Hotel "Kremlin Palace" (Turkey, Antalya): reviews. Wow Kremlin Palace 5 *: booking, price, photo

Turkey is among the most popular holiday destinations among Russian travelers of the world. Tourists from the Russian Federation go to the Mediterranean for impressions - from the wonderful sea, from visiting historical places, from communicating with other amateurs of rest in warm countries. Many Russian travelers tend to experience the surprise of the entourage and concept of the hotel where they live. Among the hotel complexes that almost guarantee such impressions are practically the Kremlin Palace. What are some good reasons for this?

Hotel Kremlin Palace in Turkey

Hotel Overview

The Kremlin Palace Hotel (Turkey) is one of the most unusual hotel complexes, perhaps all over the world. The fact is that its buildings repeat the design and appearance of the famous historical buildings of Moscow. People around the world know St. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, the Historical Museum, the Resurrection Gate.All these masterpieces of Russian architecture are presented in the form of stylized copies in the structure of the buildings of the hotel complex "Kremlin Palace". Turkey as one of the most popular countries for Russian tourists, thus, in the face of this hotel, acquires an additional attraction for travelers from the Russian Federation, who get a unique opportunity to feel surrounded by familiar architecture.

Hotel Kremlin Palace Antalya

The total area of ​​the hotel complex is about 75 thousand square meters. Its structure includes: the main block, 3 buildings of 4 floors and 3 buildings with a height of 6 floors. The hotel is designed to accommodate 2 thousand people. The infrastructure of the hotel complex is represented by the following main objects:

- outdoor pool with Jacuzzi;

- water park;

- indoor pool with jacuzzi;

- restaurants of national and international cuisine;

- bars;

- tennis courts;

- playgrounds for mini-football, basketball;

- conference room “Mocsow”, in which up to 3 thousand people can be present at the same time.

Another popular name of the complex in question is the VOV Kremlin Palace Hotel. Turkey is a country of impressions. BOB is Russified WOW.Thus, the tourist has the right to expect the most vivid impressions of living in the Kremlin Palace. What does the Kremlin Palace Hotel (Turkey) look like? Photos of this complex are presented in the review.

Let us now study the most remarkable characteristics of the hotel in terms of approaches to the organization of rest.

Holiday features

The hotel positions itself as a place where an atmosphere of relaxed atmosphere is formed, filled with fun and exciting events. The infrastructure of the hotel complex allows you to organize entertainment both during the day and in the evening. Ways of pastime in the hotel can be very diverse. For lovers of discos and parties, dance events are organized. For those who prefer active leisure, the necessary infrastructure has been created for playing sports - in particular, football, volleyball, basketball, athletics, aerobics, and various water exercises. Many of the activities, in particular, it concerns evening discos, accompanied by live music.

Hotel Kremlin Palace Turkey


The Kremlin Hotel is located in Antalya, in the region of Kundu, at a distance of about 20 km from the airport.The center of Antalya can be reached by bus in about 40 minutes. The stop is located right next to the hotel. It is also possible to call a taxi. The city in which the Kremlin Palace Hotel is located, Antalya, has a large number of shopping and entertainment facilities. Among the most famous shopping centers are Antalium, Sultan Bazar, Terra City.

Attractions nearby

Turkey, Antalya, the Kremlin Palace Hotel, in particular, are becoming especially attractive for tourists who want to visit the Mediterranean coast in order to see the historical sights. Those that are located near the hotel, quite a lot. These include the fortress of Antalya, the historical city of Perge, the amphitheater Aspendos, the historical village of Side, the lake in Managavta, the historical city of Alanya.

Number of rooms

Let us study the specifics of the number of rooms, which the Kremlin Palace Hotel has. Turkey is a country of big hotels. The considered complex has 837 rooms, equipped with balconies, terraces. The hotel has the following categories of rooms: standard, Handicap Rooms, Connection Rooms, Suite, King, Royal King.There are rooms adapted for non-smoking tourists.

Kremlin Palace Turkey

Standard rooms have an area of ​​23 square meters. m. They can accommodate at the same time three guests.

Rooms classified as Handicap Rooms are designed for people with disabilities.

Connection Rooms are 2 standard rooms, which are separated by a single wall with a door. They can accommodate up to 6 people at a time.

Duplex rooms have an area of ​​40 square meters. m and a two-tier structure. On the 1st floor of such a room is a bedroom, bathroom, on the 2nd - another bedroom, shower, balcony.

