Hotel Anthoula Village 4 * (Greece, Hersonissos): photo with description, service, tips and reviews of tourists

In the process of planning a holiday abroad, many Russian tourists prefer to be poisoned in hotels located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The ideal choice in this case becomes the island of Crete, where at the height of the resort period you can truly enjoy the hot, but soft rays of the sun, as well as a pleasant climate.

Most tour operators operating in Russia often recommend that tourists go to one of the most popular hotels in the region under consideration - Anthoula Village Hotel 4 *. It should be noted that the rest in this place is remembered for a long time by all travelers, which they report in their comments posted on social networks and on thematic sites.

So, we will consider further what are the peculiarities of rest in the hotel Anthoula Village 4 * and how travelers themselves respond to the time spent here.

General information

The considered hotel is very popular among different groups of the Russian population. This is due to the fact that the living conditions offered in it are completely arranged so that it is comfortable for both children and adults, young and old tourists. Anthoula Village 4 * is very often chosen for a family holiday, as well as for a romantic trip. Among other things, here guests can offer a range of wellness programs.

Anthoula Village 4 *

The hotel was built in 2004. However, despite the rather long period of existence, the buildings and the territory of the recreation area have a modern look. This is ensured by constant care and regular renovations. One of the last renovations was made in 2013. It should be noted that at this time the interior has been updated, the technical equipment of the rooms has been improved, and the conditions for better customer service have been improved. Guests who visited after the period of renovation, positively noted all the changes that have occurred, which is reflected in the feedback left on social networks, with photos attached to them.

The total area of ​​the hotel is relatively small - it is only 3,000 square meters. m, however, this turned out to be quite enough to accommodate a large snow-white building, as well as a water zone and a picturesque garden, which pleases tourists with its flowering throughout the holiday season.


If we talk about the location of the hotel, in the comments of tourists it is noted that it is quite profitable. In particular, the majority of tourists in their comments on the positive side note the presence of a lively settlement - Hersonissos, where a considerable amount of entertainment is concentrated. This is where many hotel guests come in search of night and day rest.

At 25 km from the hotel in question, the nearest international airport is located, from which a tour of Greece begins for many tourists. Anthoula Village 4 * offers its guests the provision of a transfer service, which is paid. However, despite this circumstance, most foreign guests prefer to use it in order to exclude the likelihood of a long and tiring journey around the resort by taxi, which is also very expensive.According to hotel guests, the transfer is carried out on a comfortable car with air conditioning, travel time flies quickly and is very interesting.

Anthoula Village Hotel 4 *

As for the settlement of Analipsi, in which the hotel is located, it is a rather picturesque village, which is always calm. There is a well-developed infrastructure, as well as there are beautiful beaches that can be visited not only for swimming and sunbathing, but also in search of entertainment.

Literally five kilometers from the location of the hotel there is an aquapark to which guests come from different regions of the country. Guests of the hotel in question are also very often visiting this place, since here, according to them, you can have a lot of fun and enjoy your time.


Anthoula Village Hotel 4 * (Greece / Analipsis) belongs to the category of small places for recreation, as it offers to its guests only 28 comfortable apartments, which are located in one two-storey building in the boho style. All available apartments are divided into two groups: studio and suite.

Each apartment has a private balcony.from which guests have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the surrounding nature, as well as sunbathe - all the furniture necessary for this is installed here. Many tourists say that, staying on the balcony, you can drink a cup of hot coffee or any other drink, while admiring the magnificent sunrises and sunsets.

In each apartment, tourists can use an individual bathroom, which has everything that is necessary to maintain hygiene. Entering the hotel, tourists receive one set of bath accessories, which include towels, bathrobes, slippers, and shower accessories. As for the furniture that is installed in the bathroom, it includes a shower, a sink and a bathroom, as well as a cupboard for towels and a large mirror. In addition, guests at any time can use a hair dryer for drying hair, which is also available in the room.

Anthoula Village 4 * Greece

Any apartments Anthoula Village 4 * (Greece) are equipped with individual climate equipment, as well as a safe and minibar. Tourists can use the last two objects only on a paid basis.With regard to access to the Internet, it is provided through a wireless Wi-Fi network. It is provided free of charge and throughout the hotel.


In Anthoula Village Hotel 4 *, 17 studio rooms are presented to the guests. All of them are decorated in a special style, designed specifically for the hotel. Guests note that the simplicity of the interior, as well as the light colors that prevail in it, set up the tourist for a favorable pastime, as well as amazing rest.

Studio type rooms are designed in such a way that up to three adult guests can be accommodated in their small area. Here for them there is a huge double bed, as well as an additional folding place that can be installed if necessary. Not far from the window is a seating area, represented by a small chair and a round table, at which you can drink a cup of coffee or read your favorite book. Among other things, within the studio room there is a large mirror, as well as a dressing table. For personal belongings of guests there are small pedestals.


Luxury rooms in Anthoula Village 4 * (Crete) are provided for a very comfortable vacation in paradise conditions.Four tourists can be accommodated here at the same time, because of which the rooms of this class are chosen as a place for family rest.

Guests who prefer to spend time in the luxury hotel rooms of Anthoula Village 4 * (Greece / Crete / Heraklion, Analipsi) can count on comfortable beds, which are represented by one double bed and a pair of single beds. It also has a large plasma TV that is connected to a satellite broadcasting system. Tourists from Russia in their comments note that several Russian-language channels are being broadcast here, which is very encouraging.

