Hot springs on Baikal. Rest on Baikal

The Baikal region is the land of natural resources. Here you can find inaccessible mountain ranges, and sandy beaches with white sand, and impassable taiga, and endless steppes, saturated with the smell will not leave anyone indifferent. Among all the treasures of the lake, hot springs are especially popular. People from all over the world come to rest on Baikal in order to get energy and improve their health.

What are hot mineral springs?

The water circulating in the earth’s strata is heated, in addition to enrichment with various salts and other elements. The heat transfer of the liquid substance occurs in two ways:

  1. If water has penetrated into the deep layers of rocks (depth of about 1000 m and more), then heating occurs due to heat transfer from the mantle.
  2. In places of the earth's crust, where there are areas of young volcanism, water absorbs heat from molten igneous rocks.

Subsequently, water from deep cracks or as a result of drilling wells is poured onto the surface. If the temperature of the source exceeds 20 degrees, they are referred to as geothermal.In a large group of mineral hot springs on Baikal, there are three subgroups:

  • Warm (temperature from 20 to 37 degrees).
  • Hot (from 37 to 50 degrees).
  • Very hot (50 to 100 degrees).

People have learned to use the hydrotherms pouring onto the earth’s surface for their own purposes. Now they have learned how to heat houses or generate electrical energy with the help of heat from hot springs. But mostly geothermal waters are used for health purposes. About the beneficial properties of mineral waters known since ancient times. To this day, they help a person to cope with ailments. Baikal hot springs are widely represented. We will tell about some of them in more detail.

Baikal hot springs

Hot springs: resort Arshan (p. Zhemchug)

Not far from Baikal, in the Tunkinskaya valley, lies the resort village of Arshan. Translated from the language of local residents, Buryats, Arshan means "healing source." This name of the area was not given in vain. After all, here are poured onto the surface several mineral springs, whose water has healing properties. The combination of mountainous clean air, unimaginable landscapes, mild microclimate allowed the resort to become famous throughout the world. Many people come here to enjoy unity with nature and improve their health.

Especially popular among tourists and the local population are the thermal springs in the village of Zhemchug, which is located a few kilometers from Arshan. Here two thermal springs emerge from the earth, differing in their chemical composition. The first is methane with a temperature of 38 degrees, the second is carbonic, it is slightly hotter - 55 degrees.

The methane hot spring in its composition has no analogues in the world. Its uniqueness is that the water contains a large amount of dissolved methane gas, while the mineralization is low (about 1 g / l). The second source in its chemical composition is close to the waters of the resort Yessentuki: a carbon dioxide source with dissolved hydrocarbonates, chlorine, magnesium, sodium. The uniqueness of the mineral composition of the sources attracts many. People come here for the prevention and treatment of urolithiasis, to maintain the health of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Vacationers can settle down either in a sanatorium, or at camp sites, or rent a house from local residents. There are many options: for every taste and wallet.

gojakit Severobaykalsk

Hot spring Goudzhekit

In the north of Baikal is located the hot mineral spring Goudzhekit. Translated from the Buryat language - "devilish place." Such an ominous name was given because people could explain the high temperature of the waters of the source (50 degrees) only by the fire of the nether world. But there are no mystics in the process of formation of hydrotherms. On the contrary, a hot mineral spring allows people to heal from many diseases.

The healing properties of water are provided by a unique combination of bicarbonates, fluorine, sodium, potassium, partially iron, strontium, molybdenum, iodine, and boron. Such a mixture of anions and cations in the source allows to treat diseases of the gynecological, gastroenterological, orthopedic profile. A favorable effect on the nervous and endocrine systems was noted. Source Goudzhekit from Severobaykalsk located in 25 kilometers. Vacationers can stay in the rooms of the recreation complex located near the spring, or settle in the camp site or in a hotel.

Baikal hot springs in Goryachinsk

Hot springs of Baikal in Goryachinsk

A 20-minute walk from the sandy beach of Barguzinsky Bay of Lake Baikal, the resort Goryachinsk is located.It is known for more than 200 years by hot springs and sapropel healing mud. There is a legend that for the first time the source was opened by a simple hunter who followed his dog, which healed wounds with healing water.

The source temperature is 54 degrees. The composition is dominated by anions: bicarbonates, sulfates, chlorides; cations: calcium, sodium. The content of silicic acid is 65 mg / l. This natural cocktail of chemical elements favorably affects the musculoskeletal, digestive, urinary, nervous systems. Healing waters of the source can reduce inflammation in the body, reduce allergic reactions. In addition to the sanatorium, a lot of guest houses have been built on the territory of the resort, which can shelter those who want to improve their health. Also, tourists can rent a room or house in any recreation center on Lake Baikal.

sources of khakusy

Khakusy: hot springs

In the northeast of Baikal, in the pine-juniper taiga, the hot spring Khakusi hid from prying eyes. It is located near the sandy coast of the Khakusy Bay. Translated from the language of the Evenk means hot.Indeed, the water temperature at the source is 46 degrees. Its healing properties are associated with the content in it of elements that have a positive effect on human health: silicic acid, hydrocarbonates, sulfates, calcium, sodium. In composition, they are similar to the waters of the mineral resort of Pyatigorsk.

