How to adopt a child from a Baby house: the necessary documents

Childhood is the most important time in everyone's liferights. It is at this time that the foundations of his character, attitude to others, the development of many abilities are developed, the perception of the world is formed. It fully depends on how the childhood of the child will pass, how much it will be surrounded by the love and care of parents, home comfort and warmth. Abandoned children are deprived of all these benefits.

Every year the number of adoptions in ourthe country is growing steadily. The most likely foster parents take away the crumbs at the age of several months. Why is this so? What are the motives of parents when adopting? How to adopt a child from a Baby house and what documents are required for this? What to expect in the future?

how to adopt a child from a baby house

Motives for adoption

The main reasons for adoption are only two: the inability to have children of their own and a sincere desire to take care of the disadvantaged child.

In the first case, the initiator is most oftenfemale. She wants to realize herself fully, to surround the care of a little man, to grow from him a full member of society, to give him a part of the soul, to give him a caress. If mutual understanding and consent prevail in the family, the husband fully supports his wife, and eventually they together decide on the adoption of the child from the orphanage.

where to adopt a child

However, it also happens that the baby re-acquiresmother or father in an incomplete family. From the legal point of view, this is not prohibited, but these conditions create additional difficulties when passing the entire procedure.

The first case is the most favorable,judging by psychological standards. Often foster children fall into families where they already have their own child, and sometimes several. The main motivating factors here are a genuine desire to help the child, save him from loneliness and fear of life, give full protection and support.

Difficulties of adoption

Before adopting a child from a Baby house,it is important to remember that the whole procedure will take a very long time. However, if the desire is really sincere, then a long time, bureaucracy and numerous delays will in no way become a hindrance to future parents. All of the above is a real test of willingness to love and accept a son or daughter as they are, not for any qualities.

is it possible to adopt a child

An important factor is the abilitycontain a child. The financial side of the issue greatly affects how children's homes treat new parents. Adopting a child also means that a small man, except for love and care, should enjoy material benefits in full measure, without experiencing any need.

Adoption of children under three years of age

You can adopt almost as little as an infant. This is how many adoptive parents act. The child has lived very little and, one can say, does not realize all the negativity of the situation that has been created, which in the future does not allow him to disclose to him the secret of adoption and maximally contribute to the upbringing of the future member of society, as well as the formation of his character. It is at the age of 0 to 3-4 years, the children are in the House of the baby.

However, such adoption has its own underwaterstones. In some cases, information about real parents, their biological data, age, social status is inaccessible, as well as the conditions under which the child was born. In any case, before adopting a child from the Baby house, it is advisable to learn all the exhaustive information from doctors and staff of the institution. It is also necessary that they provide information about the maintenance of the baby and the state of his physical and psychological health.

Who can adopt a child?

After the weigh-in of all the pros and cons comes a time when the future parents have the following questions: "Where to adopt a child and how to do it?"

Since children are one of the most vulnerablesocial layers of the population, not everyone who wants can adopt them. Restrictions and requirements are rather strict, however it is caused only by the desire of the state to preserve the life and health of the baby.

Before you adopt a child from the Baby House, determine if your candidate is eligible for the following conditions:

- you are fully capable;

- you have no previous convictions for serious crimes;

- you have sufficient income ensuring the subsistence level of each member of the future family;

- you have a permanent place of residence that meets sanitary standards;

- There are no serious diseases that interfere with the exercise of parental responsibilities.

Adoption procedure

For starters, it is recommended that you contact the districtor city guardianship authorities. Employees will provide data on the stages of the adoption procedure, a list of necessary documents, as well as provide information on the houses of the baby. In principle, the last point can be managed independently, by referring to the directories.children's homes adopt a child

An optional but desirable point will betraining in a special school of foster parents. There, the couple will be told about all the basics and nuances of adoption and raising a child-refuseni, which will be a good preparation.

The next step is to hand over papers to the guardianship authorities forplace of residence. Upon completion of the submission of documents within 15 days, the representative of the guardianship authorities will appear at the home of the spouses. He will assess housing conditions, as well as hold a conversation about the reasons for future parents' desire for adoption.

Further, the guardianship authorities issue an opinion onpermission to adopt. After that, you can start looking for a child and visiting the Baby Homes. Once the baby is selected, the necessary documents are submitted to the orphanage, and the management is provided with information about the child. A meeting of future parents with the baby is scheduled.

As a result of the meeting, the spouses decideon adoption, then they write the appropriate application (with the enclosure of documents) to the court. In a period of up to 2 months, the authorities must decide on the approval of the adoption. Or from refusal.

After receiving permission, the couple goes to the Baby's house, presents a court decision and personally takes the child home. The final stage is the registration of the fact of adoption in the registry office.

Required documents

Collecting the necessary information is the stage through which everyone who decided to adopt a child has to go through. It is better to prepare the documents in advance:

adopt child documents

  1. Copies of spouses' passports.
  2. Marriage certificate.
  3. Medical examination of health.
  4. Pensioner's ID.
  5. Reference from work on the amount of income.
  6. Certificate of ownership of housing or lease.
  7. Certificate of residence.
  8. The autobiography of the spouses, concerning all aspects of life, including hobbies, education, work, bad habits, etc.
  9. Certificates of convictions or lack thereof.

Benefits for adopted children

For foster parents there are special state payments, which, depending on different conditions, can have their size and frequency:

allowances for adopted children

  1. Maternity benefit from the date of adoption and until the expiration of 70 days (more than 1 child - 110 days). It is the size of the average earnings for the last year, but not more than 52 000 rubles.
  2. One-time benefit at the time of adoption. It is 8000 rubles. If the child is disabled, the amount is increased to 100,000 rubles.
  3. Monthly childcare allowance up to 1.5 years. It is 40% of the average income for the last year.
  4. Mothers with the adoption of two or more children until 31.12.2016 are provided with maternity capital. The base part is 250,000 rubles.
  5. Additional subsidies and payments established by the legislation of the region at the place of residence of the foster family.


The procedure for adopting a child from a Baby house -a very long process that can last about 5-6 months. Therefore, very often adoptive parents are interested in whether it is possible to adopt a child faster? The specialists answer that it is realistic to speed up the process if you prepare all the necessary documents in advance and pass through several steps of the procedure in parallel. You can also get acquainted with the terms and state regulations of each stage and keep track of them in a timely manner.

adopt a child from an orphanageIt is important to bear in mind that all relatives of the foster family must be positively attuned to the adopted child. Otherwise, the adaptation process can be severely hindered.

Another problem is the adoption of absolutelyhealthy in all respects baby. Such children are a minority, so the queue for them, accordingly, is more. In addition, no one can guarantee with absolute certainty that even a completely healthy child at a later age will not suffer from various kinds of deviations.

It is worth remembering that in the presence of disputableAdoption situations can always be appealed to the court. In general, such complaints concern the inadequate living conditions of spouses (in the opinion of the guardianship authorities).


Adoption of the infant is veryresponsible step. A child is not a toy that can be thrown out or given away when it gets bored. Parents are fully responsible for the fate of the little man, educate him and help in the formation and formation of personality. The decision to adopt is adopted once and for all, as if it were a child born personally by you.

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