Housekeepers with their own hands: a master class

Among the Slavs, a brownie is a spirit that must be present in a home. Some people even consider him the soul of the house. It should provide a quiet life and comfort to the inhabitants of the house. In every way to protect them from disease and evil, and protect the home from thieves and fires. This article presents several master classes for those who want to learn how to make such toys as amulets, housekeepers. With your own hands, you can make wonderful souvenirs for your home or as a gift to relatives and friends. You will also read about the nature of the entity, about where to place its image. Toddlers will also love the housekeepers. With your own hands (photo in the article will help) you will create a real fairy tale in your home.

House handicrafts

Brownie in Slavic culture

It is believed that brownies belong to the evil spirit, but they are not afraid of icons. They live in the homes of believers, only they do not like images. There is a legend that God drove Lucifer and his associates out of heaven, sending them to hell. But not everyone got straight there.Some are stuck between heaven and hell. These entities and include brownies. These are souls who repented of their sins, but the Lord did not forgive them immediately, but ordered 70 years to faithfully serve man. If the brownie fulfills the covenant, he will be able to return to heaven. They say that the dark side of their soul gives very few people the task, therefore they so often do harm, and few of them go to heaven.

House spirit

The nature of the brownies may be controversial, but, as a rule, they never do outright evil. They can only make fun of sometimes negligent or very lazy tenants of the house. Those whom they love, they protect, warn about danger with signs, braid hair and beards at night in braids. Brownies love babies. Those who do not speak, are shown. Play with them and nurse, swing cradles. Barabashki, which are afraid of children, and there are those very houses. With their own hands, they will never offend the kids, but, on the contrary, will protect clumsy kids from falling and entertain them.

Brownie kuzya own hands

They adore horses, can live in a stable. If he likes a horse, then a mane is tied to him, stroked, combed, fed. From this horse becomes stronger, stronger.If the animal is not to their liking, they can be brought to light. Pounding him, torturing him.

How does a brownie protect a home?

The brownie may warn the occupants of the misfortune. Before the death of someone from the household, he howls. Always guarding the house and yard, and if danger is coming, he beats the dishes, makes noise, stomps. Can tweak at night, so bruises appear. It happens that brownies are piling on a sleeper. Do not be afraid. You just need to ask: “Is it bad or good?” The brownie will answer “Yes” or “No”.

Slavs have always respected and loved the brownies. Especially anxious to them were ordinary people. In the house they were always respectfully called the “master” or “grandfather”. Still "by" or "in large".

In winter, the brownie lives on or near the stove. Sometimes you can hear him sitting in the workplace of the owner and engaged in his affairs. Brownies do not like mirrors and goats in the household.

If people conceived to move, then the brownie was called with him. On the last night in the house, he was invited to follow the household to a new dwelling. They did it with bread and salt. Most often, the brownie agreed. It was believed that he protects livestock and increases profits to the owner of the house.

Interesting Facts about Brownies in Japan

The Japanese are amazing people. They consider the house spirits of the biosphere who live next to man. They live in water, in fields, in forests, in abandoned houses. In modern Japan, on the streets of the city or in the villages, you can see special houses for brownies, created by people. Passers-by consider it their duty to appease the spirit, putting there candy, cookies or coins. It is believed that this will bring good luck in business and spirit of pleasure.

Brownies do-it-yourself burlap

For work you will need:

  • sackcloth,
  • hand wire
  • synthetic winterizer or holofiber,
  • glue,
  • twine,
  • fabric for dress.

Fold the burlap in half and cut a rectangle. Stitch around the perimeter, making one smaller side rounded, and leave the second unsewn. Turn out the workpiece and tamp filler.

Now you need to mark the head. We do this with the help of a thread and a needle. Estimate, at what level it can be, and drag this place. Sew the head on top.

Hands we will make of wire. Draw a silhouette of a hand on paper and curve it out according to the drawing. Take a little padding polyester and wrap a piece of wire from it. Put a capron stocking on your hands and make seams between your fingers.