The main spectrum of diseases that the source can cure are skin lesions, pain in the joints and bones, gynecological ailments. The beauty of this place is that it is far from civilization. The nearest settlement in 40 kilometers. Coming to the “Khakusy” hydropathic, you can enjoy the pristine beauty of nature, take a deep breath to inhale the pure air, saturated with the smell of pine needles, to be fed with Baikal energy.

zelinda hot springs

Hot healing springs Jelinda

In the north of Baikal, 92 km from the city of Severobaikalsk, hot keys are beating out of the ground, which pour into the Dzelinda River. A hydropathic establishment is organized at this place, which takes wishing all the year round to plunge into the healing waters. The temperature of the source - 44-45 degrees. But lovers of healthy recreation are not afraid of the high degree of water.

A memorable adventure is a visit to the outdoor pool, filled with the waters of the hot springs of Dzelinda in winter. The temperature of air in the north in the cold season reaches –50aboutWith and below. But those who want to plunge into the healing waters are not afraid. On the contrary, the contrast of temperatures brings incomparable pleasure. Near the pools there are warm dressing rooms, where all visitors can change clothes and leave things. The healing composition of water with a high content of fluorine, nitrogen treats diseases of the musculoskeletal, nervous system, gynecological ailments.

hot springs in the baikal

Sources Zagz

On the eastern coast of Baikal, between the village of Enkhaluk and the village of Sukhaya, there are wells from which the healing water of the earth’s subsoil flows to the surface. For the first time discovered sources in the late thirties of XX century. Scientists determined the composition of thermal waters: sulphate-bicarbonate calcium-sodium with dissolved methane and silicic acid.

Soon the on-site indoor pool and showers were organized. People from all over the Irkutsk Region and Buryatia came to improve the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system.There is a version that Zagz hot springs on Lake Baikal help to cure infertility. Several years ago, a new modern indoor pool was built on the territory of the hydropathic, the territory was improved, the guest house was opened, which is open all year round. A few kilometers from the sources there are many recreation centers on Lake Baikal.

Hot springs Nilovaya desert

The healing springs of the Nil's Hermitage are located in the south of Baikal, in the foothills of the Sayan Mountains, in the valley of the Ikhe-Ukhgun River. The first research works, due to which the composition of the source waters was determined, were carried out in 1840. After studying the composition and determination of the therapeutic properties of the underground key, the first buildings were erected. In the middle of the XIX century, the buildings were donated to the bishop Nil, who decided to establish a monastery skete (desert) on this territory. Since then, this name and stuck with the terrain.

The waters of thermal springs are bicarbonate type with admixture of silicic acid and radon. Comfort temperature term (38–42aboutC) allows their use for treatment without additional measures for cooling or heating.The waters of the underground springs of the Nil desert are recommended for treatment of the musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, and nervous disorders. A huge number of boarding houses, holiday homes, and camp sites have been built on the resort’s territory. They work year round.

recreation center on baikal

Hot Shumak springs

People Shumak called the valley of a hundred sources. The composition and properties of hot and cold keys are unique, there are no analogues in the world. They are located in the mountains of the Eastern Sayan in the valley of the river Shumak. Getting to the healing sources is not easy. There are three options: helicopter flight, horse expedition, walking tour, which can take several days. But this trip is worth it to see the beauty of the Sayan mountains, mountain rivers, passes, breathe in the crystal clear taiga air and, of course, swim in the springs that give health.

There is a legend that these sources were known to Genghis Khan, and he came here to be treated. Several dozen sources of Shumak come to the surface with lines. There are three of them. In all sources, a high content of carbon dioxide, in some components is radon.The temperature of the waters of underground keys varies from 10 to 55 degrees. Each source has a name that indicates to which body the healing power of the spring is calculated. For example, ophthalmic, gastric.

Snake Bay Hot Springs

Speaking about the hot springs at Baikal, one can not fail to mention the famous springs in Zmeinaya Bay, located in the Chivyrkuy Bay. The source flows to the surface on the shore of Lake Baikal. Underground key is captured. Anyone can enjoy the hot waters of the healing spring. It has the main therapeutic effect on the musculoskeletal system. You can get to the bay only by water, and live in a floating hotel.

Hot spring Kotelnikovsky

The hottest among all the hot springs on Baikal is Kotelnikovsky. Its temperature is 81 degrees. It is located on the coast of Cape Kotelnikovsky, 80 km from Severobaykalsk. The healing waters are saturated with hydrocarbons and fluorine, therefore they are suitable only for external use. They treat diseases of the joints, gynecological ailments. The area around the source is sanitized. Nearby is a modern sanatorium.

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