How many years do cats live

Pussies are long-time associates of human life. And anyone who starts a purring furry friend at home, hardly thinks about how many years the cats live, because we try not to think about the bad. But still the cat's eyelid is very short in comparison with the human, and the length of life of a fluffy pet of the family depends heavily on the conditions of his residence and care. So how many years live cats? Let's try to understand.

Usually our furry friends live from twelveup to fifteen years. But among them there are also long-livers, able to stay in the family all twenty, or even twenty-five! Everything depends on the owner and the conditions of the pet's maintenance.

Some scientists believe that for lifePets are affected by their sterilization. Sexual aggression after castration is reduced, as well as the burden on the body associated with the process of procreation. This operation, in particular, minimizes the possibility of the emergence of various diseases of the uterus and tumors of the mammary glands in females. After castration, the males disappear sexual arousal, as well as all accompanying disturbances and stresses.

How do you know how many years live cats? Just need to translate their age into a human. There is an opinion that the year of the cat's life is equal to seven human in the first five years, and later to five.

So, a six-year-old developmental kittencorresponds to the kid of three years, and already in two years after a birth - to the teenager of 14 years. Cats at this age are similar to people in that they have certain habits that practically do not change. Therefore, it is necessary to start bringing up the cat as early as possible, preferably up to a year.

With age, cats pacify their disposition and become calmer. Nine years is already a pre-retirement age for them, if compared with a person, and fifteen is a deep old age.

How to help a cat live longer?

In the street the cat will not live long. According to environmentalists, the average life expectancy in a street is usually only about five years. Very often homeless kittens perish. But when they get lost in a colony or a pack, it's easier for them to survive. In Britain, even somehow registered a kind of record - nineteen years.

At the same time, their relatives living nearman, do not have to fight for their survival, so the life of cats at home is much longer! So, for example, a cat named Krym Paff lived for thirty-eight years and three days, hitting the famous Guinness Book of Records as the longest-lived of those registered in 2010. She was already actually overtaken by Kitty Lucy from the city of Llanelli in the UK. A year ago she turned 39 years old, and while she is alive and well.

So the answer to the question, how many years live cats,directly depends on the owners: how much they give constant attention, take care. And it's better just to live next to your favorite pet, not thinking about the bad and enjoying every new day spent in harmony!

And how many live Siamese cats? In one book it is reported that they usually live, like all others, from fifteen to twenty years, but there are also those that live up to twenty-eight years.

It is rumored that the Siamese cat Mavrodi, who became famous as the creator of the MMM project, lived with him for thirty years!

In general, cats need to be groomed and cherished, and thenthey will long please you with their presence in the dwelling, with a soft purr and a devoted look. If you do not love a cat, it begins to ache, wither and less often it can be seen peacefully lying on a sofa or a window - a cat in depression will hide in corners, refuse food and contact with a person, and eventually live less than it could. Draw conclusions, because you now know how many years live cats.

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