We proceed to the tailoring of the dress. The dress is sewn very simply, like a vest. Iron the fabric. Put the body and hands of the brownie on the fabric, measure the piece from the neck to the hem. Cut it off. On the rectangle, draw a silhouette of a fitted dress and sleeves at the level of the limbs. Cut and stitch outfit.

Make a mustache and beard out of twine. Put on a brownie dress. Put some silicone glue on your hands, insert them into the sleeves. Glue the house nose - pre-stitched ball of cloth, mustache, eyes and mouth.

It is necessary to cover the toy head. Cut a cone out of burlap, stitch it along the seam. The edge can be edged with a piece of faux fur.

From the cardboard, cut the soles of the two slippers together. Tape the paper with burlap. From the twine weave two braids. Glue them around the perimeter of the shoe.

Often in the shops of the decor such houses are sold. You can do such a thing with your own hands out of sacking and in just an hour. It is expensive and will become a talisman and stylish decor.

houses do it yourself

Brownie Kuzya do it yourself

This character from the cartoon of the same name fell in love with everything. Children love the house. With your own hands, you can make a gift to a child by creating Kuzya from a cartoon.

To translate the idea you will need:

  • oven;
  • polymer clay flesh-colored;
  • flexible wire;
  • clippers;
  • toothpick;
  • floss threads;
  • square of fabric 15 by 15 cm;
  • square 7 by 7 cm of gray or white fabric;
  • red thread;
  • needles: plain thin and thick with a big eye;
  • oil paints;
  • acrylic paints;
  • acrylic glossy varnish.

First, sketch the toys on paper. Brownie should be 10 cm tall. Let's make a frame on which the head and limbs will hold.

Bend the wire twice. Make the tips in the form of loops (brownie's feet). Wind up the foil ball to the top - this is a blank for the head of the toy. Tape it with masking tape. This is necessary so that the foil does not fall apart and for good adhesion to polymer clay. Take a piece of plastic and stick around the ball with it. Schedule where the mouth, eyes, chin will be. Select the upper lip, under it from another piece attach the bottom. Take another piece and blind little snub nose. Bake your head in the oven.

how to make a house with your own hands

Take another piece of wire for the hands. Wrap the tips masking tape. Clay clay hands.It is convenient to blindly separate the palm and fingers, and then connect. Also bake them in the oven. Using pliers, connect the body and hands. Wrap the body masking tape.

We will give it volume by means of a synthetic winterizer. Cut a piece in the shape of the letter "T" and wind the workpiece. Hem the sintepon under the arms. Tighten and secure it in the area of ​​the legs. Form a round belly.

burlap houses

Outfit for kuzi

Go to tailoring outfit. We'll make baby pants. Take a flap of any dense stretching fabric. Can be a piece of an old sweater. We cut out pants by taking measurements from the blank. In length, they should cover their legs with their feet. Stitch pants and sew up the tips on the toes. We put them on Kuzyu.

Now you need to make shoes, or rather shoes. Take a transparent second glue and twine. Glue the tip of the thread to the foot and wind it on the leg, simulating bast.

Now you need to sew a caftan. Take red cotton in white peas. To begin with, we cut out the sleeves, this can be done by eye, with a hand on the little house. Sew two tubes of fabric. Put them on and fasten with thread. We also cut out and sew the main part of the caftan by eye.

Brownie do-it-yourself burlap

Face and hairstyle

Go to the hair.Take a small jar, for example from a cream, and wind thick knitting threads on it, make about 20 turns. Carefully remove them from the jar. They will be folded in half. Glue them to the middle of the head of the brownie and cut in half. Get a shaggy hairstyle.

Tint the face with oil paint, so that Kuzya looked like he just got out of the chimney. Draw eyes, blush on the cheeks. So we figured out how to make a house with your own hands.

houses do it yourself photo

Where to put a brownie

A brownie loves a warm place, before it was believed that he lives on or near the stove. You can settle the toy in the kitchen or near the fireplace.

Here they are, these wonderful houses! Do it yourself miracle, which will protect the house, everyone can. This house will definitely like this toy. Every craftswoman presents it in her own way. It can be both a grandfather, and a young Kuzya. He will surely please the eye and cheer up, especially the kids, because they love fairy tales so much.

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