How to baptize. Weapon for warrior

Before the start of the persecution of the church, everyone knew how to behave in the temple. They knew the structure of the main service - the liturgy, they were sure when this or that holiday this year were able to sing many prayers together with the choir. Now this “knowledge” is rare. We are not even sure how to be baptized. Right to left or vice versa?

Another world

From left to right, the sign of the cross is imposed on Catholics. They do a lot differently than the Orthodox. For example, wedding rings on their left hand, they confess not "eye to eye", and in the temples there is an opportunity to sit some part of the service. From such small details there is a holistic image of a different religious worldview.

Meaning invisible

how to baptize

Why is it important to know how to be baptized? The fact is that this action is not a formal sign. It has a deep spiritual meaning, for creatures of the invisible world it is more material than for you - the screen of the device with which you read this article. If you are properly baptized, something like a protective screen is created around you.Even the greatest sinner who has imposed a sign upon himself is protected by grace. No wonder the prayer to the Holy Cross, the strongest in protecting against the dark world, must be accompanied by the sign of the cross. So to know how to be baptized correctly, is necessary for the Orthodox, otherwise you will be a warrior without a weapon.

The technique is simple

The thumb and two adjacent ones on the right hand should be joined as a symbol of the Trinity itself. Nameless and little finger - pressed to the palm, in a sign that Christ had two natures - human and divine. Start the sign should be from the forehead, then you put your hand on the area just below the end of the ribs, then you need to carry the hand to the right shoulder, touching it. Behind this action, move your hand to your left shoulder, then lower your hand freely and bow down. Over time, you will get used to it and you will not even think about how to properly baptize.

Identification mark

how to baptize right to left

By the sign of the cross, you can determine which denomination is before you. Catholics will be baptized from left to right, Western Protestants often do not recognize the signs of the cross, the Old Believers differently, not like Orthodox, fold their fingers.Often, before starting a confession, the priest asks the Christian to impose a sign on himself. And if a person does not know how, he will teach you to do it right. If something is not clear to you, do not hesitate to ask the father after the service about exciting formal and informal problems.

Why do we need faith

how to be baptized Orthodox

Why is it so important to ask for help from the Lord? Christ himself said that without him, man himself can not create anything. Often, God helps in business and unbelievers, but more often, it happens with goals that only he knows. We cannot always say exactly why, why, and how the Creator participates in our life. But when you turn to God's help, you will get more if you set good and useful goals.

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