Anthoula Village 4 * Greece Analipsi Crete Heraklion

To ensure the safety of personal belongings of the guests, the suites have a large wardrobe and a pair of small bedside tables, one of which has a fixed telephone connected to an international communication line. Its use is chargeable and is charged depending on the directions and duration of calls. Luxury apartments are equipped with a small fridge, which tourists can use for free.

Conditions for children

As mentioned above, the hotel Anthoula Village 4 * is ideal for family holidays, which is often confirmed by the tourists themselves, recommending to go with children here. They substantiate their opinions by the fact that for the youngest guests there will be very comfortable conditions, and their parents will feel completely comfortable. So, what is the comfort of child accommodation?

First of all, you should be aware that when entering with a small child aged 3 to 12 years, tourists will be offered to install a small cot in the room. This is done completely free of charge, but it is advisable to stipulate this requirement in advance, since the number of beds of this type is limited. Tourists from the negative side consider the fact that in Anthoula Village 4 * there is no possibility to rent baby carriages and pots, but this circumstance frightens off not many.

Anthoula Village Hotel 4 * Greece Analipsis

In order for the kids to have fun and actively spend their time in the open area, for them there is a large playground for children, as well as a separate pool within the aqua zone. The hotel administration notes that the niche with water is arranged in such a way that the children, being in it, are in complete safety.


Special attention guests Anthoula Village Hotel 4 * (Analipsis) pay attention to what entertainment is provided for guests. First of all, tourists are attracted to discos, which are held here in the open air. However, they can only be reached during the holiday season.

Fans of an active lifestyle can indulge in a game of tennis, for which the hotel is equipped with a large court with high-quality equipment and lighting. In addition, in Anthoula Village 4 * there is a small room where you can play table tennis.

Guests who are accustomed to watch their figure, can absolutely free to visit a small gym, which is in the hotel. It seems possible to work on different muscle groups, as well as daily runs.

Fans of relaxation have the opportunity to visit the massage room, in which real experts work. Tourists who have been here note in their responses that local masseurs can find an approach to any client, and also immerse him in a state of relaxation in a matter of seconds.

In their reviews about Anthoula Village 4 * (Crete), travelers often recommend tourists to rent a car or bicycle - this service is provided directly at the hotel.On a rented vehicle, they say, you can go to a nearby town, Hersonissos, in search of adventure and entertainment. In addition, with transportation, the tourist can go to any local attractions.


The hotel guests spend a large amount of their time on the territory of a small aquazone, which is located on its territory and is located in the open air.

Anthoula Village 4 * Crete reviews

This area is represented by a large swimming pool filled with crystal clear water, around which is equipped a terrace. On it, guests can sit on comfortable loungers under umbrellas, which reliably save tourists from the harmful effects of sunlight.


Guests of Anthoula Village Hotel 4 * (Greece) note that in this place for recreation tourists are offered luxury food. It is carried out in a small restaurant, which is located on site, as well as in a bar, which is installed in the aqua zone.

Tourists who rest on the concept of "all inclusive", have the right to eat on the "buffet", which is served every morning for guests.According to travelers, in the general list of dishes are offered those that are cooked in the best traditions of the Mediterranean and European cuisine. For those who are planning to visit this hotel, seasoned travelers recommend eating fish dishes served here.

Anthoula Village Hotel 4 * Greece

As for the bar, its menu offers leisure travelers excellent snacks, as well as fresh fruit, ice cream and, of course, soft drinks, which are especially in demand on hot days.


Fans of beach holidays note that the Anthoula Village Hotel 4 * (Crete) has a wonderful stretch on the Mediterranean coastline. Here, they say, you can relax quite easily, enjoying every moment spent. Here, according to tourists, very soft sand, in some places mixed with small pebbles, and a gentle descent into the sea — such conditions contribute to the favorable and safe rest of children.

As for adult tourists, then for their comfort on the beach there are a small number of large sun loungers, as well as folding umbrellas. For the use of these facilities must pay the rent. Also here you can borrow a towel.

If desired, tourists can visit other beaches, which are located within walking distance from Anthoula Village 4 * (Greece / Crete / Heraklion). On some of them, tourists, vacationers in the hotel, leave a variety of reviews. Judging from such comments, the best places are those that are located on the north coast, as well as to the east of Heraklion. As they point out, infrastructure is well developed in most sections of the coastline. There is a considerable number of catering establishments, as well as discos and bars.

Tourists also like the fact that along the coastline of the beaches of Crete there is a huge amount of water entertainment. All of them are designed for fans of different types of recreation. Among vacationers, surfing and airbag rentals are very popular. Couples in love also very often rent yachts in order to go on a small trip.


In the reviews about Anthoula Village 4 *, travelers often note that staying at this hotel is relatively inexpensive. Actually, it attracts a large number of guests from different regions of the world, including from Russia.As practice shows, the average cost of a weekly tour for two is about 70-75 thousand rubles. It includes not only the rent of studio class apartments with meals, but also all transportation costs in both directions. If desired, guests can include in the tour price and some services that are provided by the hotel, such as transfer or rental of a vehicle. Most travelers express a desire to pre-select and pay for tourist tours to the local sights of Crete, however, seasoned tourists do not recommend doing so, making their opinion so that upon arrival the prices for such trips will be cheaper.

As for the cost of living in more comfortable conditions, it is a little more than that. So, living together in a luxury apartment costs tourists about 80-90 thousand rubles, which is quite acceptable for the majority of the Russian population.

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