight attendant" appeared quite recently, in 1998

What you need to become a flight attendant

The requirements of various airlines to applicants for the position of flight attendant are not too different. As a rule, they are as follows:

  • Average height - from 165 cm, but not too tall, so as not to have to bend down the head.
  • Excellent health. For flight attendants is required to pass the medical examination. Good vision, lack of cardiovascular diseases, psychological health are all mandatory requirements for flight attendants.
  • Lack of excess weight, tattoos, scars, piercing, visible defects in appearance.
  • Good knowledge of at least English, and preferably German or French.
  • Higher education, competent speech, good diction.

what you need to become a flight attendant

Flight attendant requirements

So how to become a flight attendant? School flight attendants - this is the next step after the interview and medical examination. The course is designed for a month or two. Then comes the thirty-hour internship already on board the aircraft.

It is believed that from the flight attendants require a model appearance. The requirements for the flight attendant's figure are not dictated by aesthetics at all, just too small a height can prevent passengers from getting things from the upper shelves, and a lot of weight is undesirable in order not to overload the plane.

school flight attendants

Having the desire to find a given profession and wondering how to become a flight attendant, you will have to tighten up English. This job pays well and makes it possible to travel the world. In addition, the flight attendant paid vacation - more than 70 days. But it is hard work both physically and psychologically.

What are the courses taught?

Future flight attendants are trained in first aid, emergency rules, and passenger services. Flight attendants can even deliver or soothe a violent passenger.Also, girls are taught to apply discreet make-up and make hair, as well as wear a uniform. Training takes place with the use of aircraft stimulants. At the end of the course, an exam is taken, part of which is simulation of an airplane crash with the descent of a crew into a cold water pool. How much to study for a stewardess depends on the airline, but usually from four to seven weeks.

Work in Aeroflot

Aeroflot is one of the most desirable employer companies for flight attendants. First, here the cabin crew’s salary is higher than in other airlines. Secondly, it is prestigious to work at Aeroflot, since it is a very respected organization. Thirdly, it appeals to a huge number of international flights. What you need to become a flight attendant in this company:

  • secondary education;
  • for those who have no experience, the upper age limit is 26 years old, experienced flight attendants can try their luck at Aeroflot and at an older age;
  • height from 160 to 175 cm;
  • clothing size up to the 48th;
  • good level of English;
  • citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • registration in Moscow or Moscow region;

You can find out in detail how to become an Aeroflot flight attendant on the airline's website.If you meet all their requirements, then you can safely fill in the questionnaire posted here, which must be accompanied by a good photo with a neat day makeup and hair.

how to become a flight attendant aeroflot

Applicants will be interviewed by a special commission. If, after an interview and testing, a decision is made in favor of the candidate, the applicant is sent to undergo a medical-flight expert commission. Based on the results of this commission and the results of the interview, the applicant will be credited to the position of flight attendant trainee and sent to Aeroflot Aviation School for training and further training.

How much do flight attendants earn

In the "Aeroflot" stewardess can earn from 40 to 90 thousand. Salary is not fixed, but depends on many factors:

  • the presence or absence of complaints and thanks;
  • grades on the next exam in English;
  • the number of flight hours.

Stewardesses who show themselves well are transferred to long-haul flights. In this case, very decent travel expenses are also paid. Also, over time, you can become a senior flight attendant or instructor.In order to work on international charter flights, it is desirable to speak not only English, but also French and German. In addition, Aeroflot teaches flight attendants in Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

where to study stewardess

The social package in Aeroflot is also quite good: insurance, retirement payments, low-cost air tickets, motels, kindergartens, 74 days vacation.

Where are trained stewardess "Aeroflot"

Where to study for a stewardess depends on which airline you interviewed. Before becoming a flight attendant at Aeroflot, you need to finish the training school for the flight attendants of this company - Aeroflot Aviation School. The cost of training in it is 45 000 rubles. Those who passed the interview and was hired by Aeroflot partially pay for the training, the rest can be deducted from their salaries. Will have to study for 1.5 months. The course includes both theoretical training and practice on the aircraft. In the training used simulator "land-water", the layout of the passenger compartment. During their studies, students master the skills of first aid, undergo emergency rescue training, a course of organizing transportation by air.Flight attendants are taught to properly serve food and even open champagne, serve passengers, guess their desires and smooth out conflict situations.

how much to study for a stewardess

Price issue - motherhood

Changes in pressure, exposure to ozone and radiation, loud noise, vibration, change of time zones - all this can not but affect health. For example, flight attendants are difficult to endure pregnancy, it is often interrupted at the earliest possible time. In the third or fourth week of pregnancy, a rough laying of organs, the nervous system, and the brain occurs. Under the influence of harmful factors, the natural development of the embryo can be disturbed, and a miscarriage occurs or the fetus stops. This happens at a time when a woman may not even be aware of her position. Professional gynecological diseases are also observed in flight attendants, as well as dysbacteriosis. In order to conceive and endure a healthy child, the stewardess must abandon the flight at the planning stage of pregnancy.

Other disadvantages of the profession

Because of the long stay on the legs, flight attendants often suffer from varicose veins, and they often have problems with the spine.Life in constant stress leads to another occupational disease - insomnia.

study stewardess

Flight attendants work with people. Situations are very different, conflicting, difficult. The stewardess should always remain calm, goodwill and a smile on her face. The situation is aggravated by the fact that many of the passengers in the air character deteriorates. Fear and panic, coupled with alcohol, lead to quarrels, whims, cavils, and sometimes fights. Thus, stress - the eternal companion of the stewardess. Therefore, flight attendants are already retired at thirty.

Often, the flight attendants do not develop a personal life. It so happened that they fall in love with a beautiful stewardess, enchanted by the romance of the profession, but when his wife is not at home for weeks - that is another matter. The stewardess just physically can not do the house, life, perform all the duties of a good wife and mother. If she is lucky to be a mother at all.

Nevertheless, this work is interesting, difficult, responsible and well paid. If the sky and distant countries beckons you, then go ahead! Get your dream job is quite possible.

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