Rooms "suite" have an area of ​​52 square meters. m. In their structure - 1 large room, equipped with soft furniture. These rooms can accommodate 3 people.

King rooms are 80 square meters. m. They have a bedroom, kitchen, jacuzzi, 2 bathrooms. These rooms can accommodate 4 people.

Rooms "Royal King" have an area of ​​120 square meters. m. In their structure - a bedroom, kitchen, study, jacuzzi, 2 bathrooms. They are designed to accommodate 2 people.

In the rooms of type "king" and "royal king" VIP-service is provided.

Each room has a telephone, TV, it is possible to go online. TV channels are broadcast via satellite - there are about 30 of them.There are 2 informational ones - the news is also broadcast in Russian. You can use the mini-bar, safe.

restaurants and bars

The Kremlin Palace Hotel in Turkey and beyond its borders is known for a huge assortment of dishes and drinks that are offered to tourists in restaurants and bars located within the complex. The main one is considered the "Capital". It, in particular, organizes a buffet for guests. The restaurant "Capital" has a special menu for people who are on a diet, vegetarians, as well as for children. In this institution operates a night buffet.

There are 6 a la carte restaurants on the territory of the hotel complex. They serve international cuisine. These are restaurants:

  • "Pasha" (Turkish cuisine),
  • "La Gondola" (Italian dishes),
  • "El Sombrero" (Mexican cuisine),
  • "Marin" (Mediterranean dishes),
  • "Brazier Park" (it serves barbecue),
  • sushi restaurant.

Hotel guests can also visit the snack bar and pastry shop. Bars that are located in the hotel complex:

  • "Divo" (works round the clock),
  • "Elegy",
  • "Star" (located near the pool)
  • "Aurora",
  • "Arbat" (located on the beach).

Also, tourists can visit the disco-bar and vitamin bar.

Infrastructure for business events

We will study other remarkable objects that the Kremlin Palace Hotel has in its infrastructure. Turkey is a country especially attractive in terms of business events. This is due to the presence in the structure of many hotel complexes of the infrastructure necessary for their organization of congresses, meetings, conferences at the highest level. Kremlin Palace is no exception. Here are the conference rooms, equipped with all the necessary technological solutions. Hotel staff will assist in resolving any organizational issues related to business events.

Swimming pools

For those who like to spend time not only in the warm sea, but also in the pool, on the territory of the Kremlin Palace there are several such employees at once. There are open-air swimming pools. On one of them are mounted water slides. There is a tank, as we noted above, equipped with a jacuzzi. There are small children's pools. Thus, lovers of water treatments will be able to relax wonderfully in the Kremlin Palace.

Children's entertainment

In addition to children's pools, on the territory of the hotel complex there are other remarkable places for hanging out for little guests. Among those - the club Pugy. It can be engaged in, participating in various exciting programs, children in different age groups - from 4 to 7 years, from 8 to 12 years, as well as teenagers from 13 years and older. The hotel also forms a special children's menu.

Beauty Salons

The Kremlin Palace hotel complex has establishments on its territory, without which many of the fair sex do not think about spending time on vacation. It is, of course, about beauty salons and health. Many tourists visit them with special pleasure. This type of institution is located in the building, the prototype of which was the Moscow Resurrection Gate. The Kremlin Palace Hotel in Turkey, in Russia and many other countries is associated with the highest level of professionalism of beauty specialists who work in local salons. The tourist offers a variety of procedures. Among them are, for example, hydromassage, as well as body care using various masks.

Turkey Antalya Kremlin Palace Hotel

Sport and health

We will study in more detail the sports infrastructure of the hotel complex. The hotel has a fitness room, squash court. For guests, there is also a Turkish bath, a sauna, a massage parlor, a swimming pool, which regular visits may well be included in the wellness program prepared by the traveler. The hotel complex has the necessary infrastructure for practicing water sports - riding a sailboat, catamaran, surfboard, canoe. Diving lessons are held. You can ride a jet ski, ski, "banana", paragliding.

The Kremlin Palace Hotel in Turkey (reviews by many travelers confirm this) and other countries are associated with the most developed infrastructure in terms of organizing game sports. As we noted above, football, basketball and volleyball courts are open for tourists. Guests of the hotel can spend time with an exciting bowling, playing table tennis, billiards.


For many tourists, the range of services presented in the hotel complex is of particular priority. Hotel Kremlin Palace (traveler reviews confirm this) offers its guests the most popular services at a high level.These include: laundry, dry cleaning, Internet access, fax messages. If necessary, you can always consult a doctor. Of course, at the Kremlin Palace Hotel, the “classical” hotel services are provided at the highest level - room service, reception desk advice and related services.


