Hotel Ares City Hotel 3 * (Turkey, Kemer) - review, rooms, beach and tourist reviews

Ares City Hotel 3 * is a hotel in Kemer, which is located near the city center, literally 100 meters away. This hotel is perfect for a cheap but decent rest in comfortable conditions. Many tour operators recommend settling here all those who are interested in a trip to Turkey.Turkey ares city hotel 3

general information

Hotel Ares City Hotel 3 * in Turkey is located in a small area, which is 3000 square meters. It was built in 1993, and in 2010 there was a major overhaul in its walls, after which the building acquired a more modern look. The hotel is small in size, there are a small number of apartments in its room stock, and the infrastructure is not very developed, but it is ideal for summer holidays as part of a fun friendly company or the whole family. It is also very often chosen for a romantic trip.


The room capacity of the Ares City Hotel 3 * is small - it includes only 102 apartments.All of them are located in a large four-story building and belong to the standard category.

Each of them has all the conditions necessary for a comfortable stay. The rooms have a standard set of furniture, which consists of beds designed for the required number of guests (2-4 people), cabinets for storing personal belongings, as well as a plasma TV-set, where you can watch satellite channels, including in Russian. Also in each room there is a telephone and internet (Wi-Fi) - this provides round-the-clock access of every guest to the main means of communication with relatives and close people. The area of ​​such apartments is 28 square meters. m

Each standard room in Ares City Hotel 3 * (Kemer) has an individual bathroom and a shower. The bathroom is equipped with necessary bath amenities, bathrobes and towels. There is also a hair dryer, which is used for drying hair.ares city hotel 3

Vacation with children

As noted by those who rested in Ares City Hotel 3 *, with children in this hotel is not very comfortable. Of all the conditions for them, only a separate pool is provided, but it is equipped in compliance with all safety standards.The local restaurant has special chairs for children.

The conditions in the rooms are not suitable for accommodating children - there are no separate beds or cradles. The hotel neither for free nor for a fee does not provide wheelchairs for kids, which is also inconvenient.


Guests of the hotel can visit its own pebble beach, which is located 400 meters from the territory of Ares City (ex Kami Hotel 3 *). In order to get to it, you will need to overcome the promenade, the length of which is 300 meters.

The beach here is clean and equipped with everything necessary for a normal holiday. There are several dressing rooms, toilets and showers. You can also rent a chaise longue, an umbrella for a certain time. Optionally, you can take a mattress. Beach towels for rent are not provided here - they should be brought with you. The cost of renting a beach set here is 1 dollar for the whole day.

At the seaside guests vacationers can have fun with any available methods. Here you can rent a yacht or boat in order to slightly conquer the sea, or you can ride a "banana" or "tablet."For tourists on the coast there are several small restaurants and bars where you can eat or drink a soft drink.

Hotel guests can use the bus, which regularly takes guests to the beach, but this service is paid.


In Ares City (ex Kami Hotel 3 *) there are two pools, one of which is designed for young guests, and the second - for adults. Both are open. They regularly cleaned the water, and around created a sun terrace, on which are located the sun loungers and beach umbrellas, which can make the rest of the guests more comfortable. On the open veranda there is a bar where guests can have a drink or an exotic cocktail.

The area of ​​the large pool is 143 square meters. m, it has a high slides, designed for active recreation guests. You can ride them both for adults and children.ares city hotel 3 reviews

Sport and SPA

Guests of Ares City Hotel 3 * (Kemer) can use the services of a local spa complex, which includes a sauna, a sauna and a hammam. Visiting these places is chargeable. On the territory of the spa area there is a massage room, where all the manipulations are performed by professional masters.

All fans of a healthy lifestyle can go in for sports at selected venues specially designated for this purpose. On the territory of the Ares City Hotel 3 * (Turkey) there are tables for table tennis, which guests can also play.ares city ex kami hotel 3


There is a bar and a restaurant on site, where guests can eat throughout their stay. The bar here is small and located right by the pool. In it, guests can have a snack with light snacks and salads, as well as sip soft drinks or cocktails.

As for the restaurant, it works according to a certain schedule in the “all inclusive” system: from 10:30 to 21:30. On its territory, guests are invited to a buffet with a huge selection of dishes prepared in the best traditions of European and Turkish cuisines. For a fee, guests can purchase a variety of drinks, Turkish coffee, as well as ice cream. The restaurant has a separate hookah area.ares city hotel 3 standard kemer

The range of services provided

For each guest, the hotel provides many services that ensure the comfort of each.

First of all, all guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi at any point in its territory.For guests of Ares City Hotel 3 * there is free parking, which is guarded around the clock.

Guests can walk in the park, which is located on the territory of this recreation area. It has a large number of tropical flowers and trees, which will certainly be interesting to see the typical Russian man in the street, because most of them can not be found even in the south of this huge country.

For a fee, a safe for small valuables can be provided in any room, but you will have to pay a fixed amount (daily) for it - $ 2. The rooms are not free of charge (three times a week) and bed linen is changed.


The cost of living in Ares City Hotel 3 * (Kemer) is recognized as low even by Russian tourists. Each tour operator can offer an individual cost of the permit, depending on what additional conditions it includes. However, if we take into account the average prices, then the day of stay in a hotel room will cost about 700 rubles. If we take into account the standard tourist package, then a week-long vacation together will cost about 22,000 rubles.

During their stay, guests can use the services for which they will have to pay separately.An example of such can be a bus ride from the hotel to the sea coast - the fee for such a service is $ 1.

If you want to book a hotel room, you can do it yourself on its official website, in a special section. It is also always possible to contact any travel agency - they can also help to do this there.

Guest reviews

Hotel guests will certainly leave their comments about the rest here. In reviews about Ares City Hotel 3 * often refers to the positive aspects of the hotel. Often, guests mention the quality work of the staff who work here. They note the particularly good work of polite maids, who reserve completely clean rooms. Also great staff in the restaurant. Here guests are served by polite and attentive waiters, and talented chefs prepare food. As many guests note, a mini-bar can be installed in any room, however this is done at an additional charge.

Hotel guests celebrate good decoration in the rooms, despite the three-star status of the hotel.The standard rooms at Ares City Hotel 3 * (Kemer) have good furniture, a bed with orthopedic mattresses, and all rooms have an individual shower room. Some apartments have balconies with great views of the local garden and pool. All rooms have individual air-conditioners, with the help of which you can arrange the most comfortable temperature conditions for living, regardless of the weather outside.ares city hotel 3 kemer

However, besides the advantages, the reviews from Ares City Hotel 3 * also speak about the disadvantages of the hotel. First of all, this is the inconvenience of accommodation with children. Many tourists go on vacation with the kids, but their stay here is not very comfortable - there is no cot for the child, and for very small ones you cannot rent a carriage, as can be done in many other hotels in Turkey.

The downside is also a serious remoteness of the hotel from the coastline. In order to get from it to the sea, you need to walk almost half a kilometer, and even crossing the road. An excellent solution is to transport guests with a comfortable bus, but this service is paid, and it runs exclusively in accordance with the established schedule.ares city hotel 3 kemer

However, despite all the pros and cons, travelers are always pleased with the price of hotel accommodation. Not all hotels can boast such affordable prices for quite decent conditions.

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