The desire to spend time on a sunny beach to the sound of the sea wave is the main reason that many Russian travelers prefer tours to Turkey. The Kremlin Palace Hotel is located on the first coastline and therefore becomes especially attractive for beach lovers. The seashore on which the hotel complex is located is sandy. The beach is owned by the hotel. The entrance to the sea is carried out with small walkways. The total length of the beach - 215 m. At the disposal of tourists - lounge chairs, umbrellas, mattresses, towels, hammocks. They are provided free of charge. Among the paid services - VIP-lounges. There are shower cabins, equipped places for changing clothes. The city where the Kremlin Palace Hotel is located, Antalya (traveler reviews confirm this) is known for the cleanest and most comfortable beaches.The sea coast, on which the complex is built, creates a wonderful atmosphere of measured rest, which, as many tourists think, perfectly combines with the entertainment infrastructure of the hotel.

Hotel Kremlin Palace in Antalya

Reservations and prices

How to book a room at the Kremlin Palace Hotel? Turkey is among the most popular countries on the Russian tourist list, therefore almost all the major travel agencies operating in the Russian Federation have the necessary resources to design their client’s trip to this hotel complex. You can try to book a room yourself through popular online services.

How much will it cost to stay at the Kremlin Palace Hotel? This hotel is, firstly, classified as five-star, and secondly, does not position itself as a budget. A tour to the Kremlin Palace for 10 days in autumn 2015 with a flight will cost about 40-50 thousand rubles per person. In principle, for the same amount in a budget Turkish hotel, you can relax together. However, given the depreciation of the ruble and in comparison with the seasons in previous years, this cost may not seem too high in terms of dollars or euros.

Kremlin Hotel Antalya Hotel reviews


Let us now study in more detail the views of travelers who visited the Kremlin Palace Hotel. Turkey, reviews of which are among the most frequently encountered, is known as a country with one of the most developed infrastructures for organizing beach holidays. Therefore, many travelers have particularly high demands on the level of provision of relevant services. However, even the most experienced travelers who visited the Kremlin Palace, admit: this hotel may well impress even the most demanding tourist.

Traveler reviews can be classified into several main categories:

- evaluating the quality of recreation infrastructure;

- concerning the level of service;

- evaluating the quality of entertainment programs;

- concerning the level of catering;

- reflecting the traveler’s opinion of the comfort of the rooms.

Speaking about the first type of feedback, it can be noted that Russian tourists and travelers from other countries are generally satisfied with the relevant aspect of staying at the hotel. In the Kremlin Palace, as the guests believe, the infrastructure for recreation is diverse, affordable and characterized by high quality in all aspects - the organization of pastime on the territory of the complex itself, and on the beach.

For many Russian tourists, the country in which the Kremlin Palace Hotel is located - Turkey - is associated primarily with the highest level of service. Guests of the hotel complex as a whole characterize it as meeting modern criteria. The staff of the Kremlin Palace show an appropriate level of professionalism, attentiveness, and competence in dealing with customers.

Regarding the level of entertainment programs. Russian and foreign tourists are delighted. The Kremlin Palace Hotel, they believe, offers a surprisingly diverse range of activities for active and measured rest for guests of all ages. In this hotel complex, you can safely go together, with children, with colleagues - the quality of rest, because of the variety of entertainment programs, guaranteed, sure tourists.

Concerning the organization of food and special complaints, judging by the reviews online, travelers do not express. Tourists highly appreciate first of all the variety of dishes and drinks presented in a wide range of catering establishments available on site.

Regarding the fifth category of reviews - those that reflect the opinions of tourists about the comfort of staying in rooms - there is no noticeable degree of discontent among a large number of opinions on this aspect. Russians and tourists from other countries are satisfied with the quality of the room stock, the level of functioning of the relevant infrastructure, and the aesthetic characteristics of the rooms in the hotel complex.

Kremlin Hotel in Turkey reviews

It can be noted that many tourists chose this hotel complex also due to the fact that the Kremlin Palace Hotel is located in Antalya - a beautiful tourist city with famous sights and rich infrastructure for a positive pastime. In this sense, travelers positively evaluate not only the hotel itself, but also the fact of its convenient location relative to the city, as well as the level of development of transport links with Antalya. The wonderful hotel complex and the legendary city are in perfect harmony with each other, as travelers believe.

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